A Gift From The Past

Sometimes you are given loveliness and you don't know how to react...so you try with all your might to show gratitude, but it still doesn't feel like enough.

I went "a visitin" my folks way out in the lovely country this week. I was given a gift by my mother. She gave me a stack of squares- nine patch quilt blocks.

that were sewn by her eldest sister, my Aunt B.

Mom's oldest sister had sewn one square to another by her very own hands...stitch by stitch... no machines. They were tacked together in the center with a string.

So I cut them apart.

There are three like this.

And four in these colors...

And three like this.

This one is my favorite. Can you guess why? hint: blue...white

The size of each quilt block is about 7 inches square. I will make two pillows. But not sure of the design yet.

Then I will have a remembrance of her, my Aunt B, who passed away in 1995. She lived in Texas most of her adult life and had a Texan's accent... a sweet drawl.

I am still getting goosebumps over the excitement of having these treasures of Aunt B's. I miss her.

My mother loves all her sisters. But I always knew there was a special bond between the oldest sister and the youngest - my Angel mom.

Now, go hug your sister.

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. What great sentiment here ... And the symbolic connection between those beautiful stitches and the connection between your mom, aunt, and now you is so touching. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Joanne, I mean every word of it. AND I think the visit also reminded me how blessed I have always been with family and friends. -T

  3. this really touched on my feelings they are so valuable and i could guess whih one ur fav was before i read(: take care


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