Places in the heart...

Isn't this the most adorable place? I am so thrilled that this was a part of my childhood. It reminds me of Streamliner trailers. Have you ever seen those? But this was my first home, in Joliet Illinois, after living with my grandparents (and parents) in Missouri. I am told it wasn't very big, but it was our home. I wish I could remember the interior and the wonderful way my mother made it our home. You can see a fence around the perimeter? My mother told me that when I played in the yard, I would talk to all passerbys. Imagine that. This made her nervous. She was worried someone would kidnap me. Sorry about that, Mother Dear.

My folks were young and from the country. They headed for the city to make a living for their little daughter. It must have been a real culture shock. I know they missed their beloved country life and their families. They have told me so.

I was the first child. My mother was a first time mom and far from her own mama. I feel so privileged that I got to lived in that wonderful little home... from the age of six months... until around three years of age.

Then we moved back to Missouri.

We moved a few times after that, but it never really mattered where we were, as long as we were all together.

Family is in the heart.

Home is in the heart.

Places in the heart.

Where was your childhood home?


  1. pictures are so beautiful and i am the first child of my family and i know the feeling of this((: take care

  2. Don't you wish we had that little trailer sitting somewhere all fixed up cute? The first house I really remember was the 'wasp' house (our house), but I remember bits of the Illinois house too.


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