Am I a liar or not?

“Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth inside the lie.” Stephen King
If fiction is the untruth and nonfiction is the truth, but fiction has some truth to it because it exposes truths of life, then am I a liar or not? I’m really confused.
Clearly, On Writing
Clearly, two things happen to me when I’m depressed and/or oppressed, the flood gates of writing open up for me and I write (type) my fingers to the nubs OR I climb under the bedcovers and don’t—write.
It’s the former, mostly.  Writing thus far includes:
  • Still editing my newest short story collection.
  • Wrote another short. Strange cookie, that one. And…
  • Here’s an interesting thing. I pulled an idea for an MG book that I sort of outlined a few years back, and it’s also pour-eth forth.
Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for my baby son (who will be 37 on July 4) who had a stroke. He’s still hanging in there.  He’s home. We were first told that he would have to wait on therapy because the place he’s going to is a popular program and sought after and full. I AM NOT GOOD AT WAITING. But God has his hands in our situation, and my son will start OT and PT next week. Three days a week. Three hours per day. Intense. Again I ask (if you're a praying person) for your prayers again that he will stay with it and not give up.
Millie, The Challenge
Millie is my challenge in life. A recent vet visit revealed that she is more dog than I can handle at a whopping 7.9 pounds—up from 3.9 pounds on her first visit.
Lately, and I find this interesting, photos of Millie show her with green glowing eyes. This could be the proof I've needed that she is possessed by a green eyed demon.


Millie Vanilli hates her collar. Its pink diamond existence puts her into an upright coma state. Millie, are you in there? Come out of it, it’s only a strap of (pretend) leather with (fake) diamonds around your neck. I wore one similar in the seventies called a choker. Notice the absence of the green glowing eyes?)

Millie loves her bed, but chooses not to stay in it 24/7 like I would like her to or I would do, if everyone would let me.

Millie hates her collar. It makes her—sad.

Millie prefers her bed over her collar and invites you to scratch her (hot pink) belly so that she can bite you, without giving chase.

Millie found the bean bag in the kid’s playroom. She’s wonders if it would make a better bed than the other four she already owns.

  • Is scared of grass.
  • Doesn’t let her short legs stop her from climbing in the dishwasher and licking the dirty dishes.
  • Is deaf—to my hollerin’.
  • Can do three tricks: Sit, shake your hand with her paw and (with great regret) stay. (I can do two tricks: scream loudly and run sort of quickly.)
Sorry that this post looks weird, but I redid it three times tonight and nothing helped. 

Also, I’ve neglected visiting your blogs, lately and will do better soon. Anything new with you all?


  1. So glad to hear your son will be getting PT earlier than expected. Keeping y'all in my prayers. Gotta' love that Millie. She is adorable.

  2. God worked miracles to get your son into PT so quickly. Will continue to pray for him.
    Millie does look like a handful. Not going near that belly.

  3. Such good news about your son being home. I'm a strong believer in physical therapy, so I know he'll do well with it.

    I'd think of Millie as your spirit guide. She's got all the right ideas and is simply showing you the way. Look in the mirror to see if you catch a glint of green in your eyes. :-)

  4. I'm so happy to hear that your son is home. That will do sooooo much for his mental state rather than being in a hospital! Good luck with his PT. It'll be slow at first but I bet he'll be kicking it after the first week or so!

    Millie is just SO CUTE!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!! Silly little muppet!

  5. Glad he got in PT fast and a little lying is fine by the cat haha Millie looks to be a handful indeed, the demon has to have some fun.

  6. Little Millie is a cuties, green devil eyes and all! I've been trying to cope with too many cats in the house. I only really wanted one and how I ended up with all these, I don't know. Yikes! Will keep your son on my prayer list. Hope all goes well with his therapy.

  7. Hi Teresa .. that's good news re your son considering the circumstances and I too sincerely hope he'll stick with the programme - and by doing so help his dear ones.

    Millie looks adorable - is the bean bag safe .. looks like damage could be done and beans tumble out ... but the devlish green eyes of a beguiling pink-tummied dog .. and she's grown!

    So pleased you're spurred on to writing .. and glad the news is hopeful ... all the best and hugs - Hilary

  8. Glad your son will start therapy soon. Will pray that he receives a hefty dose of stubborn persistence before he begins.

    Love reading about Millie and seeing photos. Have heard two very sad doggie stories from friends this week, so Millie is a great relief.

  9. I will write you and your son on my prayer list. And Millie is adorable.

  10. Poor Millie! Such a hard life with a pink collar :P
    Glad your son is getting started on PT/OT - it's so important to get going early and often!! I'll keep sending best wishes his way!

  11. Love your little dog. She is so cute and cuddly and I would love to cuddle with her. I am praying for your son. My mother has had a number of strokes and as a result has lost her speech. I hope he has a complete and full recovery.

  12. I can understand your feeling about your son's progress. I'd be wanting a faster recovery time as well, but it something that does take time. I'm glad he's in a good recovery program.

    It's good that you are working on your writing. Someday I really must do the same.

    Tossing It Out

  13. Glad to hear your son is recovering. I know it takes time, but he'll get there. Your puppy is adorable!

  14. I'm really sorry to hear about your son. I'm one year older than he is and I feel I haven't really started to live yet and so I feel so bad. I hope he gets better quickly. Your dog is cute, I'm sorry she's hard to handle.

  15. I just left a comment which Blogger ate. Grrrr. I've been away from blogging for a while. Your life has been very full in the last months. Sending prayers for your son and for you during this recovery period. The puppy is unbelievably cute! Which, it sounds like, is barely enough to keep her in your good graces. Great story material, though. Which is worth almost everything to a writer. Right? :-)

  16. i am so sorry about your son---i will be in prayer for him and you <3

  17. Glad to hear the good news about your son! Millis is adorable. Cute as a button! And I love that Stephen King quote. Have a great weekend :-)


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