About Me and this blog

     If you're wondering what this blog is all about, it is a blog where I write whatever inspires me. I may write about writing or random stuff. Mostly random.
     Posting schedule intended is on Sunday (for spiritual type messages) and on Monday about...anything. On the first Wednesday of each month you might also find me participating in the Insecure Writers Support Group.
     So who the heck am I?
     I am a Christian who loves God and loves discovering my relationship with Him. I am a mother of a grown son and daughter. I am the daughter of  my mom and dad who have been a great example for me. I am a sister to a younger brother and sister.  I am a mother-in-law and a grandmother to four. Those are my most important roles in life.
     In March, 2017 my dad died at 81 years old. I'm so blessed to have known him for so long, but he left a hole in our family.
     I work as a School Based Social Worker and the homeless youth liaison. Other jobs I've worked throughout my life are Newspaper Proofreader, Database Tech (I'm a total nerd), Secretary, and Bank Teller. I've learned so much in each job. So much.
     I am a writer at night and early mornings, but not published (for compensation) since the 1980s, when I had a few children's read-a-loud stories appear in a Missouri magazine. I have one self-published (small) collection of short stories (mostly weird) call Grim Tales from the Ruralhood. I write each day, mostly short stories and am working on finishing said scribblings so to submit them somewhere. I have a couple of novel length ideas outlined and I'm working on one. Writing short stories is more comfortable for me, but I'm trying to write longer.
     T. Powell Coltrin Writes @Journaling Woman is only one of my blogs. I also write at The Ruralhood. There I chronicle mostly things that are rural because rural stuff has been and still is a huge part of my life. 
     Thanks for stopping by to get to know me better. Click on the About Millie tab to check out who is white and furry and lives with me.


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