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If you like Monday morning rambling...then I am the girl for you today.

Snow anyone? Free. I will ship it to you in plastic bags. Postage paid. Is that legal? The episode in the picture thankfully has ended. But just about every day this past week we had flurries. Last night I heard on the news that the flurries had turned to blizzard like conditions and there were slip offs -the road.

"Spring, can you hear me? Please call if you hear me. ok?"


Love- is a deep subject, don't you agree? Millions of dollars are spent every year capitalizing on love. You don't have to be a Romeo or a Juliet to appreciate love. So here are my thoughts on love that won't cost you a thing:

1. Love the one you are with. That greener grass will also fade and die.
2. Respect the ones you love. The people you love need respect. That means you don't ridicule them, their job, their hobbies, or their looks. And -speak to those loved ones with kindness.
3. Remember YOUR happiness should not be attached to loving someone. Not a child. Not a friend. Not a spouse. Do you see where I am going with this? Happiness is inside you - not attached to someone!
4. If you compliment your coworkers, compliment your family. You love them don't you? Johnny, what a good job you did taking out the trash for mom. Honey, you look good in that blouse. See how easy that is? Criticism can kill love.
5. Laugh with (not at) your loved ones. We laugh so much in my family. In fact, sometimes we laugh so much it makes our stomachs hurt (my sister says). Of course, we all think we are comedians and are planning to go on the road with our act...soon.

On Writing

I get so much good advice and direction from the writers I know in Blogland. This week, I realized that I overuse some words. I get in a habit.

Words that I probably used way too much last week:

1. Wigging or Wigged: Are you wigging out on me? She wigged about it. (Not suppose to use it that way? huh)
2. No, Nope, No way: Will you do xyz like yesterday? Me- No way, Will you do it today? Me-Nope, Can you do xyz next week? Me- No. I used "no" too much last week at work. Maybe they won't fire me if I promise not to say no this week.

Just like we may overuse words or phrases in conversation, we can also do that in our writing. And we may not realize it while we are writing. That's why putting aside your writing for a period of time will be helpful. Devon at Ink in my coffee told me that she rarely edits her writing until the first draft is done. It would be a distraction for her (my words). She puts it "away for 2 weeks to 2 months". When writing, I don't see the repeated words or phrases until I step away for a while. Good advice.

In My DVD Player

I am not a good review writer. So, I will leave that to the bloggers that have a talent for this, but I will tell you what I watched this weekend, The Secret Lives of Bees. It was based on a best selling novel by Sue Monk Kidd- same name. I haven't read the book.

The movie is set in the south in the 1960's. There is tension, of course, between white people and the African American people. The tension was not as harsh as I have seen in other movies, though. A white teenage girl gets tired of her abusive father and takes their cook (Jennifer Hudson) on a journey to find herself and to learn about her dead mom (of whom she killed when she was four) in the midst of a family of African American sisters...oh who are beekeepers.

I liked the movie. I think it is worth watching, but I didn't come away saying -Wow. But, I thought it was a good story. Here's what I didn't like. I thought they could have left out the little girl's story and concentrated more on the sisters. They were more interesting. Second, I think Alecia Keys needs to stick to singing. I didn't like her acting. I love her singing. Another problem I had was how the town let the sister family do their own thing without - you know much tension. Would that have been true to life then? So...

I liked the movie- ok. I bet the book was better.

Noteworthy quote for the week: "Who, being loved, is poor?" ~Oscar Wilde

Noteworthy scripture for the week: "And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight." Philippians 1:9 (NIV)

Your question for today: Do you have a phrase or a word that you overuse? Or...or one that is used by someone else that drives you bonkers? AND no fair using me as example...or I will wig out.

Source of quote: Quote Garden


  1. 'Feel' is the word I over use. I am trying to edit that one out of my writing vocab.

  2. Oh yes, I know it for sure--and I have lovely critique partners who point it out!

  3. My characters 'sigh' a lot. :) And I use the word 'just' a lot. I just keep them in there during the first draft, knowing I'll go back later and take them all out!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Thanks for the link love!

    I overuse different phrases in different pieces. I catch some of them in revisions, but it's usually up to my crit partners to catch me out in my bad habits!

  5. Yes I use many words over and over. Love your post! I really love your point on loving yourself. Also, on the writing point of editing-- I am trying to finish my first draft but I keep re-reading and editing. I know bad habit.

  6. I know nothing of writing, although, I have dreamed.

    I truly admire the authors who blend their words like a fine recipe, beginning with simple ingredients and producing an awesome literary cake for us all to enjoy.

    I dislike the use of "you know what I mean" inserted every few words in a conversation. I am not a simpleton who needs to be reminded to process a conversation.

    Your ramblings were quite enjoyable. I must say, I have never read a post of yours that was not. Keep up the good work. You make me think and I like that.

