Gimme a Tuesday Smile...

Sometimes you just need a chuckle.

Laugh hearty.

It's good for you.

"Hi, Honey," the blogger wife said to the husband when she came home from work. "How was your day?"

"Just terrible." he said, "I got fired. Someone ran a red light and plowed into our new car. When I got home the dog ran out of the house and hasn’t come back."

The blogger wife stared at her beloved with calm resolve.

"The computer’s hard drive is fried." he continued. "My mother is coming to live with us."

The blogger wife's face suddenly went pale. “Wait, wait," Her voice was strained. "What did you say...the computer’s not working?”

YOU know you are addicted to blogging when:

1. You blog in traffic.
2. You believe there is no such thing as "family secrets".
3. You take pictures of everything, just in case you want to blog about it.
4. You say I "blog you", instead of "love you" to your family.
5. You write 20 anonymous comments on your blog to look popular.
6. You can make anything a blog post including the life of a cockroach. (Sound familiar C?)
7. Your Christmas card is a picture of you and your blog.
8. You swear that you spend no more than 10 minutes a day blogging. Uh huh.
9. You keep saying you can quit anytime. Uh huh.
10. Your family tries intervention farms and bloggatine patches to help you let go.

I really feel sorry for those blog addicted people, don't you? They're a mess.
The End.


  1. waaa it!

    Yep, sounds a little like me....just a little


  2. Thanks for the tip Teresa....will have to post a few comment to myself..just never thought of it!

  3. Okay, okay, so maybe I see a little bit of myself in Number Three. Just maybe. A little. Sometimes. ;)

  4. Too funny. I'm addicted, but trying to overcome it!!!

  5. HA! HA! I love the "takes pictures" just in case! That's me! :)

  6. hahahaaa i liked this post very much i like my addiction also((:

  7. Not us. You're not talking to me! I would never...

  8. LOL I LOVE this and yes, I think I am addicted:)

  9. At least blogging won't hurt our livers, like drinking and drugs. :-) Personally, I think blogging is good for us, it helps us hone our creative skills and keep our minds active, not to mention it makes us happy, maybe even downright ecstatic!

  10. I hang my head and admit to more than 10 minutes a day.

    It's fun.


  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I think many of you may just be in denial (admitting to one or two of these symptoms) or worse don't care that the world knows... :)

    PS I am writing this from a rehab center, in sunny Arizona, for out of control bloggers. Will see you soon.


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