I will be offline for awhile. My new laptop is trying... a serious crash on me. It told me it was collecting data for crash dump. (I believe with all my heart that is a threat against my very soul.) It is running too hot, then freezes (not the cold kind), gives ups and whimpers (seriously you should hear the sound -Kr.e.e.p.y).  The fan started a couple of days ago- overdoing it. Ya know, I knew! I heard it. I ignored it.

Now, I still have my desktop computer, but I need to get the LT taken care of –so I'll be on the phone and probably shipping it back.  I will be checking in with you on your blogs, but will not be posting for at least a week. I am going to reload my desktop too. It keeps threatening me with a breakdown, except I thought it was my turn to break down.

I want to thank Mary at Play Off The Page for the Proliffic Blogger Award.  After you get done here (because I'm selfish that way) go visit her blog. She just wrote about going on a trip with her sons and 90 other 4th graders. Brave woman. She writes, writes about writing, plays the piano (JEALOUS -me), teaches (I think) the piano, and tells about her life.

Oh-oh, I am two posts away from my 200th post. So get readddddy. I will be giving away some trinkets, in the near future. This is what I know for sure that I will give away: A bird pillow that is made with my own two hands (something like the one in the photo), another journal, a little plaque with a quote about coffee (so cute) and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card (sorry it can't be for 100 - but remember- I'm selfish).  More detail later. So stay tuned.

Soon, I will be back online. I hope. I pray. Being away from blogging is well...torment.


  1. Hope your laptop is better, soon! I'd be worried that you hadn't backed up...except it's YOU and I KNOW that you're such a good backer-upper!


    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Hi Teresa .. wishing you well - and lets hope it all goes smoothly .. and alls well that ends well ..

    Thinking of you .. Hilary

  3. Teresa....a disaster, nothing less. Hope you're running smoothly again soon

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that all works out for. You'll be in my thoughts while you're away. With the hassle of dealing with computer companies, take a few hours for yourself to unwind. Take care.

  5. I hope you can get your laptop fixed. Computers are awesome...when they work!

    Very cute pillow. :)

  6. In my ook there is just nothing more frustratong that computer issues.

    You just want your stuff to work! All the weird error messages and stuff that freezes up and the random crashes well it just send me over the edge.

    Good luck getting your issues resolved.


  7. Oh, Journaling Woman, I WILL MISS YOU!!!

    Thanks for sharing your computer frustrations. I would love to pray for you about them. I cannot stand technology but am attached to it at the hip.

  8. I sure hope ya get the "Kreepy Contraption" taken care of and are up and goin' before ya know it. Dang things become demon possessed I believe.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  9. Sorry about the lapto problems. I've had a much better experience with Mac than PC, but even my Mac acted up this weekend.

    And congrats on coming close to post 200!

  10. Sure, just when my laptop is finally up and running, yours dies! Hope you get it all worked out, I know it can be frustrating.

    Bird pillow! Hey, I remember that one! Awesome giveaway.

  11. My deepest sympathies on the computer issues. Errggg. Thanks for writing such sweet things about me. I do teach piano - had a recital this weeekend. Our connection is a lifeline for me.

  12. I hope everything works out for you and will catch you when you return.


  13. At least your computer was kind enough to warn you of an impending disaster. I only find out these things when I turn on my computer and am greeted by a black, blank screen. Then again, maybe I’m not sensitive enough to computer emotions to pick up on the little hints!)

    Hope you're back in business soon.

  14. Now I won't be picky, but I'd sure love that bird pillow! ;)

    Take care, JW. I hope all is fixed in no time.

  15. I hate when THINGS don't work as they should. Hope yours is repaired and back to you pronto.

  16. I'm with Janna - that pillow is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. :-)

    I hope you get your computer bugs worked out soon. That sort of thing can really mess with a person's balance.

  17. Ugh! How old is your laptop? I hope it ends up fixed post haste! If it doesn't get fixed, and you can purchase a new one, I totally recommend getting an Asus. They're awesome. :) Look forward to your posts once you get all that technology shtuff straightened out.

  18. I too was losing my old laptop (Mac) a day at a time, poor thing. She's tucked away now, replaced by a brand spanking new Sony Vaio, and I couldn't be happier. Good luck Sweetie.


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