I Quit!

As if I could--quit writing that is. Lately I’ve seen, on the net, writers struggling, saying  they’re not sure if they want to continue writing, or wonder if there is another word in them to write.

They're discouraged. 
I’ve been writing since the sixth grade (I wrote plays). I didn’t know until I became an adult that I had to write or experience a brain explosion. If I didn’t write, the voices in my head would surely clog the output of my brain—like a type of constipation. So that makes writing a laxative. Right?
As a young adult, I spent years sending my work out to magazines with only a  few acceptances. However, I  did receive lots of encouraging handwritten notes on rejection slips. Writing for fame and/or money will more than likely never be a reality for me, but really who wants the fame of J.K. Rowling or Stephen King? Okay, I'd try it for a week and then give it back.

I've accepted that I may never see my writing traditionally published or have a reader following, but I will never stop writing. I can't because...what if?
For the moment my mission, should I decide to accept it, (AND I DO) is that I will:
  1. Self-pub a short story compilation. (Done) Another is in the works. Even though only a handful of people have bought it, I love my A-Z  story collection. 
  2. Start a blog and post on it. (Done and ongoing)
  3. Hook up with other writers and learn the biz  from them. (In progress through blogging)
  4. Establish a name, (may never happen, but I will try), by
    1. Entering contests.
    2. Self-publishing my work.
  5. Continue to submit to magazines. (Ongoing)
  6. Establish a backlog of fiction so that when I do become desirable, I will have other things for readers to read. (Ongoing)
If you're thinking of giving up anything that is your passion--don't. Giving up is surrendering and you shouldn’t do that until you’re dead. Even then, you’ll probably be discovered, and the world will wish you were still alive to create more good reading (or art, or whatever). They'll want to make a new movie, something fresh, and will find one of your manuscripts. Seriously, THIS IS my luck.

Authors discovered later in life.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder - and we know how that ended. Right? It hasn’t she’s still popular today.
  • Bram Stoker – a blood sucker he was and probably more famous today than then. Nearly everyone has heard of the book Dracula.
  • William S. Burroughs
  • Frank McCourt – I like this quote by him, "Keep scribbling! Something will happen." He won a Pulitzer.
The list of writers that were published after the age of 40 is longer than this, but you get my point. If writing (or painting, sculpting, etc.) is important to you, then keep doing your craft until something happens.

Be encouraged by these links: .
Jody Hedlund wrote Encouragement for Writers Who don’t Know If you should Keep Going  

Stories of Writers who were Late Bloomers
When you want to quit Writing

Terribleminds.com writes 25 Reasons You Should Quit Writing Warning: They may be some language within, even the f-word, so be prepared, but some of it is actually funny and most of it spoke to me.
The song that is playing in my mind as I write this is Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

"Keep scribbling! Something will happen."


  1. Hi Teresa ..glad you're not deserting us ... and keep scribbling something will happen - so true ... and we look at life differently ... my brain has had an explosion since blogging ... I do look at life with new eyes! Think differently and just keep on learning ... have a great week and thanks for the links - cheers Hilary

  2. SO glad you are not giving up your passion. You're gifted and we would miss you way too much!!!

  3. Keep plugging away Teresa!! I can't quit crafting, although I am crippled by fear of rejection and that keeps me from approaching stores/shops with my work, and also keeps me in a state of anxiety at craft shows. i hate doing them. Truly I just wanna be left alone to make stuff and have someone else do all the legwork.

  4. I've seen many, bloggers too, who have quit over the years. But one can't get discouraged. We have to press on.

  5. I'm so glad you're still going, Teresa! I think we all have really frustrating days where we wonder if it's all worth it. You're doing a great job by listing what you've *accomplished* so far...I think that's one of the most motivating things is to see how far we've come.

  6. I will keep in mind Frank McCourt's quotes and thanks for that...

  7. I don't want to quit writing itself but I often debate why I blog and tweet and such.. and whether the ways I promote is worth the trouble. Great post.

