She's Rambling Again

Hmm last week was very busy and a bit stressful -kind of like this parking garage that I wanted to park in. I had to drive around and around and make squealing noises with my tires until I parked.

And, I had to run to catch up with my life.

Monday: Holiday. Did a little shopping.

Tuesday: I was dragged back to work kicking and screaming.

Wednesday: I had to redo the mammo. There were areas of concern. Worry and logic battled it out in my mind over the long weekend. Four long hours and $178 later all is well. I will spare you the details this time- except there were mentions of smoothing out tissue. That's all I'll say -I promise.  I told no one in my family about the retake because there wasn't anything to worry about yet.  However, during the long weekend, (I told my daughter later) I just KNEW that my right booble was dying and yet it felt fine. See what the mind can do? See how worrying never changes anything for better or worse and only makes you crazy? See?

Found another carpenter ant area after returning home that day. In my dreams I hear them chewing. I called the exterminator. I want to say to "Life" -GIVE ME A BREAK.

Thursday: A day long of seminar that kinda-sorta sounded like a bashing session of how we weren't doing things correctly. Thank goodness, I am secure in knowing that I do an excellent job- otherwise I might be worrying about that too. I talked with some of the others. I hope I helped them realize they are doing a great job.

Friday was my daughter's 28th birthday. We had a super good time that evening with the fam. She took home some good loot. I think she feels old at 28. However, she just purchased her first home and a rumor was circulated in her new neighborhood that she was thought to be 23 and traveled with her job. She does look 23 or 12, but does not travel with her job. 

My three grandchildren are a hoot. They say the funniest things. Here's a conversation with my son's daughter (my only granddaughter in a sea of boys). I had been showing my laptop to my mom and sister who are both thinking on buying a laptop. The picture on the screen is of a house, lighthouse and the sea- becuz my heart belongs to the sea and the lighthouse even though I've never seen either in person.

K: Grandma, did you take that picture.

Me: No, it was on the computer. But, I would like to live there.

K gasped: If you moved there, I would miss you soooooooo (yes she emphasized) much.

It's nice to be loved.

I bet you thought I had forgotten about the journal giveaway from last week to celebrate my 200th post. Indeed not. The winner is Mason Canyon at Thoughts in Progress. Congratulations!  She has one of the best book review sites that I have seen. She's a pro, I tell you. And I imagine that if we ever met, we would be great friends. That's what I imagine. (Mason email me your address and I will send the journal  to you.)

To continue my celebration, I am offering to you this bird pillow made by JW's own two hands.  You can enter all week long by commenting on any of the posts until Saturday at midnight. If you comment on every post this week, you will be entered that many times.

Next week will be my final giveaway - the Barnes and Noble gift card.

On My Writing
1. Finished my short, Death by Poison Berries and it's going out this week.
2. Nearly finished with short story, The Elevator Ride (working title of murder mystery).
3. Actually wrote several pages on my book When the Keepers of the House Tremble. Actually, I think I will see if Stephen King would like that title. I might rename my book Summers Ending - which kind of has something to do with the book but sound like it is a sweet kind of story. Not so much. Are there courses out there on naming- children, pets, short stories and novels? I'm just wondering.
4. I posted at The Ruralhood blog on small community, if you're interested and desperate for something to read.

It's not officially summer here, but we have seen 90 degree days.  Summer is a bit fast and furious, but, I love it. Do you know what I like best about spring/summer? The smells: mown grass, fresh air, and flowers. The sounds: children laughing, farmers mowing fields, and happy birds. The sights: Everything is green again, flowers blooming, and people playing outside. Most of all, my feet love being free.

You can comment on my content too, but here's a question: What do you like most about spring/summer? (Later, I may ask you to write a paper on what you did on your summer vacation. And I might grade you. It's a possibility.)


  1. I like going to the pool in the summer. It's just such a happy place...children everywhere, laughing. And my kids love to swim!

