Tuesday's Ten

10 things I absolutely love and will not get over.

1. I have a strange love and admiration for…Buzzards. I love them in spite of their road kill breath. I think they are cool. (My dad carved these bookends for me. They are my favorites too.)

2. White blouses. I have eight. I think… that’s all I have. And every time I go shopping I look for one more. I can't help it.

3. I use and love Carmex. I started using it in 1977. It gives me that ever loving tingle.

4. I love Folgers Breakfast Blend coffee.

5. I am in love with Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction flavor of... spray, lotions, and body wash.

6. I love all creatures that cannot speak peoplese.

7. My favorite beverage – after my morning Joe- is water. I drink lots every day.

8. Gordon Lightfoot can still mellow my soul. (I realize that some of you may be too young to know his music.) Sundown you better take care, if I find you’ve been sneaking round my back door

9. I wear hoop earrings. I've worn hoops since the 70's and have worn all sizes and shapes.

10. I feel creepy if I write with anything but black ink. It began when I worked at the bank and we were required to use black ink. From that point on, it just seemed the thing to do...write with black ink. However, I can do revisions in other colors.

That's my favorite can't live without ten. Do you have something you have used forever and don't want to give up?


  1. Buzzards, now that is interesting. The bookends are pretty cool.

    I've also gotten to the point where I hardly drink sodas, but drink water instead.

    Gordon Lightfoot is good.

    I really can't think of many worldly things I can't do without, but maybe chocolate, tabasco, and thai food would rank high. And classical music.


  2. Love the bookends. Your Dad did a wonderful job. Ahh, Gordon Lightfoot. I haven't thought about him in a long time. Now that song will be in my head all day. He does have a mellow sound.

    Like your list. I don't know that I have anything that I can't live without. I'm sure in the middle of the night something will pop in my head. :) Have a great Tuesday.

  3. I like the buzzards on Bugs Bunny! The really slow one.

    And I'm a Gordon Lightfoot fan! I'm familiar with him because of my parents, and I do love his music.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. Lee, Yes buzzards are the bird of the day.

    Mason, Thank you. I think they have real character.

    Elizabeth, Oh I had forgotten about those buzzards. They are cute. Yes I said cute.

  5. I love the bookends and envy the talent that made them. I can almost see the love.

  6. Gail, thanks. I tried woodcarving once. The knife slipped and sliced my finger. Then, I decided to leave that to my dad. He's carved many things and is so good at it.

  7. Chapstick, definitely. Facewash. Jeans. Flip flops. Chai tea. Chips and dip.

    Love your list, JW! Your dad's buzzards are very endearing. :)

  8. Well, nice to meet you. When you mentioned folgers I had to stop and take a sip of coffee. One thing I need to work on is drinking more coffee though.


  9. Sweet list . . . the wood buzzards are beautiful! I'm with you on white blouses, pets, drinking water and blue ink (it's more uplifting I think). My adds: chocolate, books, trees, chai tea.

  10. Headphones -- the big giant can-like ones that fit over your ears. Can't live without them. I'll probably go deaf because of them.

    I think I'll use them right now to listen to some Gordon Lightfoot. (Love that particular song, too.)


  11. Love the bookends Teresa .. how fantastic to have something made by your Dad - and they're good. Had to look up Carmex! Pictures through my life - child's bedroom, one by my grandfather, one of the open air Minack Theatre, Cornwall - loads of black and white ones & lithographs .. African and Oxford Colleges .. and ...jeans, because I'm lazy going to Mum's bedside, Dylan, Sting & Queen, coffee and water lots (like you); friends, flowers and their scent, Lanvin's Arpege .. button earrings - not hoops! Cookery books too I guess .. + other books ..

    Oh well - way too many memories but of the SA they went, and back they came ..!! Have a good week ..

  12. Those carvings actually make buzzards look loveable.

    I counldn't live without my electric toothbrush and electric wine opener. I'm in trouble if we lose power for an extended period!

  13. Hi, Janna(waving big at you), well now I need to add some of yours to my list.

    AEA, don't these lists shine new light on those who write them?

