Benefits from Writing

I can’t imagine not writing stories. The urge claimed me in 6th grade when I wrote plays for my classmates to perform. As a child, teen and in early adulthood, I read a lot. I make it sound like reading is in my past, but I read less novels these days and more for learning purposes. In this case, I can’t have it all, reading fiction and nonfiction while also writing each day. My ADD is worse than ever and let's not forget how reading puts me to sleep faster these days. The exception to this proclamation, of less novel reading, is that I always have a short story compilation nearby for fast-food fiction gratification. T.C. Boyle has been a favorite, but a new man is in town, (new to me) author William Gay. LOVE his stories. The title of the book is I Hate to See that the Evening Sun Go Down.
Most of the time, I’m not a warm fuzzy writer. Yes, I have feelings, but I enjoy reading fiction that makes my eyebrows raise, the one where I question the writer’s mental wellness and my own for pursuing these stories. Ha!
I’m not even saying I’m a great writer, but I love writing. I must write. Writing each day benefits me.
Currently, my short story writing is on hold. The middle grade novel that I started during my unofficial November NaNoWriMo sleeps for now. I planned it that way. However, the first draft of my young adult novel is at 41,000ish words. I keep writing on this one because I can’t leave Mona swallowed up by the problems I have created for her. All Mona ever wanted was a normal life: forever friendships, their perpetual moving to be a thing of the past and a mom who puts her first in life. However, when secrets unravel the lies put in place, Mona questions her entire life.
Poor Mona! But if I know anything about kids who have less than perfect lives, and I DO, often they find their way to a better life in adulthood. Let’s hope Mona is one of those kiddos. Let’s hope Mona benefits from my writing.


  1. I'm sure Mona will be fine. She'll find a way to deal.

  2. I also think Mona will be fine, I'm sure she benefits from your writing.


  3. Hooray for writers. And thank you.
    I suspect that Mona will have a part to play in telling her story - and hope you will share it in the fullness of time.

  4. Go Mona!! I imagine she's going to find she's stronger than she thinks!!

  5. I'm rooting for Mona to work through her hardships. People who have less-than-perfect childhoods can sometimes develop the inner strength of being more resilient as adults.

  6. Mona will find a way!

  7. Of late I've lost a lot of my writing motivation (and there wasn't much to lose!). For that matter I haven't been reading as much as I used to. Now ask me about watching television! On the other hand, don't ask.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. Hi Teresa - better late than never ... sorry - time and return to England taking adjusting slowly! Good for you ... as I only knew I could write having started the blog - I can only say I hold on to my ten years and intend to keep going ... but writing stories seems to be beyond me. I can hook things around something historical ... but no more - take care and good to see you around - cheers Hilary


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