I am inspired by movies

I meant to do it. I really did. I forgot.
 Even though I don’t participate in blogging activities (cuz I really don't have the extra time) I really meant to participate in Alex Cavanaugh’s, The Movie Dirty Dozen Blogfest. Why? It’s simple, I love watching movies as much as I love reading.

Don’t gasp.

Don’t judge me, it’s the truth. Books are good. Movies (and plays) are good too. What’s my favorite part of a movie? Not the stars. Not the ending. Nope. It has to do with writing. I love to dissect the story and see how the writer(s) writes.

I was supposed to sign up for the blogfest, but waited too long because I have commitment issues. I am a day or two late, but here I am participating in Alex’s blogfest. A.L.O.N.E.

Don’t feel sorry for me, I deserve the loneliness.

You need to know I am picky about my movies and few make it to my "list".  Most of my movies are old movies. Here we go and not in any particular order. Look for a theme, there may be a quiz at the end or not. I own all of the movies listed except for one and watch them at least once or twice a year.

Something’s Gotta Give – (Nancy Meyers, wrote screenplay) The main character is a successful writer, a playwright. She is a woman who has given up on love. She owns the most beautiful summer home overlooking the beach that I want to live in when I grow up. She ends up falling for her daughter’s boyfriend.

The Holiday –(Nancy Meyers) The characters are all writers of some sort. Cameron Diaz writes movie trailers. Jude Law is an editor. Kate Winslet is a journalist. And Jack Black writes scores for movies. They all want to be loved.

Father of the Bride (1991), (Nancy Meyers) We took our kiddos to see this movie. I laughed so hard that I went into the ugly cry. The movie is about a father who can’t accept his little girl is now grown up and getting married.

Hope Floats (1998)  Sandra Bullock plays a humiliated, depressed divorced woman who goes home to her mother. This one is about relationships. It's kind of a tearjerker. Don’t worry she finds love again. I think I related to her story somewhat.

Grapes of Wrath (1940)- Henry Fonda plays the main character of this John Steinbeck novel. (Yes, I’m a Steinbeck fan.) After economic ruin, the Joad family travel from Oklahoma to the promise land (California) in search of a new life. They are a family of hardship, let me tell you. It's rough, but it's good.

The Long Trailer (1954) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz marry buy a camper trailer and take it across country. I love me some Lucy often. She keeps me human.

Murphys Romance (1986) This is my favorite Sally Field movie. I want to be the strong woman she is in this movie. Hardship, hard work, accomplishment, and love is what this movie is about.

Two Weeks Notice - Sandra Bullock made me do the belly laugh in the theater and I topped it off with an ugly hysterical laugh. She is an activist/lawyer who somehow agrees to work for a self serving firm/man. Of course they fall in love.

It’s Complicated  (Nancy Meyers) Although crude in places, this one is very funny. So funny, I watched it twice to see if I would laugh as hard the second time. I did. I don't want to own it, but it made me laugh and think about my own divorced self.

The Omega Man (1971) A biological oops has left Charlton Heston as the last man alive- well except for killer zombies. This was the first I am Legend movie. I watch it at least once a year (and Soylent Green).

Barefoot in the Park (1967) is a movie about newlyweds (Jane Fonda and Robert Redford). This movie was bold for its time. It's sweet and I love it. 

The Birds (1963) is an Alfred Hitchcock movie with Tippi Hedren. I watch it because Tippi is so talented and beautiful and her character is so classy. Her clothes are wonderful. It's a wonderful love story, even if it has killer birds who want to peck her eyes out.

With great movies like these to watch, I am inspired to write.

Questions for you: What do my choices say about me? Do you have a favorite movie?

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  1. Your choices say we're a lot alike! I love a lot of these movies--in particular "The Birds" and "Father of the Bride." :)

  2. Hey JW.. yes yes.. Father of the Bride and its sequel has bee all time favorites of me and my sis as well, some movies like Hope Floats stay in your mind forever as they relate to you..

