Monday as Thursday

This week...I think...Monday. and. I. might actually be civil to one another. It is a two day work week for me. Monday will be my Thursday (remember that girl?) and Tuesday will be my Friday (remember my favorite child?)

and Wednesday will be my Saturday....after that I'm lost.

Now I will ramble some more...

Technology: This weekend I thought about when my Grandma Sadie was still upon the earth. In 1982 (when she passed) cell phones (here anyway) were not common. There was no Internets, no Twitter, no digital TV channels, no Skype, no web cameras, AND no computer viruses....

I took my first computer class in 1982...on a Tandy.

I got my first mobile phone in 1992. It was a big ole bag phone. I carried it to the grocery store with me to look cool. I hope no one took a picture of me flaunting my bag phone...I mean I don't have money enough to take that embarrassment pretending to talk to someone.

I got my first computer in 1992. DOS.

In 1982, there was no WebMD. Instead I had a medical encyclopedia under my bed. I had read it cover to cover. After that I would check it regularly as symptoms appeared (or so I imagined). Are you still wondering why my daughter went into psychology? Around 10 years ago, Chloe (my other cat, pictured on the right) dipped her big furry paw into my coffee that was sitting on my nightstand and spilled it all over the floor and the bed skirt. When I lifted the bed skirt, I discovered the medical encyclopedia, again. As I looked at that dusty white cover, I took a deep breath (and sneezed) then tossed it in the trash. What a relief. That book had held me hostage for years.

I can't imagine life without technology...especially since it is my job. But technology can also hold us hostage. Once in a while wouldn't it be great to take a break from it, technology?

One more thing: Moonshine - have you ever wondered about moonshine? Sunday Morning had a segment on the firey drink. As a child I always thought it would be exciting, while roaming the countryside, to happen upon a still. I'm thinking a storyline is coming to my brain. hmm. I knew about moonshine and stills from watching The Andy Griffith Show.

Anyhoo, I found out a couple of things about moonshining (is that a word?). 1. Moonshine stills were illegal. 2. They were "spirits produced and sold without tax by the light of the moon" (CBS, Sunday Morning, 2009) hence the phrase. 3. Made with corn (of course we knew that, huh?). 4. Was made into corn liquor, a type of whiskey. 5. There are still -stills - illegal stills. 6. But there are legal moonshine producers today, but doesn't that take the fun out of it? I mean in broad daylight...with the ok of the authorities? Shouldn't they call it Sunshine? And the reason I probably didn't find a still when roaming the countryside is because stills were more common, down south.

What are you thinking this Monday?


  1. Monday seems to be a very tiresome day for me.

    Keep well...

  2. Teresa...I try so hard to keep up with technology...and I don't do too badly, having managed to connect Digital TV, HD Recorder, DVD Player, Sound System et al....but fail miserably when I try to work them from 1 remote...Yikes. When things go wrong I try to think of someone I know who has an 8yr old daughter, for that is the generation born into all this techno stuff. As for all the acronyms....well that's another story! x

  3. It IS more like a Thursday, isn't it?

    It's amazing how much technology has changed our lives in the last 20 years, isn't it?

    You can still find an occasional still down here...but meth labs, sadly, might be more common. Stills were usually found in the mountain areas--illegal because that stuff is STRONG! Not like regular alcohol.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. After reading this I'm thinking man time has flown and SOOOOO much technology has come and expanded unbelievably in such a short time, really. What does thay pose for our near futures? Ikes, I don't know if I can keep up.

  5. Hm, this Monday morning I'm thinking about when I'll squeeze in the time this week to make the Broccoli Casserole and Potato Puff Extraordinaire to go with Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh, it'll be so deliciously worth those calories :)

  6. We had our Thanksgiving last month, so for me, this is a regular Monday. I'm thinking of baking and trying to write some more on my WIP (so far today's output has been half a page).

    I remember those giant phones. Then again, I remember when there was no such thing as a VCR.


  7. You reminded me of my first computor, a Tandy, with a pile of discs for every program we wanted to run. How nice to have everything at our fingertips on the internet, now. My first car phone ($$$) was a suitcase that I kept on the floor in the back seat. Soon after I got it, I slammed the door on the receiver and broke it! ... and not replaceable! Yikes!

    We've come a long way in 20 years!

  8. You are hilarious. We still have Webmd, don't we? I have dozen of health books, but mostly alternative and herbal remedies. They have me utterly fascinated.

  9. Thank you and I don't even try to be...hilarious. I hope we still have WebMD now that I have tossed my medical book. Herbal remedies are the best!

  10. Techman - I had some moonshine the other day, thanks to my new neighbor :). I remember the first VCR we rented from our local grocery store. The whole family watched Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc.

  11. Well good for you!!!! Maybe they will share the recipe.

    That was our first VCR as well.

    thanks for stopping by! :)))


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