Hello, Laura, are you there?

Laura, may I come over to your house on Rocky Ridge Farm and help you take care of your chickens or write a story? But, please don't ask me to knead the bread. I don't like that feeling on my hands either.

When I wasn't trying to be Cinderella, as a child, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls... you know the prairie girl...living a simple life...doing things from scratch...uh huh... and mostly writing like Laura did. Do you see how I am? Do you see the struggle inside me?

Journaling Woman made this applique pillow from one of Laura's patterns (no not the actual pattern, silly). Are you snickering? I made not one but two and gave them away as gifts. Yes, I did.

September is the month of the Wilder Festival with remembrances and performances at Laura and Almanzo's homestead in Mansfield, Missouri. I have never been to the festival...maybe next year. But have visited the museum and houses two years in a row. This year I went with Dr. Lovely Daughter and last year with Dr. LD and Shepherdess Woman. I would pretty much go with (or beg) anyone on the street to go with me just to look at Laura Ingalls Wilder things and the houses.

One view of the House on Rocky Ridge Farm

Another view of the farmhouse.

When I visit, I marvel at the beauty of the landscape...I am amazed at the height of the kitchen cabinets in the houses and the tininess of Laura's things. I am in awe of Almanzo's creativity in bringing water into the house. I love the furniture, rugs and pillows that Almanzo made. I love the clothing and household goods Laura made. They created everything by hand with primitive tools. Now that's craft.

Most of all, I love the gift Laura gave to children - her writing- her books.

I have an entire set of Little House books that are a little worn from reading... a gift to me years ago. I call them my therapy books. When I am going through rough times, you may just find me reading Little House on the Prairie or By the Shores of Silver Lake. My favorite is The Long Winter. I am wondering what your favorite is.

On Rocky Ridge Farm is another home of the Wilders that their daughter Rose built for them. They lived in it for several years, (while she lived in the farmhouse) before returning home to their homestead- to live out their life.

The Rock House

These are two additional books I recommend for reading that will give you some insight into the Wilder family, Laura, Almanzo and Rose (their daughter).

Here is a beauty...

I was given this collector edition by my sister. See she is nice sometimes (only kidding).

Now admit it, with a face like this, don't you think Journaling Woman could have been a prairie girl...freckles and all? Come on, can't you see her in a prairie dress? Oh, are you thinking instead a Cinderella ballgown? See how I struggle?

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Queen of Journaling

Master Writer

Friend of all children.

The End.


  1. u are really a master writer and i am sure that u are a friend of all children coz u have an innocent child inside((: and i loved ur pillow and also books are the great friends for us that never leave us behind

  2. You are very kind. Yes, books are the great friends, I agree.


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