How Do I Love Thee. . . .

Once upon a time there were two couples both of solid pioneer stock. Both sets were survivors and ready to make their mark on the world.

Grandparents Maternal/Grandparents Paternal

They had children

(collectively -many children)

But, Journaling Woman, Electronics Man and Shepherdess Woman are only concerned with two of those children.

They met each other.

They hugged each other (obviously).

They fell in love. JW would call them lovebirds, but can't entertain that idea.

Angel Mom, a dark exotic beauty, and Artsy Dad, right up there with James Dean, decide to marry. Whew -JW, EM and SW are glad.

The 1950's

They marry.

They begat their first child.

(Don't worry Electronics Man and Shepherdess Woman you all come later, just enjoy that first child, will you?)

Look at those folks, they are so gorgeous that they should have been in pictures.

Then there were three.

Here they are- the next begats -beautiful brilliant children (JW has to keep the peace). Baby girl trying to stand and little boy proud of his squash.

The 1960's

The 1970's

The 1980's

Grandparent time!

Can it be that they are getting even better looking?

The 1990's

What lovely people they are, Artsy Dad and Angel Mom.

Trust me! What do you have to lose?

The 2000's

Not the whole century, just one day.

Here we are -the group! The family. The lovebirds, still as beautiful as ever. Thanks folks for being incredible, loving and supportive parents. You are both wonderful people. Your three begets count their blessings for having parents as special as you. We all love you very much, especially Journaling Woman. Ok we ALL love you equally. YOU ARE THE BEST!



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