If I rambled, it would be on Monday...

A lot can happen in one fabulously long weekend.

Let's talk about noses, let's talk about mine or more specifically my sinuses. Yes, you may leave if you wish (with my history of revelational journaling - I will understand), but it's not going to be what you think. You can trust me; it won't be like the doctor visit and stool sample thing. I promise. hee hee. Really you can stay.

I want to say that once in a while especially in the winter months, I need to purchase Tylenol Sinus Medicine. And yes it has Pseudoephedrine in the formula. I only buy it about every other month. Now does that sound like a crime to you? I even got nervous looking up how to spell it on the Internet, because of all the Meth making problems.

But it feels like I am doing something wrong when I go to the store to buy one package of this behind-the-counter sinus medication.

First of all, I have to wait in line at the pharmacy desk and then ask in a quiet voice, "I would like Tylenol Sinus medicine, please." Many times I get this, "We are all out." But if they are not out of the product then this is how it goes.

"You have to pay for this medication here, at this counter." She (always a she) says in her outdoor voice.

"I know, " I always say.

"You can only buy one." she continues to yell. (or maybe I'm too sensitive)

"That's all I asked for, thank you." I say patiently, but am wondering, Is it hot in here?

"I have to have your driver's license." she continues, "I have to copy it."

I fumble with my license and hand it to her. "Ok."

"You have to pay for it here." she says again.

"That's why I have my money out." I say a little snippy.

"You have to sign for this kind of medicine you know."

I nod wondering, Is she is looking at my pupils?

Then she looks at my license (true story) and looks at me, then back at the license.

"I've changed my hair." I defend. Can I please have a drink of water and maybe a Valium, I am thinking.

"Yes, your hair was darker."

I want to tell her it's not my fault that I am getting grayer and that my hair dresser girl will not under no circumstances allow me to go natural...gray and I have asked her permission, but I say instead, "I color my hair." my voice gets weaker.

She did laugh, but what does that mean?

I pay with cash. Is that suspicious?

She staples the bag closed with the receipt attached. I am thinking this must be in case drug producing people are stalking me and want to take it from me. I can see how the staples will surely keep them out. And all I want to do...is just breathe through my nose. That's all.

Woman Cured of Black Friday Shopping Bug

Did you hear about THAT woman...in the news? Well, not really in the news, but I think I am cured of BF shopping and that does not have anything to do with best friends..

Spending time with my daughter shopping is always a blast...but never ever on BF in Branson, Missouri...ever again.

I spent the night with my daughter, so that was fun.

We did not start early, so that was good. We headed out and the traffic was good.
Later when we arrived in Branson the traffic still looked good.

But not here at the Tanger Outlet (see that roof line in the distance that's where we were going-not the castle)...traffic not so good. Parking spaces not so available. People not so nice. Okay, Okay that was me. And in my defense, I only got frustrated once and may have flung my hands in the air in anger as a man was flinging his hands in the air in protest to me having my turn... at turning. I'm Irish, for goodness sakes. I have a temper.

Good thing I went to church on Sunday. Now I'm much better. (wink)
Oh and one more thing that really was in the news (where my daughter lives) was a woman who became too aggressive in a store- punching people- shoving people. She was arrested.
NOW don't you appreciate me more, man in car, who flung his hands in the air at me?
When we got back to my daughters city, we decided to run through a drive thru, grab a sandwich and then go to her house to eat. We took her car to give mine a rest. We were in a very long line waiting. Suddenly, she says do you smell something? I said, No. I looked at the gauge, but it was fine. She said, Is there smoke coming out of the back window? I looked but didn't see anything...but as I continued looking THERE WAS ... smoke billowing (maybe trickling) out of the trunk and into the window. We were a long ways from paying for the food and getting the food.
I (threw on my cape) jumped out of the car and opened the trunk thinking something was on fire in there.
I got back in the car and we moved one car length. It looked like it was getting worse and then all of a sudden there was a red glow. It looked like it was on fire. I hopped out again and into the very tiny backseat. I had grabbed my water bottle. I glanced up at the woman behind me in her car and she looked disturbed. She of course didn't know I was fighting potential fire. I don't think she could see the smoke rising. Then the glow got brighter. I felt the area and it was felt hot. So like a good fire woman I threw water on the area. Something popped and the glow stopped.
My daughter took it to a shop the next day. They said there was foam (probably insulation) in the connection between bulb and electricity. Whew!

