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Has this ever happened to you? Well, I advise that you don’t…let it happen.

Let’s just say that you return a movie, but you really didn’t, but you thought you did.  
Something will happen.

1.      You’ll wait and wait for it to show on your account as returned.

2.      Then weeks and weeks  two weeks will pass before you get a mysterious white envelope in the mail with no return address.

3.      You WILL open it, because it could be from George Clooney.

4.      But instead, you open it to find one of YOUR movies instead of the one “they”  lent you.

5.      You realize THEY are picky about which movie they get in return.

6.      Then you find out YOU have to return their movie on your own dime and envelope.

7.      You find no mercy, not online nor in the white envelope.

And don’t be asking me why a half way grown woman would own the movie The Goonies. There’s a lot you don’t know about me.  Trust me, you’re safer that way.

Now… I have some questions.

1.      Why the white envelope and not a red one?

2.      Why was there no return address on the outside?

3.      Why was there no one that I can talk to or email directly?

4.      Why do I have 8 movies in my “Saved DVD” list (queue) that NF can’t send me because date available is unknown?

5.      Why did NF allow me to choose those movies in the first place thereby getting my hopes up, IF, I will never be able to view them?

It was all a bit traumatic, but I’m ok now, except, I thought the white envelope might be an invitation from GC. That was a little bit disappointing, but I’m ok now.

I'm OK...now.


  1. Hi Teresa .. gosh you live a fun life after you've done your mowing! I'd rather get a white envelope through the door! The internet does not necessarily make life easy for anyone .. especially if they're people .. are you a person - ah! no .. you're a half grown woman, but cancelled the half-way!!

    Life can be a muddle and a pain .. but fun .. cheers .. I'm sure the invite from GC is around here somewhere ... but you're OK with that? ....... Hilary

  2. NF intercepted the invite because you sent the Goonies!

    I love that movie!!!

    May your movies and your invitation arrive soon.

  3. I think I got your invitation by mistake, I'll forward it as soon as I get the white envelope. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. I'm so laughing. What a funny story. I can see this happening. Maybe GC is waiting for The Goonies.

  5. Oh, we are too much alike. Not the waiting for Georgia Clooney. I wait for Sam Elliott. This is one reason I've never tried NF. Thanks for the laugh.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

  6. So far, I've never sent them one of my own movies! Seems cruel not to send you a red envelope. They should just be grateful you sent them something!

  7. I'm laughing out loud. The worst part of this whole thing is NF having gotten your hopes up about hearing from George. It seems like you should receive some sort of compensation for that mental anguish.

  8. lol- that' something I would do too. Why don't they have those talking envelopes like in Harry Potter that chew you out? Great blog! New follower here:)

  9. lol! i haven't seen that movie.
    sounds so funny!

  10. Two words...Red Box! We use it all the time and it's only a $1 per movie.

  11. I've been afraid that I might do this one day. I try to be very careful, but I can see how it might happen.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Recently I rented two DVDs from Redbox at the grocery store. I left them in the cart and drove home. Fortunately, an honest person returned them to me. Could have cost me almost $50 dollars. Thank God for honest people.

  13. Maybe they didn't like The Goonies, or thought it was a symbolic message and the answer was in the movie some place, but no one there speaks English, so they got really scared, and sent you The Mysterious White Envelope.


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