Random Monday Thoughts

Is it just me or are decisions hard to make? I want to change jobs and profession. I am and always will be a technology geek, but I think I want to use my degree. I know I'm not too old ... am I? But, making this decision in this station in life is difficult. What if I get a new position and then hate it? What if they don't like me and let me go? What if I never get an interview? (What if George Clooney asked me to be his valentine? ummm - sorry) So I am praying and searching and we will see.

On a lighter note:
I got this catalog in the mail . . . that would be the old fashion postal mail. (Did I tell you that Angel Mom was a postmaster for 30 years? But then I digress -again.) It's a very pretty catalog with all kinds of tempting merchandise to purchase AND AND I am Pre-Approved. I love approval and then to be Pre-approved. Does that mean I am gaining popularity? Wow.
it may be my last catalog,
even though I don't remember seeing it for the first time. They even sound as if they are a bit miffed at me. Maybe I hurt their feelings somehow, someway . . . I didn't mean to. I'm just saying. . . .

Talk to you soon.

Caution: Approval may lead to finality.


  1. It looks like an ultimatum to me....buy or else! Don't be pressured, it's only a sales gimmick.
    Hope I don't sound too cynical, but these days it's all sell..sell...sell

  2. :) - I just try to ignore it all. But sometimes it just - funny. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. My motto is that you are never too old, this will keep your spirit young.

    This is funny. I order from this catalog frequently and received the same notice. I'm like what...how many $$$$ have I spent. I agree, GIMMICK.

    I know birds gotta' fly and new baby smell will fade away. This babe is the grand finale of the eight grandchildren I have been blessed with so this chick is hanging onto every moment. Probably a good thing he is 90mi. away.

    Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment. You have yourself a blessed evening!!!


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