Contentment - the update

From your comments I draw these conclusions.

Home is where you find contentment...where richness dwells.
We need less of self absorption.
We need to savor good moments.
We need to inspire our own contentment...who else could do so well.
We need to believe in God's promises.
We need to find the good in our circumstances.
We need to have patience...even with ourselves...because we deserve it.
We may... just need to let go and just let it pass, whatever is going on. Then...
be still and know that God is God...and we are not.
And... being content is being connected... with God, family, friends, community.

This is what I heard you say. What do you think?


  1. You're so right. We need to let go. AND we need to schedule in some moments to just relax and think about the big picture.

    I'm going to have "one of those days" today. It's 5:40 and I already know that! Every minute is scheduled between my son's band concert this morning, my daughter's play this afternoon, and my out of town company arriving this afternoon.

    BUT...I need to have patience and love and reflection today, too.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Elizabeth, I remember those long days with my kiddos especially this time of year and trying to keep up with everything. Praying for you to enjoy your day. They grow up like a race :)

  3. Life is God's gift to us........
    The way we live it, is our gift to him !

  4. I love what Carol said! The greatest thank you is to let Christ reign in our lives.

    I'm just a vessel.

  5. "Being content is being connected." This line strikes me as so true. Without connections of some sort, some variation, we're just really adrift, even with our own feelings, having no essence to keep us grounded in that contentment.

  6. This is a tough season to feel contented. Hang in there.

  7. Yes, yes, and yes.
    How can you continue to say so much with so few words?

    May I sit at your feet?


  8. I love what you said and what Carol said. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Tamika, We are the vessels. We need to always remember this.

    Joanne, A good point - being adrift with our feelings and without a connection- we'll get lost.

    LV, I will.

    Patti, Yes you may :) then may I at yours?

    Judy, Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it much.


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