What has shapely legs, lovely arms, and won't get out of the car?

Recently, I discovered an antique chair with beautiful carving at a flea market. I loved the chair. I really wanted the chair. I told one of the employees that if I could get the chair in my car, I would buy it. She and I set out to put the chair in the backseat of my very small car. We studied the situation for a few minutes and then tried to squeeze it through the back door. No matter how hard we tried to manipulate the chair, it wouldn’t fit through the door opening.

Along came a very nice man who offered to deliver it to my door. I thanked him and said I didn’t live in the city, but lived thirty-plus miles away. He asked if I minded if he tried to get the chair in the car for me. I had a gut feeling I should say no. But, I didn’t say no, because I well… think everything is possible. It’s not though—everything isn’t possible.  Or if it is possible there may be consequences.

I really wanted the chair.

The man succeeded in wiggling that chair into my car. After laying the front seat down, moving the other seat forward, and flipping the chair over the console the nice man delivered it to the backseat.

Red flags flew proud and free during those moments, and yet, I didn’t honor them. Instead, I thanked the nice man for spending 45 minutes on the task, paid for the chair, and went home.

Immediately upon arriving at home, I tried to get the chair out of the backseat. I knew right away it was bigger than the door of my car, but if that darn chair went in, it would surely come out. Right? I am a stubborn girl and tried for the next 24 hours to free it from its captivity.

That night it didn’t come out of the car.

The next morning it wasn’t coming out of the car.

My next thought was if a man’s brain put the chair into the car maybe another man’s logic could pull it back out. I called a friend who would  get off work at 1pm. He said he would come by and help.

He forgot and left town.

All day long, I pushed and pulled, flipped and slid the chair all over the inside of my car. Then it happened. By the end of the day, my efforts produced one chair severely wedged half in, half out--one of the back doors. And no closing that door. Then I remembered my son; I gave birth to him after all. I called my son and asked him to stop by on his way home from work. He studied it and worked on it and tried freeing it, but it was jammed.

When I do a job, I do it well.

In my frustration, I told my son I was going to find my saw and cut the legs off the chair. I walked away to find my saw. I was done with that chair. Probably because of my wild darting eyes he said, “Whoa, wait a minute, let me think.” Then he suggested we remove the door.

I said things like, “Can you get it back on?” and “I care about my car, not the chair.” and “My saw is over there.” and “I’m taking it to the curb once we get it freed." (BTW, I don’t have a curb)

My son who loves cars and use to race said things like, “I take doors off all the time.” and “It will go back on.” and “do you have a (blah, blah) tool?” and “Now, let’s not cut the legs off.”

Of course he was the right person to call. He took off the door and I pulled out the chair—no problem. It now sits in my living room. I hated it for two weeks, three days, four hours, and 29 minutes.

What did I learn? I learned if I can’t put something in my car myself, then I probably won’t be able to take it out myself. I learned I need to listen to my gut feelings and use my common sense which NEVER fail me.

Do you know the warning signs of giving into "wants” over using wisdom?

• Not listening
• Not thinking
• Forgetting the past
• Thinking only in the moment

My choice didn’t ruin my life, but many decisions made with knee-jerk reactions can rearrange a life. 

How do you make decisions? Ask another? Weigh your options? Go with your gut feeling? Or what?


Natasha said…
When I hear the warning bells, I normally pay heed to them, but most of the time I cruise along without even hearing them in the distance.
In your place, I too would have ended up shoving the chair into the car and then threatening to chop its legs off because I needed a car with doors that close.
Betty Manousos said…
Sounds like a big trouble! LOL!
Love that photo!

Have a great day!

Big hugs

B xx
Rayna and Betty, If only I would listen better I might spare myself the grief. But then again, I do have a chair with legs. :)
Mason Canyon said…
I agree when your inner voice speaks, it's best to listen. I don't always do that and I would have probably ended up in the same spot you were in. I'm still trying to figure out how the guy got it in the car, but it won't come out the same way. Makes you wonder about the guy's abilities. :)

BTW, it's a beautiful chair and I'm glad you didn't have to cut the legs off.

Thoughts in Progress
Devon Ellington said…
Frankly, I think that absolutely gorgeous chair was worth it.

You would not believe the size, shape, and oddity of many of the things I've wrestled in and out of my VW rabbit.

Good work!