  8. You're laying the ground work, that's for sure!
    Don't give up the dream of being traditionally published.

  9. Great post, Teresa. I love that there are so many paths and choices these days. Hope you achieve all your goals!

  10. I admit, there are times when it does cross my mind. But I'm not sure I can actually stop forever. I might give it a rest and just come back to it at best. Right now, I don't see myself quitting.

  11. If writing is a laxative does that mean I'm producing a bunch of s---er, excrement? Not sure I like the analogy, but I know what you're saying.

    You're doing the right things to reach your goals I think. Can't give up. Just like that Little Engine that Could.

    Tossing It Out

  12. I do hope you can achieve all your goals! Great post.

  13. Very encouraging! Thanks. And you totally got this!

    Sarah Allen
    (Writing Blog)

  14. We have to keep trying. Death should be the only thing that stops us.

  15. A great reminder to keep on writing just because I enjoy it. :) Thanks!

  16. I'm glad to see that you're hanging in there!

    I enjoy my writing process the most when I'm just staying in the present, as opposed to thinking about the end result.

  17. "So that makes writing a laxative." I nearly spit my drink all over the keyboard and my screen. This is such a good post. I've always heard that if you can stop writing, that's exactly what you should do. For me, it's the only way to get the voices out of my head - so there's room for new ones to take their places.

  18. You know, it only takes one yes to throw that door wide open, and as long as you persist, it will happen. I'm right there with you. My first novella was complete at the grand old age of 11, but publication didn't happen until 2013. (After penning out about 8 full novels.) Keep at it!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  19. Great post! I had a few set backs last month with writing and wanted to give up (for a few minutes :)). But I can't. I love writing so much. You have a great perspective here--thanks!

  20. i too have been writing since about 6th grade-- i don't think i have the real passion for it anymore-- i definitely don't have the desire to seek publication-- too much work-- but hope you keep on keeping on-- always enjoy your posts-- i think your posts that followed your teenage years in the a to z challenge would make a great book :)

  21. "Keep scribbling and something will happen." I like that! Just keep writing!

  22. I am a reader not a writer - but urge you and all of the other writers (and I believe it is an integral part of you) to keep going. Please. Pretty please.

  23. I've enjoyed writing since... forever (childhood) and I think it will always be a part of my life. I've tried to stop blogging, but I can't seem to pull the plug on it altogether! ;) There's a writer in me somewhere, even if it's just for my own personal growth and enjoyment. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  24. Keep scribbling, something will happen. Love it. I love your plan. I wish you well! And lovely to connect again.

  25. Awesome post! It's true. We must never give up. I've been writing since I knew how to print and I'll be writing until I die. Even if I never become the next Stephen King, I'll carry on, because that's what I love. :)

  26. The thing I've noticed is that those who CAN quit writing usually do. They're the type who jump from hobby to hobby. Writing is so difficult, those of us who stick with it usually do because we can't NOT write. The rest move on to painting or photography or stamping or whatever the next fun thing is...and that's all perfectly fine. It makes them happy so go with it. But to really make it as a writer, it has to really be a part of you. (Although I have known a few published authors who did it for a while, released books with major publishers, and just moved on once they were bored with it. UGH.)

  27. Lots of great quotes here! My favorite is, "So that makes writing a laxative!" Keep scribbling, and don't give up Teresa! Terrific post!


  28. You know you can't stop. It is part of you. Write what you love and write what you know. Every step in your writing moves you forward so play and learn in other avenues as you discussed. But you will succeed. I know this!
    Bless you girl!

  29. A few days ago, I had my young hero, Victor Standish, give 11 reasons why you should quit writing. He (and I) wrote fully tongue in cheek.

    It is easy to get discouraged with our writing. But if we quit, we will never know, will we? Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It means a lot. I was a counselor myself or a time. :-)

  30. I have days that I think I can write and many more in which I know I cannot write. But I write. Maybe one day someone will say, She wrote, as they read my scribbles. But the doing is the most important.

    Wonderful post!


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