    I'm sure the test results will end up coming back fine. But boy, they do make us worry, don't they? I've had to go back in for more tests before and I'd convinced myself I had one foot in the grave. Writers tend to have strong imaginations. :)

  2. Elizabeth, Sometimes I wish my imagination would tame down a bit, but I "think" it's what makes me interesting.

  3. Oh, how waiting for those results bring out the crazyness of our imagination! Looks like you had quite a week!

    I love the blue skies, birdsong, grass beneath bare feet, flowing sundresses, sunshine's warmth, blooming flowers and the first ripe tomato of summer!

    and I love your birdy pillow!

  4. Ohhh, Mattenylou, I forgot to mention the ripe vegetables. How they ruin you for winter produce from the stores.

  5. Congratulations to Mason.
    I can tell you what I don't like about summer - mowing the grass. Just makes me sneeze.

  6. Alex, I love mowing, but it messes with me too.

  7. First let me say I'm glad everything is okay. Re-testing can make our imagination run wild.

    Next, thank you so much for the journal. That was a nice surprise to start my day and such kind words. (I'll be e-mailing you later). You are a wonderful friend already and I'm sure if we ever met, we'd have a blast.

    The thing I like most about spring/summer is the warm and hot temperatures. :) Have a great day and thanks again.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Hm, I'm liking that we have multiple choice options for leaving comments!

    What I love about summer? I'd say two things ... 1. My vegetable garden, or I should say tomato garden because that's what it mostly is. 12 Jet Star tomato plants, plus some peppers, eggplant and lettuce. We just staked the tomato plants yesterday. Nothing is better than tomatoes fresh from the plant to the plate.

    Second summer love is being at the beach, pure and simple. It's the best.

  9. Sounds like a great last week. I wish summer would hit hard where I am! Soon though.

  10. Hi Teresa .. yes .. feet out .. my first desire in the year .. and boy .. til June is a bit much!

    Sounds like a frantic week - but v glad re the mammo - scary times .. but now fine. Party time, I'd be lost too .. if you disappeared into your lap top .. so please stay out ..

    Have a better week .. this one .. Hilary

  11. Mason, Oh, the good and bad of imagination!

    Joanne, Yes the vegetable gardens- makes summer most valuable.

    Mumsy, I will tell her, but isn't life suppose to begin at 50? :)

    T.Anne, I hope summer hits you soon!

    Hilary, It was one of "those" weeks for sure.

  12. Wow, you're busy! I hope this week is a bit easier for you.

    The best thing about summer is the feeling of ease and the need to enjoy our rare days of warmth and balmy breezes. Somehow it seems important to just sit and absorb, even if work calls.

  13. You may have had to run to catch up with life, but you also managed to get a lot of writing done as well. That’s terrific. I’d like to see how much you get done during a week that isn’t so hectic:)

    I live in SW Florida so it’s kind of summer/spring all year. But, my favorite part is seeing baby ducks and other animals and all the beautiful flowering plants and trees.

  14. I had a mammo last week. They did a retake of righty as well, but before I even put my shirt back on. The gal was nice. We talked about orthodontia. I was going there next with all four boys!

    What I like best about summer is freedom to just go. Also, fresh fruit, and time at the lakes, of course. (I live in lakes country.)

  15. My favorite things of summer are the coolness on my bare feet as I walk in a shady spot, the run through the hot sand, to reach the cool water of the creek. You can almost hear your feet sigh with relief and delight.

    I enjoy grounding myself and bonding with Mother Earth through the soles of my bare feet.

  16. Sounds like you had a very busy week!! I'm enjoying a couple weeks of some down time. My kids are done with school and I'm done with my WIP. And so, we're hanging out and really not doing much! And it's refreshing!

  17. Wow have you been busy! First: Congrats on all your wonderful writerly accomplishments! Second: What a wonderful family you have. Third: So glad everything turned out okay on the booble squishing test!

  18. Teresa, sounds like a full plate, but delightful.


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