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“If you want to be a professional artist, but you aren’t willing to see your work rejected hundreds, if not thousands, of times, then you’re done before you start.” – Mark Manson

The Insecure Writers Support Group is brought to you by founder Alex J Cavanaugh. This month Alex has the help of these co-hosts: Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Ann V. Friend, JQ Rose, and Elizabeth Seckman! Please go visit them. I am not using the optional question for the IWSG, but here it is: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

Instead, I will ramble.

This month, I'm unofficially writing with the NaNoWriMo. It's good practice. Keeps me tied to something that needs to get done. The process is bossing my ADD clear to the curb. My goal is 1000 words per day because the 1667ish is not doable for me right now. 

My project is a MG book that has been "on the shelf" for a few years. There was an outline, which I had to tweak, okay...rewrite. There were a few short short chapters already written, but those are and will be rewritten. Even character names were changed except for one secondary character. Her name is too cool to change.

Per Teresa's norm, I try to edit as I go. Bad idea. This slows me down and does not help. I have to keep telling myself that these are not editing days. These are the puking days, if you will. (I hope you weren't eating breakfast.) I'm six days in and already behind a few words. I'm okay with that because I am writing...words and a story. Some days I write over 1000 words and other days I might gain 500ish. 

One of the reasons I'm in it is to see where this wonderful story takes me.

I say wonderful, but here's the thing. I am not that excited about this story. THERE I said it. I'm having no problem filling in the blanks and telling the story because it's a good story. The main kid in the story definitely needs someone on her side and she elected me.

My whole attitude is weird about it, but my ultimate goal is to write 30,000 words. Grandiose thoughts for this short story writer, I must admit. If I get anything close to that goal, then I will be happy.

On this November IWSG day, I encourage you to keep on doing what you love, no matter what it is, do it! 



  1. Love your advice in your final sentence.
    Are you going to share your story when you finish? You have me intrigued. I love the idea of a character who has elected you to speak for her.

  2. Sounds like you're making some amazing process on the MG novel! Puking it out is so right and what I feel like I'm doing right now in my first draft for a new series (not even sure I like my own book right now). I think we'll get excited later on when we get closer to finishing the first draft! Good luck with the unofficial Nanoing!

  3. I'm unofficially doing NaNo as well.
    I know exactly what you mean - I'm not excited either.

  4. I did my own NaNo last month when I wrote my New Orleans Christmas ghost story. What saved me was that it was only 35,000 words long. But then Dickens' A Christmas Carol was only 28,000 words long. Best of luck with your own personal NaNo!

  5. I signed up for NaNo for the first time this year. I edit as I go, too. I am really trying to stop myself from doing it. I do end up editing a paragraph when I'm trying to add more to it, which helped e to continue.

    Good luck with your goal!

  6. Good luck on the NaNo! I've yet to attempt it, but I want to one of these years. I edit as I go. It's a tad slower, but I end up rewriting more if I don't. :)

  7. I like your approach. NaNo is a tool, and you can/should shape it to suit your needs. I'm with you on the puking, but that's my process. Trying on different approaches has definitely improved my writing--and I find that each manuscript takes a different approach. I wish you happy writing in November.

  8. Good luck with NaNo. And thanks for the uplifting advice!

  9. Maybe the story (or the character) will entice you into loving the idea soon! Hope so. NaNo is SO GOOD for helping us get into gear!

  10. I'm glad you're inspired to write a middle grade. We need more great stories for you younglings. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  11. When done, could be a different story to the story haha kick those 30,000 out!

  12. You're braver than I am, Teresa! NaNo would seriously stress me out. I hadn't thought of "puking" days, but I rather like your term. Mine was garbage drafts. Too often I get caught up in editing as I go. May you unexpectedly find excitement in your mounting words and pages!

  13. Unofficial NaNo is a great idea. Here's to whipping that MG story into shape and advocating for that protagonist.

  14. Hi Teresa - sounds like you've taken the 'bull by the horns' and are running with your girl ... good luck to you as you both find out more about your journey ... enjoy writing it up - cheers Hilary

  15. Maybe being slightly detached is a good thing. You're more objective. The story is there and wants to be written. Keep on creating!


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