Next FIP, OpenOffice, The Ruralhood and Millie

Just a quick note to say...
how much I like OpenOffice for my laptop writing experience. However, I'm not sure if the file extension will give me problems when I upload to markets or not. I'll need to research this.

Please come back this Friday for another FIP. I'm featuring author C. Lee McKenzie

If you've not checked it out,  The Ruralhood has a new post Returning To Where We Started.

And to round out my random thought post, here's a picture of Millie that I put on FB. Aww!  What is her caption?



  1. Millie is adorable and made me smile this morning! :) She looks like she might be thinking about file extensions for open office, ha!

  2. Millie is saying, "I smell pumpkin pie."

  3. Millie is adorable!!!
    Hope you figure out those files - new stuff always takes me a while to figure out. Good luck!!!

  4. I battle frequently with my own new stuff I am trying to work out. Good luck! Millie might be saying: Enter! I told you to push enter!

  5. Millie is so cute, Teresa! I'll definitely be back to see Lee's FIP post! Have a great week!

  6. She's thinking open the treat box, forget the office! What a cutie!


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