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Happy February!! Can you believe it's February already? Let's talk Super Bowl. I'm not a football fan, but I have been recently. Guess who won the 2020 Super Bowl. Yes, they did! Our very own Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

I was offended last night by some of the commentators saying that the 49ers were powerful and could do this or that and would for sure make a comeback in the future, but I shook it off. I'm cool that way until I read this title online: 49ers lose Super Bowl 2020: Crucial pass interference, touchdown rulings go against team in tough loss. It rubbed me wrong. I mean the 49ers are a good team, but why not praise the team who won instead of keeping the 49ers alive in the news for losing? Maybe I don't understand. Maybe I'm too sensitive? Probably.

Until I am back here posting, if you haven't read it, I have a new post at The Ruralhood.



I agree! Even with those mistakes, it was the winning team who capitalized on them.
Sport can be an incredibly partisan affair but surely the media should try (and try hard) to be impartial.
Sports, like politics, can be terribly partisan and nasty. :-(
Well done Kansas City Chiefs ... and thus I'm happy for you ... cheers Hilary
Carol Kilgore said…
I wanted the Chiefs to win, so I'm happy they did. I'm not a football genius, but it looked to me like both teams played well. Patrick Mahomes is amazing. It also sounded to me from the beginning that the commentators expected the 49ers to win. They were wrong :)
nashvillecats2 said…
My late son when he was younger was a pro footballer here in the UK. brought back fond memories.
Enjoyed the read.

Naqvee said…
I'm so happy that you are so actively blogging. I think I should restart myself...

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