We had a good time that evening my two grandsons, granddaughter and me. We had pigged out on pizza and hot dogs (yes I can) and we painted by numbers. We talked, made pipe cleaner animals, watched Scooby Doo and then I took them home.

On the journey home, the middle child who was seven at the time said, "I don't like change. I don't want anything to change."

We all got very quiet at the sound of his mournful voice. "What do you mean?" I looked at him in the rear view mirror.

"Why do things have to change? I want everything to stay the same." My little man was sad.

"Everything has to change. It can't stay the same. That's the way it is," his older brother wise for his 9-year-old brain said.

There was a bit of soul searching silence again as we all processed the information.

"I don't want to grow up, I want to stay little."

"That would be silly if you never grew up. You don't want to stay little forever," oldest brother said.

"Yes, I do." His troubled little voice echoed in the darkness of the car.

My D-I-L and I thought this distressed outburst might have come from middle child's grandfather (her stepdad) being very ill and in the hospital. The two are very close.

Do you like change? Do you wish things would stay the same?

Last Sunday I heard this statement: "If we don't change, we don't grow."

That's interesting to me...two choices. I can embrace change or at least accept it and grow or remain in the safety of a non-changing world (if even that were possible and it's not) and perhaps become stagnant.

I always say there is one thing you can count on and that is change.

I also say no matter what year, what generation or what trials and troubles slap you in the face- God never changes. He just doesn't. Why would he? He is God.

"Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God." Psalm 90:2 (NIV)

When everything is changing around me and to me, I find comfort in knowing that God is know solid. We, however, should grow with the changes since we have much to learn.

Change and Grow? Remain become stagnant? What do you think?


  1. Hi Teresa .. everything changes, the world changes, we change, flora and fauna change - so we cannot but change ourselves. We have to change - how much depends on our motivation and our passion.

    I love change - as it's learning .. a new idea, a new thought, a new process .. where we are now - some aren't easy, but each day is different ..

    She obviously was feeling very sad - because we all love our loved ones so much and as we get older we understand that inevitability happens.

    We should embrace the day and every minute - but your grandaughter will come to appreciate these things - she's in a loving family.

    That must have been a wonderful day - full of memories for all of you .. enjoy the rest of the week - Hilary

  2. Change is both amazing and scary. I have a love hate thing going on with change. It is the lover I frequently yell at and storm out on! I am learning to accept things I cannot change and change the ones I can... as the saying goes :)

  3. I'm a conservative person when it comes to change, but EVERY time I've embraced it, I've grown. Still, that's a hard lesson for me to remember!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Hilary, You are correct, change can be good and usually is if we give it time. My little grandson is a total optimist, that's another reason I think we took notice.

    Tabitha Bird, I love your love-hate relationship with change. I too storm out on change!!!

    Elizabeth, I would rather test change with just my big toe. But usually someone shoves me in not caring if I drown. :)

  5. I love change as long as it's for a good reason. Otherwise, I'm kind of set in my ways. I've been at the same job for 15 years, been in the same state my whole life, same metro area since I was 14.

    That being said, after being cooped up inside with two little boys all winter, my DH and I are READY for a change! Bring on Spring!

  6. Change and grow, yes. Those two words go hand in hand, though I'd never thought it right out before.

    Great post, JW. Thanks.

  7. I'm right there with your grandbaby... I remember at age 5 begging my mom not to sell our car- just let it sit in the backyard so we can keep it forever (turns out I was right- it would be worth a fortune now! but I digress)

    Wonder if these little ones somehow sense that (for the lucky/blessed ones) this is the best- the most foudational time..

    Noone will ever make you feel as loved and secure as grandma/grandpa

  8. Change is hard... and everything seems to change so fast now. Love that cute little dog photo you have there.


  9. Oh, change is definitely hard, even good changes! But I have to agree that it can help us grow, if we let it!

  10. We are spinning around here. Life is growth, change, decay and death. It's a cycle. Let's get outside and experience it with the rest of life forces.

  11. Change is good. We resist it, but it's good. Imagine if your child were always 2. Not good. Imagine if the seasons never changed and we were stuck in winter for hundreds of years. I think CS Lewis must have thought that when he invented Narnia. Change happens whether we like it or not.

  12. Teresa, what a poignant post! Sigh. Change helps us combat mediocrity and laziness. Though inertia battles me every step of the way, this old dog will try!

  13. CM, I seem to get into very deep ruts. I had a 20 year marriage, have worked with the same district for 19 years, and lived in the same house 32.

    Janna, To change then grow- oh yeah!! Not change and cry. :)

    Sally, How funny. Maybe they should have listened to you?

    Ann, If change would wait and be patient....

    Jody, Change makes me think of the saying, No pain, no gain.

    Lakeviewer- Around and around we go....

    Mary, Now that you put it like that- a two year old forever? :)

    Patti, How true!! Without change I would grow stagnant- out of laziness - I'm sure.

  14. I don't like change either. I'm not good with it. But I know it's going to happen.

  15. If not for change we'd still be in diapers. I understand where he is coming from though.


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