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Back to work and back-to-school is approaching and I wanted to spend some extra time with the little ones in my family.
We went to see the movie The Smurfs and  they stayed all night with me, too.
Kids are funny and they say funny things. Here are a couple of funny remarks from our time together. I know, I know this is like making you look through the baby’s photo album, but you can handle it.
Looking at the posters outside the theater
Me: “If you guys were older, I’d take you to see  Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.”
Granddaughter (age 7):  “I’m glad we’re not old enough, that movie looks too scary.
First born Grandson (age 11): “I would like it.”
The Next Morning
Me to all three: “Did you sleep well last night?”
Second born Grandson (age 9 until next month):  “Yes, but when I woke up this morning I was confused and I thought, Am I grown up? Then I rolled over and saw (brother’s name) and I thought, no, I’m still little.”
I tried, really I did, to feed them good stuff for breakfast. When all choices were offered and they hadn't agreed to the choices, I buckled and offered--frozen waffles.  All three wanted them.
First born grandson: “Grandma, you did a good job on the waffles. They are very good.”
Me: “All I did was put them in the toaster. The toaster did the rest.”
FBG: “Yeh, but you knew when to take them out.” (There's a deeper meaning here that I will contemplate.)
See, that wasn’t so painful was it?
The Smurf Movie? It was cute. I finally found out why there is only one girl Smurf.  Do you know why?


  1. I do love the things kids say. And my girls love frozen waffles!

    I'm going to take them to see The Smurfs sometime this week.

    Hope all is well, JW!

  2. Oh, it sounds like you had a delightful time. Kids do say the darndest things. Okay, I don't have little ones to take as cover to see The Smufs so tell why is there only one girl Smurf?

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  3. Waffles sound good to me! Kids do say the cutest things! I hope you'll tell us why there is only one girl because I'm quite sure I'll never watch The Smurfs. :D

  4. Hhaahhaa.. that was really cute.. Kids do sound amazing sometimes.. specially when they say something quite unexpected from them. BTW smurfs sound cool... I got it confused as a sequel to surfs up. haha.. such a dumbo im...

    Love Naqvee

  5. I do love being around kids, they make you think. "I'm still little," that was priceless. :)

    When do you learn the exact time for taking the waffle out?
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Ok, I hope I get this right. I try to be an expert in everything you know. :)

    Gargamel is the Smurfs enemy. He is out to get their essence in this movie. I think there is power in it or maybe he just likes the color blue. Anyhoo, at some point Smurfette was created by Gargamel to lure the Smurfs to him. Uh huh. He needed female help. Papa Smurf (I think) broke the spell over her and invited Smurfette to be one of their community. There you have it.

  7. Oh, sounds like a great time! I probably would have opted for Planet of the Apes given the choice, too, though it seems to me Neil Patrick Harris should have made Smurfs at least fun.

  8. I believe Grandpa Smurf made her, didn't he?

  9. Alex, I could have sworn "they" said Garagmel made her, but what do I know? I need to know.

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  11. I love the way the little one didnt know if he had grown up until he rolled over and looked at his big brother. That is the cutest!!!

    You sound like a fun Grandparent I bet they love their time with you so much.



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