Still on Break

I'm still breaking it- but today is my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me!

With my family in charge, I always feel special.

But, what I really want you all to know is that I can't remember one birthday when my mom did not make me a birthday cake and dinner of my choice.

My mother is kind.

My mother is giving.

My mother is helpful.

No strings attached.

Except love.

This is the woman who gave birth to me, but more than that-she is a true mom and friend.



  1. Happy Birthday, Teresa! And...what a wonderful tribute to your mom!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Happy Birthday .. yes: mothers are so special .. enjoy being treated and loved .. Hilary

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth! My mother is a jewel.

  4. Hilary, Thank you! I know how you feel about your mother too!

  5. Happy Birthday. May you have a day filled with happiness and love. Your Mom sounds very special and I think she passed some of that on to you.

  6. are a sweet and caring person, just like your Mom ...Happy Birthday x

  7. Happy Birthday, my friend! Have a great day. Your mom sounds so thoughtful, how sweet.

    BTW, I miss you and your wonderful posts!

  8. You've got a great Mom! Wishing you a whole latte birthday fun :)

  9. Happy Birthday blogger girlfriend.
    Blessings on your special day.

  10. Sweet that you honor your mother on your birthday. Have a happy one: eat something decadent, write something crazy, and have a lotta fun!

  11. Happy Birthday! I used to give my Mom a bouquet of flowers on my birthday every year, we both looked forward to my birthday!

    I miss her, but have a lot of great memories.

  12. Happy Birthday! Your mother is going to love the tribute!

  13. Have a wonderful birthday, Teresa! I wish you nothing but joy. And cake. May there always be cake.

  14. There is nothing more blessed than a giving mother. I tell mine all the time that she is a saint. She says "Uh uh", but this is one time I argue.

    Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

  15. happy birthday!

    nothing like a mom :)

  16. Respect the woman who gave birth to you. My kids better darn well respect their mother LOL! Have a great weekend.

    Stephen Tremp

  17. A wonderful way to honor your mother. Happy Birthday!


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