Oh my...

{hand on forehead}
I have been under the weather and I’m still not my wonderful self yet …will post again soon…I hope…someday…if you dare to care.

Top 10 things I have learned from 4 days in bed.

1. You might just have a friend or two.
2. You have a great new boss.
3. Waiting on rural medicine (or is it all things medical) is ridiculous.
4. Lounging all day is not a dream job.
5. TV commercials seem to be 95% food.
6. Not knowing only creates more of what you don’t know.
7. Rumors about your illness may be different than the truth (small town talk).
8. When you finally slow down and find that time to write, you may not feel like writing at all.
9. Taking care of oneself should be a priority.
10.Last but first, daughters are wonderful helpers and friends.

And I may be in trouble, be sent to my room, when my Mum finds out I have been sick and didn’t tell her. I’m just saying…


  1. it was a long time since i haven't been any chances to read ur posts i am so sorry for this but i don't exactly know what the problem is with ur health i hope u will be get better soon and i always pray for u

  2. This is great!! Thanks!! Hope you get to feeling better soon! :)

  3. Thanks to you both, Tugce and Carol, for your concerns and well wishes. I am on strong medication now and hope to return to my job tomorrow.


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