  7. Hi Teresa .. you are right .. I know I over use some words and must change - probably in my comments. It does get me .. the same old things from people - not often from bloggers here and those I frequent.

    It's the same as posting I guess - keep your audience in mind .. there goes one of mine (I guess) ..

    The Secret Lives of Bees - I read a review here in my blogging world and the book was considered very interesting and good .. sorry not exactly wordsmithed properly .. ie my mind is not 100% .. I'll get there .. and that probably isn't a proper word - oh well!!

    Good to read your ramblings ..

  8. I have a Spring award for you at my blog.

  9. I read, "The Secret Life of Bees" and thought it was just ok. I haven't seen the movie.

    Are you kidding me! I use the same words/phrases all the time! Let see: seriously, ok, too funny, way cute, I know...ect. But you know what??? I think it helps people to hear your voice. Just my opinion :-)

  10. BTW, if you get a chance, can you check my blog and see if the blue background is loading? Thanks!

  11. Love your ramblings. There are so many words that I use too much to mention. Have a great day.

  12. Actually, when speaking I'm bad about adding the word, "everything" to the end. My sister as well...we both had this told to us (Ha). Like, "I went shopping for groceries and everything". They want to know why I add this? Who knows! Ha. Now I find it almost debilitates me from speaking because I'm paranoid now about its use (Ha).
    I speak using my hands a sister as well. We are related you know! Ha. If someone tied our hands I wonder if we would utter another word.
    Can you hear the crickets??


  13. You have the MOST amazing blog!
    How fun!!!!

    In every one of my first three books, there's been a "pet" phrase. I LOVE Dawn, my editor, who chuckles WITH me at noting, "Hey, Sally sobbed 68 times" in the book. She has some way to track word usage, I guess.
    Lots of trembles in Book 3!!!

    My point (you were wondering, I know)!! Any phrase becomes yucky with overuse! Even love??!!!!

  14. I tend to use the word "just" too much. I just love using it. It just makes my point so much better. But sometimes, it's just too much.

  15. I liked your ramblings, particularly the love advice. Like some of the other commenters, I tend to use “just’ way too often. Somehow my mind doesn’t recognize the fact that I have typed the word an excessive number of times on one page. Thank goodness for my critique group. I also use that trick of putting the manuscript aside for as long as possible before starting the edits. It does work wonders.

  16. Tabitha, We all have them. I guess we would be robotic if we didn't speak that way.

    Terri, Yes!

    Elizabeth, It's a wonder my characters don't sigh a lot, since I am a sigher.

    Devon, NO problem, I love your blog.

    Christine, I am still working on self love. It might help if I took the mirrors out of my house.

    Gail, You are way to good to me. Thanks.

    Hilary, Now that I've written this post, I am watching what I say and it's funny and annoying.

    Carol, Thanks, I'll be right over.

    CM, Really? the book not that good? Yes, I agree our voice is heard in our repetitious words.

    Mason, Thanks. I ramble a lot.

    Angie, I talk with my hands, but my mom is the worst at that. We have to duck sometimes.

    Patti, Seriously, I was following your point all along...should I be worried. :)

    Cindy, You're "just" funny.

    Jane, I've decided I need a critique group. Think I will ask for one for my birthday.

  17. Teresa, I know someone who when they question someone always inserts "tell the truth now". I've heard a lot of people say "like" and "you know what I mean". I don't like the word "that" in my writing. I was taught to say "that" preceding using someone's thought if I am not making a direct quote. I want a better way to do this.

    I like your ramblings. They are thought provoking.

  18. Thank you, Judy, my ramblings are a part of my gray matter. I say "that" far too much. I also say, "you know what I mean" too. Gee, I need to record myself and listen. It's probably worse than I think.

  19. I practise too many errors to list here. Great advice to put some distance between the initial work and the editing part.

  20. Absolutely.

    I'm tired of hearing other people use "awesome." It's been overused since the '80s.

    I am trying to eliminate from my vocabulary "perfect" and "should." They are dirty words!@!

    Thanks for the excellent reflections on how to show love.

  21. I'm sure I overuse a lot of words and phrases. But one that I hear a lot and question constantly is "it's all good"....huhhhhh? They say this after they've had at the very least an expression of dislike, so obviously it's not all good.

  22. My characters must struggle with digestive issues because their stomachs are always upset.


  23. I get the overuse of words. I do it too.

  24. Teresa....a confession....I have never been in the snow... I've seen it on mountain tops in my travels, but never actually walked on its crunchiness, felt its soft flakes on my face, fallen on its iciness.(It's on my bucket list) X

    If I said I thought your post was FANTASTIC...(the overuse of this word drives me up the wall even pains me to write it) you'd know it wasn't me. Suffice will be to say... Great post ...x

  25. Teresa,there are many words that I usually use. e.g. divine! or inspiring! or love.
    I love this post!.
    Betty xx


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