I've learned...

People often wonder what they have learned from life. I wonder-what have I missed?

This week I will share with you what I have learned from the most fantastic season in life-being the grandparent.

Get your popcorn. Sit down. Relax.

1. I have learned you really can get down on the floor and play. Your knees still bend and drop. And the grandbabies? Well...they will do their best to help you up again - should you struggle. Not that I do...much.

2. I have learned that today's grandparent looks nothing like the grandparent of my childhood. We modern GP's are quite fashionable and fetching. I am NOT delusional. Stop it!

3. I have learned you CAN buy love-from your grandchildren and their parents really can't stop you. Example of Purchase: "Five dollars? Look- five dollars. I love you, Grandma."

4. I have learned that if you think you are kissing and hugging too much, just ask. One child or two will tell you that you can kiss them and hug them all you want. I am sure this will change as said children get older.

5. I have learned that being a grandparent is like going to a theme park-more fun than you handle in one day.

6. I have learned that sometimes you get lost in the blue eyes of your grandchild because you see your son there.

7. I have learned how much my own grandparents must have loved me, because of my (own) love for the next generation.

8. I have learned you become selfish. You want more and more and more-grandbabies. What you can't afford them? Not my problem. What you don't have time? Hey, who cares? Gimme!

9. I have learned that your own children had to listen to you when they are little-because of the threats and coercion. I mean where would they be without you? Your grandchildren, however, listen to you because they really WANT to; because they are interested in what you have to say; because YOU are you.

10. I have learned that being loved by your children is the fire lit, but being loved by your grandchildren are the flames.

Do you have a light bulb moment you would like to share?


Arlee Bird said…
Such a wonderful and true perspective of being a grandparent. I only have one so far and she's only 16 months. We don't see her very often but hopefully that will change in the future. We picked her up for the afternoon yesterday. We were excited about it all day Saturday and looked forward to it Sunday morning. That 3 1/2 hours she was here was just so special and wonderful. And I thought about baby Marley all day today and strained to remember what her mother was like at that age. I miss my kids being little, but it's kind of cool to have an adult relationship with them now and the prospect of more grandchildren in the future.
This is beautiful! I loved it! So glad I'm following your blog now.
Lee, GParenting totally rocks. I too find myself thinking about D,D, and K. When I do, warmth surges through my heart.(I hope it's not a heart attack :))

Karen, Thank you so much! I too am glad you are following this blog.
White Dove said…
All true, Teresa....all true. The delight of being a grandparent is having the time to enjoy them...when our own children were that age, we were so busy parenting (and so tired most of the time when they were so small) that time just flew by and suddenly...they were off to university in another city, grown up and ready to make their own way in the world, and it only seemed like yesterday!
WD, Time truly flies. I am very proud of my children but I would like 18 more years of the "raising". Let's see how old would that make me? Oh yep, 29 again.
Carol Murdock said…
So true Teresa! I always say:
" There is a reason they are called GRAND !!!
Dana and Daisy said…
oh my! you are so so right! And you know what? It is even true of step-grandbabies, what a ridiculous term. Who ever heard of such a thing. But they are still just bundles of love and joy. And I notice that even if my step children refused my love for them, they don't seem to mind me loving on their babies. And even if calling me mom never seemed quite right, I can still be called grandma! I love my little Payton! I bought her a dress, white with pink polka dots and fluffy tule skirting. A party dress. Because she is probably going to have lots of parties to attend. If not, then I will throw one for her! hee hee!
Mattenylou said…
What a nice post! I don't have any grandbabies yet, maybe I can find someone who'll share...
Mary Aalgaard said…
Great post on Grandmomming. It reminds me to take my time raising up these boys.
Cindy said…
I don't have grandkids yet but I do have some great-nieces and nephew who are kind of like grandkids and let my own kids off the hook for a while.
I'm really looking forward to my grandparent days (which, hopefully, will wait a while though!) I think there's something wonderful about the connection between the two generations. :)

Ann Elle Altman said…
I learned to make decisions this way: I ask myself 'When I'm on my death bed will I ever say, "I wish I'd done that?" if the answer is yes, I do it.'

I'll never say, 'boy, I wish I had done more dishes' or 'worked more.'

I'll probably wish: a) I've spent more time talking with my children and parents.


Dana & Daisy, So you know? :) They are prefect those GBs.

Mattenylou, sharing is good!!!

Mary, Enjoy the time with your little ones. I can't believe how fast it went.

Cindy, However, they will come and you can practice in the meantime.

Elizabeth, It is that connection that is so precios.

AEA, Absolutely true!
I have learned that sometimes you get lost in the blue eyes of your grandchild because you see your son there.

This is my favorite. Wonderful!
Ahh, Kat, me too. And it's real.
I love being a grandma for all the reasons you menioned. There is nothing better!
Gail said…
Wonderful..."the flames", I love that.
Beautiful! Print it out and spread the message. Life is good.
Jane- Me too. There isn't anything better.
Gail, Thank you!
Lakeviewer, -Thank you too.

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