Give me my Cherry Mash, Baybeee...

Have you ever met someone you couldn't forget? Did they leave an impression upon your very being? Then my question is have you ever spent time with Cherry Mash?

Who is Cherry Mash you might say? Cherry Mash is another of my love friend.

I met Cherry (if I may be so personal) in the 1970's. It was love at first sight.... a friendship that I could not turn away from and later became a yummy relationship for life.

Cherry Mash outlasted my marriage... my waistline. However, Cherry may have contributed to that expanding waist...I'm just saying.

May I introduce you to Cherry Mash, a friend since my youth, the candy bar.

The Cherry Mash candy bar is made by the Chase Candy Company, in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The company has been in business since 1876.

That was before Journaling Woman's paternal grandparents were born.
That was before JW's maternal grandparents were born.
But, the Cherry Mash was born in 1918. It is possible that both sets of grandparents were lucky enough to taste one of these delectables.

If you like cherries, nuts and chocolate, you my fellow blogger, will like the Cherry Mash. The Cherry Mash was created by
Dr. George Washington Chase. He couldn't make a living on doctor's wages, as the story goes, so he decided to go into the candy business. I, for one, am glad he did.

They made other candy, but JW doesn't really care.

There is even a Cherry Mash song: written and sang by award winning Jim Salestrom. Oh how I hope you can and will listen to my new favorite song (maybe not favorite). I shall sing myself to sleep tonight by the tune of Have a Cherry Mash Day. I promise if you listen to it, you will never ever get it out of your head. (smirk)

This candy is a "mound of chopped roasted peanuts blended with chocolate coating over a smooth cherry fondant center" so tasty so memorable. (source: I really couldn't have described it any better.

Somehow over the years, JW has noticed that her beloved Cherry Mash has shrunk in size...a bit. But I still love the old sweetie.

The Cherry Mash (I think) is only sold in Missouri, but I've been wrong before...just once.

Something terrible happened as I was taking the photos for this post, someone took a bite out of the prop. hmmm I wish you could taste this delicious candy. But it is only a photo.

So until next time...






I know I will.


  1. it looks delicious and i love cherry,and of course chocolate and my love from my childhood is gumdrops((: have a great day take care

  2. I've lived in Missouri the better part of my life and I have seen these many times but have never tried one. I'm intrigued. Perhaps I need to run to the gas station for a snack.

  3. Tugce- Gumdrops are good too. It's been awhile for me.

    Jenn- Yes try it at least. :) I was an adult before I realized they are Missouri candy.

  4. Only in Missouri? I had no idea we were so blessed! I agree, the size has certainly shrunken over the years, but the taste is the same. Once in a great while (around Halloween, I think) they make mini ones and sell them individually wrapped in a big bag. I really enjoyed the back ground story.

  5. I will be singing the Cherry Mash song at family gatherings, just so you know.


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