Monday, we need to talk...

"Monday, we need to talk." I said. "Why do you keep showing up unannounced?"

"I am announced." Monday said.

"Did you send me an email?"


"Did I miss your telephone call?" I said.

Monday paused. "No. Why do you dislike me so much?"

"I think dislike is too make me feel uncomfortable." I stammered.

"You know Tuesday has no personality." Monday blurted out. "Wednesday isn't quite there yet, if you know what I mean."

"Are you trying to make yourself feel better?" I said.

"And Thursday rides on the coattails of Friday...." M said.

"This is awkward." I sang.

"I've heard...Friday is your favorite ...child." Monday whispered.

"All I am asking is that you give a girl a notice, you know advance warning before you show up." I said.

Monday stared at JW. "Do you own a calendar?"

"Why yes I do." I said confidently.

"Go look at it."


  1. Thank you, WD. Glad you are back. Hope all is well.

  2. The days, weeks, months and seasons certainly do pass quickly, don't they?

    I'm still wondering where summer is... yet we had a frost overnight, so I guess winter is just about upon us... Yikes!

    Great writing!

  3. Mondays can be a little icky, can't they? Although there's definitely a part of it that I love and look forward to--everyone goes to school and work and I can tidy up the weekend mess!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. I agree with Mattenylou ... sometimes the weeks pass so quickly, it does seem a new one sneaks in there unannounced! I mean, didn't I just plant my tomato garden, and here we are raking leaves, oy!

  5. Thanks to all of you for coming by and commenting. I love hearing from you. Life is not just passing by - it is racing by. I thought it went fast when my kiddos were little. I can't keep up.

  6. I'm feeling that way about Tuesday too. I'd like my weekend back, thank you very much. ;-]

  7. this is an awesome writing we sometimes want the days to pass quickly but most of the time we are slow to follow it


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