    My other favorites are "Down with Love","13 going on 30"," Bridge to Terabithia", and "Remember Me"

  3. Great list. You mentioned some of my favorites - The Birds, Two Weeks Notice, and The Omega Man.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Hi Teresa....I also love to watch movies, but I am very discriminating. Last weekend we watched "The Reader" ....it had been a selection at my bookclub several years ago, and I'd put off watching it because I didn't want to be disappointed. I wasn't. Kate Winslet was wonderful and deserving of her academy award. We really know when we've watched something really great because we talk (about the production, the actors, the directors etc)....over breakfast, in bed, driving to the gym..... Good movies stay with you, leaving you with that wonderful feeling you've watched something really special x

  5. What does your choices say about you?

    Well, let's see... you have great taste, you sometimes like to laugh, you sometimes have the desire to just cry, you've eaten pudding at some time in your life and you know how to drive...

    How am I doing?

  6. You just mentioned some of my fave films here. Great list!
    I'm a huge movie fun!
    ~B xx

  7. Glad you joined us in the blogfest. And don't feel bad - I love movies as much as books, too.

  8. I love movies, too! And I loved your choices. I would have added African Queen and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Good story is good story, no matter the medium.

  9. Great choices here! I love Barefoot In The Park, we had to own it. Oh those staircases, and how winded everyone gets climbing them. It always makes me laugh. Another great "oldie" is Marty, with Ernest Borgnine. So charming, if you haven't seen it, give it a try.

  10. I love movies too, but just like you I am particular. The ones I buy have to be ones I know I'll watch over and over. They fit in with my personality, and my wishes or dreams.
    My favorites are:

    "Something's Got To Give" (Diane keaton & Jack Nicolson)

    "Holiday" (Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, & Jude Law)

    "The Mirror Has Two Faces" (Barbra Streisand & Jeff Bridges)

    "The Quiet Man" (John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara) *Watch this one if you haven't...true romance and a classic set in Ireland!

    "You've Got Mail" (Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks)

    "Rear Window" (Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly) *Alfred Hitchcock...excellent...rent it!

    Anyways, like you I enjoy movies and feel that whatever we choose reflects a lot usually of who we are.


  11. It definitely says you're a fan of Nancy Meyers's work, which is great! ;)

    It says that you're more interested in relationships than effects, which I think is a good thing! It doesn't need to go boom! to be interesting, fun, and moving.

  12. I recognized a couple of my favorites in your list. I'll have to think about what I'd put in my own list...

  13. I would say your choices show that you like to laugh and that you like the work of Nancy Meyers. My spur of the moment pick for favorite movie (which is subject to change every few minutes or when a different movie might pop in my head) is Little Miss Sunshine.

  14. I love movies, too, but didn't join the blogfest either. Don't know why. My husband loves old movies, and he watches "The Long Trailer" whenever it's on TV. I have a small rock collection, and he tells me I can't let it grow. He made me watch to see why.

  15. I love movies but am awful at remembering their names. We've watched Forest Gump a number of times. I liked Color Purple, What's Love Got to do with it? and another favorite is a movie called (?) Made by God? It is a true story about the first Afro American open heart surgeon. I have many favorite but they have to capture my attention and keep it from beginning to end, or I am off doing something else (and still might be!)! :-)

    Teresa, great post. Thanks!

  16. Hi Teresa .. so many movies to catch up on .. so many to see .. I loved Out of Africa, a Fish Called Wanda .. a real ecelctic mix .. and a 1926 Silent Movie - Joan of Arc - which I wrote a post about .. which made a BIG impression on me .. quite extraordinary film making. We have an excellent film society .. so we see the avant garde movies ..

    Thanks - Hilary

  17. Movies are great. They tell a story in about 2 hours. They're dialogue driven, and they're made possible by a creative team. Nancy Meyers is a superstar writer. I like the ones you listed, except for It's Complicated. Just watched it with my sister and cousin. Maybe it felt a little too realistic.

  18. What a wonderful list! This meme has been going around and I've been thinking of stealing... err BORROWING it. :) Great to learn more about you, Theresa! :)


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