But yes, trust your instincts and then find another way to still get what you want. I don't give up on the getting what I want part just because it won't fit in the car! ;)

Okay, so I left a tree limb I really, really wanted on the ground because it was longer than my car, but usually . . .
Diane said…
It is lovely! Worth the struggle :O)
CM said…
Yay! Your son to the rescue! What a cute story...and LOVE the chair!
Mary Aalgaard said…
Praying and journaling, trying to trust my instincts, and asking a friend.

That was the funniest story I've read in a long time. Your son is brilliant! (I think you turned into a guy for this one - you were attracted to the curves!)
Carol Kilgore said…
Beautiful chair, and worth all the hassle for you, I think.

As for me, I'm learning to trust my subconscious more and more. I've also learned that the more I trust it, the stronger it becomes. I hope that's a good thing.

I have an award for you at my blog.
Maryannwrites said…
The image of you wrestling with that chair is too funny. I know, probably not all that funny to you. But I think I laughed because that could have been me. I have been known to do things like that, then my husband offers the suggestion, "Why didn't you just tie the chair to the roof of the car?"

Glad I found your blog, thanks to Carol Kilgore.
Jayne said…
I know I probably shouldn't smile at that story, but... oh dear. You sound like me. That is exactly the sort of thing I would do - and I would probably hate the chair (poor innocent chair) for the same amount of time. :)

I also found your blog via Carol at the Tiki Hut. :)
~Sia McKye~ said…
I'm cracking up over this whole picture...too funny.

Me?, I would have thought about it and tried it and then taken the nice man up on his offer.

Making decisions? I think about it--pros and cons. If it's something major that doesn't require a snap decision, I let it simmer. If it has to be a quick decision, I put the analytic side of my brain to work. thank you god for that, lol! So far, so good.

Fun post!
Unknown said…
I'm too impetuous and often find myself doing stupid things. I think I can multi-task (I can't) and find myself with a billion of unfinished projects.

That said, I have to say, your new chair is gorgeous! I love the stool too much to actually put my feet up on it.

My wife says I am an over-thinker. I'll ponder and deliberate something for days even before taking action.
Glad your son came to the rescue!
Hart Johnson said…
Oh, what a funny story! I think you should forgive the chair--it's beautiful! And it is home now... you've adopted it.

I don't heed warnings well, but I am actually darned adept at 'figuring it out' (especially spacial stuff)--you could have called me.
Anonymous said…
Omg, I had a similar incident with a TV once. Except I had gotten it in the car!!! *sigh* Warning bells I sometimes heed, but very often I hit the snooze out of the shear stubbornness of thinking I can rise to the challenge and declare myself the victor. Sometimes it works! Just not usually when it comes to dealing with other people or the limitations of physics. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I've learned to take a step back and think things through. I prioritize things according to:

A) must do or serious consequences B) should do or mild consequences C) would be nice to do
D) delegate E) eliniate.

Stephen Tremp
Hi Teresa .. it's a lovely chair and I'm glad you got it home - however I can quite see that it would have been more sensible to have left it!

However .. enjoy - a story to tell ... that will go with the chair on its future journey in life!

Loved your telling of it .. Hilary
Lydia Kang said…
The chair is really gorgeous!
I don't always listen to the warning signs. I guess it depends on whether I let my common sense rule or not.
Arlee Bird said…
It is a fine looking chair. I hope you got a real good deal on it. I've had similar situations trying to move furniture, but never for that long.

Tossing It Out
Gail said…
I am laughing, not at you but because I would and have done the same thing. My car can hold things you would never imagine. Many things I have loaded with a man telling me it will not work.

Don't be discouraged. Love that chair, you certainly have had to work for it!

On the bright side, part of you did remove the chair!
Deb Shucka said…
Well, I have to say, it's a beautiful chair! It's great that your son is the one who rescued you. Sometimes not being practical, not listening to all those cautionary voices is a good thing.
White Dove said…
Teresa...what a funny made me laugh...really laugh (out loud I might add)...and then I thought about it and realised you'd been through some angst in all of this. So sorry for laughing.
As for me, I have experienced the same terrible feeling when I've taken the extractor/exhaust fan over my stove hotplates down to clean. A simple operation, two little clicks, a swift movement of the wrist and ta dah... exhaust fan down....and cleaned

I was two days trying to get the wretched thing back in place...finally giving up and seeking the help of a neighbour. A swift movement of the wrist, two clicks and it was back...and there it has been ever since ...(and likely to remain so.)
Unknown said…
Teresa, who has not tossed caution to the wind? You still have your car and your chair intact. Yes, it was a bit of a trial, but with the help of your son (you gave birth to him after all:-)) all is well. Enjoy the chair. You earned it. lol

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