I have some things to tell you...

I am taking a break from posting. Life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging.

I must transfer files to my new laptop. You don't have to work in an IT dept. to know this will be intense.

I must get wireless going.

I must not lose my mind.

I must finish a home project or 10.

I must clean my house. It looks like I live with an army of people which in my mind seems romantic as long as they weren't demanding of me and were clean oh and were men.

I am off to a meeting next week on Tuesday.

Then I am off to a conference later that week. I will be with other technology geeks in a land far far away-maybe in another galaxy. It should be fun and interesting. Hopefully, I will see Spock.

Wish me Happy Birthday now, because I will be there (Geekland) on my birthday - March 18. I would tell you I'm 29 again, but then my son would challenge me reminding me of his age 32 and my age 29 and how that doesn't jive. Anyone want to adopt a son?

I will come visiting your blog in the meantime. Please have coffee and cheesecake ready for me.

I have one more thing to tell you, maybe two. A couple of weeks maybe a month ago I started another blog- a blog I have wanted to start for a long time-even before Journaling Woman. I felt like I was cheating on you by not telling you. And I am not telling you this to burden you with another blog to read. The new blog is something I needed to do. Read it if it interests you. Don't if it doesn't. But, I wanted you to know since you all are now my new BFF's. I want you to know all my secrets. Not really. There isn't much to it yet, but check it out-in your free time: http://theruralhood.blogspot.com/

One last thing, I really really really want a Boxer puppy.

Talk to you soon. Maybe even here if you comment.



Mason Canyon said…
Happy Birthday and we will say you're only 35 with an adopted son. :) Hope you have a wonderful birthday and it brings you laughter and fun.

Sounds as though you've got a busy time planned. Enjoy. And I'm dropping over to check out your other blog. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Mason. As you can see I am treating myself to staying up late tonight. We have a break from work(school district).
What just when I discover your blog, you go away? What's going on here? You're the second one today. Is it my breath? Something I said?
Arlee Bird said…
You have a life besides blogging? Well, I really need to find one of those as well. Hmmm- no break for me yet, but I've thought about it.

Happy Birthday and don't be gone too long.
White Dove said…
Well Teresa....it doesn't surprise me that it has come to this.....We all need a break sometime, and you've been heralding this for some little time, perhaps unknowingly. Things build up...get on top of us...and all seems lost. But of course it's not. We just need a recharge...and that's what you'll be having whilst away. Don't feel bad about it...we'll be there when you get back full of wim, wigour and witality ready to tackle us head on. Enjoy...and have a great Birthday ! x
Happy Birthday and good luck getting everything done! I'm probably going to have to do something similar soon, myself!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Happy Birthday! And may you always be 29 at heart! Go ahead, the boxer pup is awaiting your loving arms.
Christine Danek said…
You are a busy lady. Have fun on your birthday!
Happy Birthday! And you're in luck, my best friend makes the best cheesecake. I'll have her whip something fantastic up for your return! ;)

Best with all you've got going. Take care, and we'll be here when you get back.
Ann Elle Altman said…
You had me at... that lovely boxer pic! I have a boxer of my own and I just love them. Hope you get all you need to get, done.
Joanne said…
Enjoy catching up with your life, and many happy birthday wishes to you!
♥ Braja said…
how timely you asked for coffee and cheesecake.....you have to see my post to believe it...
Hi Teresa .. as long as you're around that's fine .. we need you journaling or rural hooding .. sounds fun .. I'll be over shortly.

Happy Birthday in a week - hope it's a great day and you're not working too hard ..

Your son sounds good .. it's only a small age difference after all??!!

Enjoy life and see you around .. Bye .. have a great weekend - pack well - & don't forget anything .. hugs for your journey .. Hilary
JeMA said…
Happy Birthday! I really hope you see Spock, my husband would be jealous.
Carol Kilgore said…
You're going to be busier than if you were blogging. Enjoy the break.
Mattenylou said…
Have the best birthday ever! I know life gets in the way once in a while, but we'll be here when you get back...

Take care!
Hey! That's my dad's birthday, too.

But you're much, much, much younger than he is. :-)

Happy early birthday!
Gail said…
That is a lot of want tos, have tos, and going tos!

I wish you were closer, ICARE rescued seven full blooded boxers ranging from six months to six years!

Have fun in geekdom.

Hurry back.
patti said…
Oh, I will TOTALLY miss you.
Hey, I have wanted a boxer since I was a girl and one lived next door to my grandmother. So get two from the litter, okay?

Have a blessed birthday (mine's the 30th) and hope to talk to you soon!!!

CM said…
No! Don't go!!! But if you must, I totally understand. I've been MIA the past couple of weeks too with being laptop-less and on vacation and such.

Don't be gone long!
Anonymous said…
I have coffee and cheesecake at the ready!


I am willing to share sloppy drooling kisses from my boxer with you.

Why? Because you are my online mentor and I love you.

Thats why!

Enjoy your B day.

Deb Shucka said…
I just found you and you're going away! Happy birthday. Maybe you'll be that boxer puppy for your birthday.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy the break and be back soon dear. And Happy birthday. I wish you a great new age.
Betty Manousos said…
Enjoy the time off and see you when you get back.
We will be here.
Take care of you!
Betty xx
Devon Ellington said…
Happy Birthday, and have fun at the conference and on your time off!

Boxer puppies are adorable! Boxers, in general, are great dogs.
patti said…
Missing you!
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your blogging break. Breaks are also an occasional necessity for me and I do think they help to refresh my mind. In the meantime, I plan to visit your other blog.
Unknown said…
Teresa, I saw a button once that read "18 with 20 years experience", so I just keep gaining "experience" not age. :-)
Anonymous said…
I've got coffee and cheesecake! Hop on over! ;) And, let me just wish you a very happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating surrounded by loved ones and being filled with oodles of good memories.

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