    Welcome, Joy, Just reading that someone agrees with my white shirt love - makes me tear up. :)

    Kat, I sang that song all day- sometimes in my head and sometimes out loud.

    Hilary, I should have explained Carmex. Sorry about that. Sting and Queen - oh yeah!

    Jane, We had an ice storm a few years ago and I learned at that point that I can live without many things, but please don't take away my electricity.

    OH and PS- What's this Chai Tea you speak, Grasshoppers?

  14. Cup of tea! I use one bag of Bigelow Spiced Chai(my favorite) or Celestial Seasonings india and mix it with one bag Twinings Green tea or Twinings English Breakfast tea. A yummy pot of tea. I add honey too. (Sometimes Bailey's Irish cream too!) Try it and enjoy!

  15. I will put that on my list to try, Joy. I love Green Tea.

  16. I meant to say I love green tea and I will try chai tea and with honey. I hope I conveyed my thoughts better.

  17. I absolutely can't live without applying vaseline to my lips at night just before going to sleep. Seriously, I can't sleep if my lips haven't been moisturized with it.

  18. My Blistex is like your Carmex. I can't go to bed w/out putting some on my lips. I just can't fall asleep with dry lips!

  19. Mary, I have heard Blistex is really good. If only Carmex would let me go, I could try something new. Excuse me, I need to go find my Carmex.

  20. I cannot get through half an hour w/o something on my lips. They dry so quickly.

    I could not live without the internet or my camera, paper and pencil, also my books.

    I have several reference books about the Bible and am just beginning to learn how to use them. They are great - and prayer. Who can go a day w/o prayer?

    Very interesting post, Teresa. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I use Carmex too! I swear by it.

    I also use black ink pens. Ever since the academy and they told us we had to write our reports in black ink only. Too funny, we don't even handwrite reports anymore! Does that mean I'm getting old???

  22. I had to look up Carmex too...don't have it here in Oz...but for me it's coffee....freshly brewed every morning. Couldn't do without it! Took my coffe press O/S too!

  23. Your dad is good! They are really cool--no wonder you love them:)
    I liked your list as it was unique. Honestly, I don't know what I have that I couldn't live without but ask my daughter, I'm sure she would tell you I am really compulsive about alot!

  24. Great to know more about you. The buzzard bookends are interesting.
    Take care:)

  25. Oh, MY!!@ We are Lightfoot groupies, girl! The CD is in my hubby's car! "Turning back the pages of my dream-shattered years..." "The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald," Rainy Day People--wrote a BLOG about that!

    AND my family has kept Carmex stock rising!!!

    My ten? Sigh. I embrace life like Father Tim's Cynthia in Mitford!
    Sooooo many things to love?
    My Polish pottery mugs, crackers and nut butters and dried cherries, my old Bible, Bond perfume, my paintings (specially chosen to represent memories, friends, beliefs), my books (loads of old and new friends), my rugs,
    my scarves, the two handbags my hubby bought to comemorate special occasions, Thai food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food.


  26. I totally agree about the black ink thing. I can't stand to write in blue or any other color; it's a recipe for writer's block

  27. Oh my. I think I'm a fickle tumbleweed. I even alternate toothpastes.

  28. I have two vices I won't give up: Scottish men and Scottish whisky. I consider chocolate and red wine necessities, not vices, and I"m not giving them up, either.

    Books -- I get nervous if I'm in a space that doesn't have any books in it

    I write in black ink, too -- easier to read. I use read when I edit, but sometimes it's hard to read my scrawls.

    I used to love green ink for some early drafts -- but it's hard to find green ink nowadays.

  29. Shoot! I miss you today! But I did have fun looking at your buzzards again.


  30. Oh, yes. Freshly ground Italian Dark coffee from Trader Joe's, brewed in a French press.

    I even took my coffee maker to the Write to Publish conference last summer to have in my room.

    Oh, and my four fur babies. Other people think they are cats, but we know the truth: children in fur suits.

  31. Fun to find your blog this morning.

    I'm a bird lover, just not fond of buzzards. :)

    I love blue ink.

  32. #2,4,7. .They are absolutely my 10 thinks Irelly love.
    It's great to get to know you:)
    Betty xx

    Lovely pics, too:)


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