Parking Lot Vision, Stupid Moment

Yesterday, I had a moment. I can blame it on being ill. I can blame it on vision. Nevertheless, I will confess.

I went home early from work. I stopped at a store in my small rural town to buy white bread and rice. Everything in my house is wheat and I needed bland food. Enough said.

I had made my purchase, exited the store and was walking toward my car. It was then I saw standing next to my car, my second father (from my childhood best friend). He is 93 (I think) years old and doing well, although he doesn't think so.

A few months ago, he lost his wife who was 10 years younger. He misses her. She went fast. Please, dear Lord, let it be for me, when the time comes.

He is always glad to see me and I him. Even though technically he is old enough to be my grandfather, I have always looked to him as a father figure.

He doesn't do this anymore, but when I was a kid hanging around his house with his daughter, he would always punch me in the arm. Being a skinny little dudette, I would stagger a couple of times, rub my arm, and go about my business knowing he loved me in his own way. Tender moments - literally.

Yesterday, I stood there talking with him. He was with his two older daughters. They are taking really good care of him.

We finished talking and I said my goodbyes and turned to get in the car. The door was locked...I rarely lock my car. Then, as I was fishing for my keys, I felt embarrassed at how trashy the inside had become. Then I realized, it was not my car. In my defense it was the same color, the same make, the same model. I felt partly relieved (the inside was disgusting and made me feel better about my messy interior) and partly embarrassed (because people I know were watching).

I took a deep breath and turned back to my "second family members" and said, "Not my car, I guess I'll go find my car now."

I heard them laughing all the way to my car.

Can I not get through one week without a stupid moment?

Did you have a stupid moment? Am I the only one????


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