So I was talking to my friend Mary...

...I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, about a doll that I have that I forgot about...until I said Mary, Mary quite my mind. Then I was reminded. That’s how it works for me.

I work with Mary. Mary tells me she follows my blog. I really appreciate when people appreciate my blog, my writing. I'm vain like that.

The other day as I was answering her technical questions over the telephone, at the old workplace, I realized she reminds of a doll I have in my collection (yes, don’t judge me, another collection).

I want to point out that my friend Mary is never ever contrary, but I do think she resembles my doll.

I asked her if she was ever called Mary, Mary quite contrary and she shared (and I hope I am not lying…you know making this up) her new husband does.

Oh and about her husband, he told me I could write a story about anything…I believe his example was a cockroach, you know find a cockroach and write a post. I will take that as a compliment…although I’m not sure he meant it that way. I’m just saying.

I discovered last year that Mary and I have a connection, other than our jobs. I took a photo of a country road. I have that black and white poster size photo of a gravel road, on my wall in my office. The road has special meaning. It use to be the way to my paternal grandparent’s farm. So one day she was looking at it and said something like the road in the picture looked familiar like a road she use to live on as a kid. I told her where it was located and guess what? She use to live on my grandparent’s farm in my grandparent’s house.

My Grandparents

So Mary this is for you. Imagine me reciting this rhyme (with my comments) for you.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, (although you really aren't)
How does your garden grow? (I am sure with beautiful results)
With silver bells and cockleshells, (What the heck is cockleshells?)
And pretty maids all in a row. (I will get back to you on that one)


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  1. Nice one...and nice photo of your grandparents. I love old photos. My mum's been going through boxes and boxes of old photos that she got when my dad died a few years back. I might post some. Should be interesting

  2. A nice tribute to your friend. I have a doll collection, too. Probably my favorite is a rag doll my grandmother made. She and my grandfather used to run a little diner in New Hampshire back around 1970, and she'd make the dolls and sell them on the countertop for a few dollars.

  3. Life is so full of coincidences, isn't it. What are the odds that a pic of a road would tie you two together like that!

  4. You've written a lovely tribute to your friend. I am often surprised how often we share histories with people we know. Discovering similar memories can be a wonderful thing.


  5. Hey, Melbourne, Old photos are so cool. You need to post them. I'll come look.

    Joanne, I wonder how many of her dolls have survived...are out there.

    Eileen, It is a small world, I am believing.

    Elspeth, Mary probably explored the same areas I did. We've never talked about that.

    Thanks all for stopping by.

  6. Wow! That is fascinating. (Your friend having been that close to your family)I looked up cockleshells in my gardening encyclopedia and in one of my herbal books. Is it perhaps something one would find in the lake?

  7. Hi, Judy, It is a small world. Is it an actual shell or vegetation? I've recited that verse all my life and realized when I wrote this post that I didn't have a clue what a cockleshell was.


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