Waving Goodbye

Photo: 1990's to present time

I remember the day my youth waved goodbye. I was dating a fine fella, in theory. We were sitting on his couch watching a rented movie. I didn’t like the movies he chose. He criticized my choices.

I felt a drop of water hit my forehead and dissipate before it could fall to my brow. “Did you see that?” I said.

“See what?”

“Water dripping… fell on my head.” I touched my forehead and looked up at his ceiling.

He looked at his ceiling, too. There was no hole in his ceiling, no condensation either. It wasn't raining outside.

We both pretended I hadn’t lost my mind and started the movie again.  He kept sneaking looks at me. Maturity had made me bolder and I finally asked him why he kept looking at me.

He said, it was because I was “eye candy”. Whaaat? I made him stop the movie again to fill me in on this foreign term.

I didn’t know until my 47th year of living that there was a term, slang if you will, eye candy. It sounded to me like a sugary treat that perhaps a cannibalistic populace might eat as dessert. I couldn't wrap my brain around that people actually called each other “eye candy”.  I said ok, but didn't really mean it and thought it sounded pretty stupid.

Later that night at home, water fell from my ceiling also. This time two maybe three drops reached my forehead. My eyes crossed to follow the course of the tiny river making its way down my nose. It was the beginning of the end. My youth was waving goodbye.

Then I yelled, "Helloooo, Woman, welcome. You will always be eye candy to me."

What are you inspired to do? Are you marching proudly with time, Blogger Buds? Or kicking and screaming to the end?

Prayers needed here:

My friend L's mammogram found a problem area. She was told that she has malignant area in one breast. She will find out this week what can be done.  L is my friend whose young son died last fall after his battle with cancer. She needs prayer to help heal her heart, mind, soul and body. She needs to beat this!


  1. A prayer for your friend L, Teresa. May she go well....x

  2. Eye candy is a funny turn of phrase, isn't it? I usually just ignore the aging process...until I pull something and I'm reminded of it!

    I do hope your friend's treatment is successful! She's in my prayers.

  3. I feel like I'm growing into myself, which is nice.

  4. Prayers for your friend.

    And I try to grow into my own skin and enjoy the process. Sometimes I actually do :)

  5. My youth waved goodbye a few years ago.
    I've used eye candy to describe a woman before. I also use it to describe great special effects in a movie.

  6. WD, She is a nurse and she said during her son's illness she felt so helpless that she couldn't help him. I this goes well for her.

    Elizabeth, That's another good choice and it worked for me...for a while.:)

    Tabitha, In my opinion, that's the best way.

    Devon, Me too.

    Alex, My head must be under a rock, I have never heard that phrase. He's lucky I didn't laugh in his face. It seemed so funny.

  7. Keeping your friend in my prayers.

    When it comes to age I want to go kicking and screaming in the other directions but for some reason I just don't have the energy. :)

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. I try to take care of myself so that I can enjoy all that time has to offer!

    I'm sorry to read about your friend, such sad news. Sending good wishes her way ...

  9. Ah, the aging process and sagging middles. I work out and have four busy sons. I don't have time to analyze the wrinkles and count the grey hairs. I do pluck them out, however.

    Prayers galore for your friend.
    (My mammo came back all clear!)

  10. I am praying now for your friend!! She doesn't need to go through more right now.

  11. I hope everything will go well with your friend. It must be hard faced with cancer again.


  12. My youth waved goodbye when I moved from California to Utah. Suddenly I felt old, worn out and used up. I was 41. No reason in particular just a bunch of things happening at once. (And my sister who had breast cancer is now over 15 years cancer free.)

  13. I'm keeping your friend in my prayers.

    I'm kicking and screaming--which is probably a bad thing.

    I love the term eye candy. It cracks me up.

    Take Care

  14. Me, I'm marching proudly with time and living each day to its fullest. I don't have a time machine, so I have to look forward and make each day count.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. I've known you're beautiful, and this post supports it.

    Praying for your friend, JW.

  16. Thanks to all who are praying. I knew I could count on you.

  17. I'm keeping your friend in my prayers, Teresa.
    Living each day to its fullest?!
    How hard is that sometimes!
    B xx

  18. Thinking of your friend with healing thoughts and prayers.

  19. Hi Teresa .. your friend's life and health override all other comments at the moment ..

    May all go well, may she have loving family and friends around her and life be kind ..

    It doesn't seem exactly right somehow .. my thoughts and love & I'll remember L in these coming weeks .. Hilary

  20. I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of aging! It's funny how for a period of your life you feel like your immune to it, then one day you wake up and realize that life is a lot shorter than you ever thought.

  21. I first heard that term when a friend was telling me about some of sun bathers in Florida who were not "eye candy".

    Teresa, you have my prayers. Take care & God bless.

  22. I will pray for your friend, Teresa.

    - Corra

    the victorian heroine

  23. Too funny! I'm just getting started, so am living each day in full embrace of this aging woman who is my body and my wisdom.

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