Monday has never. . .

made me so happy. This will be a three-day week due to a scheduled spring break. So of course, I am looking forward to this week and I welcome Monday. I have a four day weekend coming up in which to play. Can life be any better?

Plus the sun has been shining for days. Saturday the temps were in the upper 60's. Yesterday was the same. I feel better.

What would you do?
If you are presented with a Saturday that is 60 degrees, what would you do? daughter and I hit the road.

There is a clue in this photo (if only you could see it) to where we were headed. It's right in front of you...the car pulling the boat. Can't see? Squint. We followed the boat to the... lake.

That's right we went shopping near a lake. Where all the boats zoom around on water!!!!

Dr. Lovely Daughter had suggested we stop at the cutest little shopping center....

One of the shops was an antique store where I found this wonderful book (for my collection) by John Steinbeck. 1947.

Did you know that I love to read Steinbeck novels? I would probably be in a sorted love affair with him...if he were alive.

Then I found this wonderful piece of music. This is a song that I remember from my childhood...performed by various singers and on movies that were musicals. After I got it home, I sang it several times. (Aren't you glad you weren't present?)
I plan on framing it. (daughter idea)

On Writing
I am writing a short story set in the 1920's -30's. I want to try to include the historical part so that no one notices. I want it to be natural, but not the focus. Any suggestions will be swallowed whole.

Do you read the classics or are you a more modern reader? Tell me what you love to read.


  1. I haven't read that many classics, but I do enjoy collecting them for that time when I can do nothing but read and read and read some more. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the sunshine and Dr. Lovely Daughter. We had sunshine too and I was thrilled.

  2. I've tried classics and I have trouble getting into them. But I'm sure you were excited about your find! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Mason, I am still collecting those (and haven't read yet) classics for some day.

    CM, You aren't alone in that feeling. I did have a fun Saturday.

  4. We had a beautiful weekend, too! I took the kids to the park to meet my sister there. They biked and skateboarded and we LOVED it!

    I read both modern lit and classics...but I do have to be in a classical "mood" to read them. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. I love love the classics and feel covetous of that Steinbeck you've pictured here. But I read modern stuff too since I have to, to know what's out there. So much of it is disappointing though-- that's the problem. I was thrilled to discover I love Sophie Kinsella's books, since she's ultra modern and very hip.

  6. I read mostly modern, but do collect classics, illustrated novels in particular. I have a few great ones, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Alice In Wonderland, but no Steinbeck! I love the layers the illustrations add to the tales.

  7. Sigh. You make me laugh, smile...and inspire me!!!

    Would love to be with my 24-year-old daughter right now--ANYWHERE!!!

    We also share the love of books.

    I am equally in love with classics and more contemporary friends.

    LOVE Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley."
    Guess who recommended it?
    My daughter!!!!!!

  8. Hi Teresa .. how fantastic a four day weekend. Great to spend it with a child - wonder times .. and it was 60 = lucky you.

    Books - all sorts .. but I enjoy watching films of books perhaps I haven't read .. saw Alice on Friday - and loved the black humour in the production.

    The Music - are you going to clear frame it .. so you can see the back too .. and have it on a 'spike' so you can look at both sides .. the framing sounds a brilliant idea ..

    1920s and 30s defeat me for now!

  9. I'm always up for some classic Dr. Seuss. :-)

    As far as novels, I prefer the contemporary sort. I have been known to reread a classic, though.

  10. Your pics are great. I feel like I'm moving in the vehicle with you in the first one.

    I read some classics. I don't have a set type that I always read - can like pretty much anything.

    Fun Dr. Seuss take!

  11. I read what I think is good.

    I use to love Charles Dickens but it doesn't have the draw it used to have. Of Mice and Men is a favorite but Tequila Flats leaves me behind. I love Cannery Row, Gone With The Wind, and Alice in Wonderland.

    I love Walter Farley but he is geared to juveniles.

    I can't pin anything down...I love a mix.

  12. JW....I knew you'd feel better once the sun came out and the snow disappeared...and to have a weekend away with your daughter, what could be better. As to your question about our reading habits....I've recently reread The Great Gatsby and we are both fans of Hemingway....and Jane Austen raises her head occasionally. We were in Steinbeck country a few years ago...(Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur..spectacular country just like we have in OZ)and this prompted a relook at Cannery Row one of our all time faves. Mostly we read contemporary fiction...but I'm reading The Audacity of Hope for my Bookclub tomorrow so I suppose you could say we have eclectic taste x

  13. I used to read suspense but I could not put the book down until I finished it so I stopped. Those all nighters make it hard to work the next day. Plus I have all my friends who write, so I have lots of reading material. Keep it coming.


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