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New Blog Look
I am trying something new and simple with the blog. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm trying to get my blog favorites updated.  I've created an awards - slide show in the sidebar. I have other things I want to add - so bear with me.

Posting for JW: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Posting for The Ruralhood: Saturday (Next post:  A Summertime Job for a Rural Girl)

Computer Woes
It's been a long bumpy road from the time I picked out my new laptop, bought it, had it delivered, did the updates, registered everything, loaded a few files from the old to the new - just to have its memory fail, to call the company for another to be delivered - to get IT delivered, to get the old sent back, and start the new computer stuff again. (Whew that was a long sentence.) I've been permanently copying over files from the desktop computer. I didn't know I had soooo much on my old computer. I want to wipe it and then reload it. It'll take a while.

I'm still writing. I am currently finishing two shorts. Then I need to get them sent out. I have been working on an essay. I also have been working on two books and have decided I need to choose. I'm not talented enough to work on both at the same time- even though I want to.

My new grandchild is a …boy!!! He will be born in late August...probably...maybe. I didn’t care what gender the baby was, but it seems my poor little six-year-old granddaugther did. She was a little distraught. She loves her two older brothers very much, but she really wanted a more balanced family...you know...another girl. She told me, "I will not change his diapers."   She stayed the night with me a week ago. We did a lot of drawing and talking. She called it a sleepover. We did a couple of drawings in oil pastels. I have an apple on my kitchen wall that I did in pastels and she wanted to make one. DID I mention she is very talented and quite beautiful? I would say that about any six-year-old genus girl-child who has movie star qualities. Yes I would!!!

200 Posts
As I said before my hiatus, I've reached my 200th post. I want to give away my give-a-aways during the next few weeks. If you would like to be entered in the drawings- just tell me in the comment- "enter me" or something like that.

Here are the trinkets:
Journals - why? Because I love them.

Journal 1 - IWrite (First week drawing) Entries for drawings will be Monday-Saturday. I will tell you the next Monday who wins. You don't have to enter if you don't wish to. But, if you would like to enter, please indicate so in the comment area.

Journal 2- Dream

Little plaque- with what could be my motto.

A little ole pillow made by...me. We call it blackbird. Who's we?

$10 B&N Gift Card

I've missed being away, but I'm back!!  So what's up with you?


  1. Welcome back and your blog is looking nice. Congrats on the 200 posts.
    Have a great day!

  2. so glad you're back! Missed reading you regularly.

    I love the look of your blog, and you've certainly kept busy.

  3. So glad you are back. You were missed.
    Congrats on the 200 posts.
    Great pillow!
    Betty xx

  4. Teresa, missed you. You were so kind to stop in now and then to visit, even though your computer was down. Welcome back. I love the new look, but loved the old too??? Am I strange?

  5. You've been missed. Your blog looks great and congratulations on the 200th post. Such cute items for the giveaway. Definitely like your motto plaque.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Welcome back ... A whole latte good things going on over here ;) Grandsons, and granddaughters, and writing and new computers, Wow!

    All's quiet in my neck of the woods, querying and writing as usual. Hope to get my vegetable garden planted later this week, finally!

  7. Your blog looks great! And you're approaching everything in such an organized way!

    That's exciting about the new grandson! My daughter has an August birthday. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. Love the simplified blog. Love what you're up to. Me, same old, same old writing and blogging and stuff.


  9. Hi JW! Glad to have you back, I've missed you! Wow, new computers, new blogs, new babies... nice changes for you! I'd love to be entered in your give-aways, that's so nice of you! Congratulations on the 200th post! I look forward to reading many more!

  10. Congrats on the grandbaby! I hope all goes well.

    I'd love to be entered, JW. Thanks.

  11. The blog looks great. I think the three day a week posting schedule works for a lot of bloggers. It's what I do too.

  12. Hey Lady! It was good seeing you with your daughter and family at Sand Springs for Mother's Day! I really do love your blog. It lifts me up, makes me laugh, makes me think, and inspires me to write more myself.
    Keep me still in your prayers...I'm still without a job one year later. I have God and faith, but feeling very down and being human worried so pray for me to strengthen my faith and my prayers!
    I would LOVE to be entered for your drawing. Yeppers sign me right up!

    Angela Case

  13. Welcome back! I love the new look. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Your granddaughter sounds precious and precocious.

    I love to be entered. Drooling over the blackbird pillow. :-)

  14. Welcome back, the place looks fantastic! Your little trinkets are great for your giveaway....I'm covetin' that charming little pillow.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  15. So glad to have you back. I like the new look. And, I love contests so please enter me.

    Nothing new with me, but isn’t it great being a grandmother!

  16. Enter me, enter me, enter me. You have such great offerings, and I don't just mean the gifts. 'Course the journals are the tops!

    I'm so busy with my boys in May. Also, trying to get Act 2 written on my script.

    Thanks for your beautiful comments.

  17. Been missing you but enjoying the changes.

    I love the purple journal, put my name in the hat for that one, please! I love purple anything. If dogs and horses were that color, I would have many more than I already do.

    Welcome back.

  18. Hi Teresa, so great to have your musings back with us once again....and your new look blog....so stylised, so sleek....just like you x

    (I can't believe you've reached your 200th! I was the fortunate winner of the beautiful journal giveaway for your 100th...so I'll sit this one out and be back in the running for your 300th! Go Girl !)

  19. Hi Teresa .. well .. congratulations .. perhaps first for getting the compute sorted & also for two hundred posts .. going past the bicentennial.

    Then two blogs and x books - I can't keep up .. and then I get to the bottom and see four of you peering out at me .. in various guises ..

    I love the Ruralhood .. just shows us life as it was .. simple, straight forward, the day to be done .. no shilly-shallying around ..

    Re your awards .. everyone loves them .. so please share with others .. lots going on here ..

    Happy Days and welcome back! Hilary

  20. Welcome back. You've been a busy lady. And congrats on the new little boy who will soon be part of your life.

  21. Glad to see you're back! I love the new blog look. Very stream lined and simple - yet still you!

    Enter me (or something like that) and congratulations on your 200 + posts. That's awesome!

    Grats on your soon to be born grandson and on the wonderful, beautiful, talented six year old grand daughter you have. Sounds like you're an awesome grandma. :)

    All those projects- wow... How on Earth do you keep them all straight?!

  22. Congrats on getting a granson soon!!
    I like your blog look:) I also like your prizes alot! So please enter me for any of them!!!
    Welcome back around:))

  23. You're back! You've checked in on me a few times so I guess you have a pretty good idea about what I've been up to.

    I got word of another grandchild on the way around Dec. 5. My daughter lives in NJ so that's not too convenient. I'll have one granddaughter here in CA and one on the other coast. Oh what to do!


  24. Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading through it and would like to enter. Thank you!


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