Now back to work!!! Do I have to?


  1. All good things must come to an end. I know because I just spent the weekend away with my oldest daughter in the city she lives in :).

  2. I don't understand what is the problem of those women at counter. Most of them, unfortunately,sound very arrogant and are as tiresome as sinuses.

    Anyway, it is nice to spend some time with those we love.

    Thanks for following me. Keep well.

  3. Ohhh...I am so with you on the sinus stuff. I have to buy it for my son (no driver's license for him, of course) and usually for my husband, too (I'm at home and he's at work, so I run errands.) I always feel like the biggest criminal! But then...we have strong imaginations, Teresa--we're writers. They probably think we look really nice. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. TTWC- Yes, it's always nice. But if we did this all the time...it might not be as special??

    Yagmur- Oh, they're only doing their job, but it makes mine a little harder.

    Elizabeth- Yes it doesn't help me to have a good imagination, but I wouldn't want to be any other way. It's nice to know I am not alone in the struggle to buy the medicine. :)

  5. i am glad that u spent a day with ur daughter it sounds great
    take care and loves

  6. I too understand the problem with buying sinus medicine. When you really feel like a criminal is when you have to buy a second package within a week because you're actually getting it for in-laws that are in their 80s and 90s (and don't go to the store anymore), but the clerk doesn't understand that.
    I thought about buying their sinus medicine at one place and ours at another, but then again I'd feel like the two places were checking back and forth saying, "Didn't she just buy this three days ago?"
    Oh, well the things we do just to be able to breath :).

  7. Though I love shopping with my daughters, the closest we come to Black Friday shopping is watching the madness on the tv news. You are a brave woman, indeed ;)

  8. You poor dear. I hate being interrogated by complete strangers no less. Sorry to hear about this, but I hope this works for a good long time now.

  9. Good grief, can't you two go out without causing a scene---like FIRES and HAND WAVING? hmmm... That is pretty scary on TJ2's car--did it cause damage? Wow...
    Tammy--your sister who stays home on BF...

  10. Y'all sound dangerous!!! Better stay home next Black Friday. Your wallet will appreciate it.


  11. Tugce- It was great!

    MC- So I'm NOT alone in this. Yay, that's make me feel. I thought maybe i was doing it wrong or looking shifty.

    Joanne - Am I brave? Really? Or am I an idiot?

    Eileen, Thank you dear. I would like two transplants please...one for sinuses...one for digestive tract. That's all!

    Tams, No damage.

    Hi, Patti, No more Branson on BF for me. My wallet was fine. There is something about fighting the crowds that made me not want to spend.

  12. LOL LOVE your writing! Felt like I was right there with you.It would have been fun!!

  13. Teresa, another excellent read....so much happens in your life and even when things don't go according to plan, you tell us about it in such style that I feel I'm just there looking over your shoulder and experiencing the moment x

  14. Hey, Terri, I would invite you to go...next year... but I am pretty sure this is girl not going.

    WD, Thanks for your nice words. It would be really great if my plans always worked out like I planned, but then what would I write about huh?

  15. I loved the pseudoephedrine story. Too funny!!! And true.

    You forgot to mention that I was hysterically laughing at my car being on fire. :P It did actually burn a little hole in the carpet that houses the brake light. I can only see it at night when I hit my brake, though.

  16. There is definitly a lack of privacy at the pharmacy counter, what's with that? Of course, I'll admit I do like waiting my turn so I can eavesdrop on everyone elses ailments... lol.

    OHH, a smoldering fire in the car, good thing you went to the drive up, and weren't sitting inside at a windowseat, watching your car go up in flames!

  17. Yes, dear girl, your hysterical laughter just about sent me over the edge. You handled it well, as usual. What's with the cloak and dagger picture. All MY friends have seen you as a post it, Agent Girl.

    Mattenylou, I never listen to the others. I just stand there and sweat nervously about my turn.

    NOW I think it was amusing- the smoldering flame-me pouring my bottled water on a red glow...again sweating.

  18. I used to work in a pharmacy and our register would automatically have a pop up when someone tried to buy the "watched medications" and limit their purchases. The things people would do to get around the limit... But with you just trying to buy it for legitimate reasons you must have felt terrible. Did you want to tell the cashier that she was responsible for the change in your hair color?


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