Recognizing Effort and Kindness

“I'm the kind of person who does not remember bad things.” Tim Robbins

Ha Ha, this is not me! I remember all bad things done to me, seemingly, forever. My former husband might have compared my memory to an elephant. Um, I "think" he was referring to my memory. I remember wrongdoings until the cows come home and tell the pigs to fly. 

I am working on letting go. 

The other day, I did something for someone. Something I wasn’t required to do. It was really no big deal and yet I knew it would help. They said to me, “I really appreciate you taking the time to do that!” 
I've always been the type of person to help others do their job. This may sound pushy as if I’m bossing people around, grabbing things out of their hands and doing them myself. I might do that too, but not always. Sometimes, I just help. When I see someone struggling, I don't wait for them to ask me or fall apart, I do what I see needs to be done. 

After my effort was recognized I wondered, do I tell those who help me that I appreciate them? Do I stop to recognized their efforts and realize the impact they have on my life?  Do I say a sincere thank you? 

My heart holds a long list of people who have helped me:
  • be a better person,
  • be a better cook,
  • shop smarter,
  • maintain my car,
  • grow trees,
  • mow my yard more efficiently,
  • do my job(s) better,
  • be kinder,
  • find my own laughter,
  • write better (I hope), and
  • love better.
May I say that if you frequent my blogs, comment or not, I appreciate the time you take to acknowledge me. It means a lot.


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Do you have people who have influenced your life? Someone who has shown you how to do something that bettered your world?


  1. I am grateful to many people, for many things. Not least to the people I have found in the blogosphere. They have educated me, and comforted me.

  2. It takes posts like yours to realize how much help I get in a week! Thanks for the reminder to be grateful. :)

  3. None of us gets through life alone. Thanks for the reminder to say thank you more often.

  4. Since we began the aging process (well, we have always been on that path), we appreciate more and more those who help us. May God bless them.

  5. We all need a helping hand at some point, especially as we get older. Good to acknowledge and help out where can.

  6. Hi Teresa - we always need to say our pleases, thankyous and remember to smile. I try and help as and when I can - offer to do things, or open doors, or let others go first.

    During the time my mother was terminally ill and in bed for so long, even though we could talk -thankfully, it was then I realised that if someone was being slow, or difficult, or just switched off - they could, like me, have someone who they were looking after and who was really struggling in many ways, or were ill (or ill with worry) themselves - now I try and remember those things as I go about my day to day life.

    I've realised from my father's brother, and his brother in law (who was the uncle I looked after), as well as my mother ... some of the things that help others as we ourselves get older ... I hope I'll put these into practice. Two things ... we all need help and should gratefully receive it, or appreciate having it; and be positive even when things are challenging ... positivity helps us, and encourages others to be around us.

    Thanks for this much needed post ... take care - cheers Hilary


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