Guess What!

GUESS WHAT!!!! I have a new grandson!!!! He weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He has bunches of black hair. Guess what again!!!! He's perfect. Looks like his daddy, my son. I would put a photo here, but he's not my child and well it's the Internet after all. If you could see his perfect little face you would need to sit down. Your knees would  become weak with admiration, if knees get weak from admiration. His little face would do that to you.

Thank you so much for your prayers. He and my daughter-in-law are doing just fine. It was tricky for awhile. I am a believer in prayer. It means so much that you joined me.


Another Monday announcement of an award given to me. This week I am receiving the One Lovely Blog Award from TWO amazing women and blogs.

I appreciate that they both thought of me when they were given the One Lovely Blog award. 

Carol Gilgore from Under the Tiki Hut is a writer who makes me think. I know, I know you all may think I think too much. However, Carol writes about things in ways I haven't thought about yet. And one thing you would enjoy is her Friday's Top Ten. The information is always different and always entertaining. Thank you, Carol, for the award.

Gail At the Farm writes and photographs life around her farm.  If you would like to see what goes on around the farm, read some good writing, and see photography that takes your breath away you will like this blog. She also has another blog Familiar Spirit about the animals (and sometimes insects) in her life. I appreciate you Gail and the really neat things you said about me.

The Chair

I’m glad you thought the chair story was funny. It wasn’t until I wrote it down, stepped back a couple of days—that I laughed hysterically. It was a trying 24 hours. It IS a very nice chair. And so goes life. I win a few. I lose a hundred. Some of you mentioned the footstool in front of the chair. I bought it a long time ago at a garage sale for five buckaroos (dollars). It has had a few makeovers. I had to change it to compliment the chair, of course. That’s the story of my life, no stone or footstool goes unturned. There is no contentment here, people.

The Footstool

Like everything else I try to do in my life, I struggled with reupholstering the stool. I took the old fabric off and tried to put the new back on the way the old came off. What’s so hard about that? I had done it before.  Really? Are you sure you did that? YES. (Sorry these conversations with myself are uncontrollable.)

The footstool lay in the family room (do they still call it a family room?) floor for three days. I couldn’t figure it out.
Photo: Before and After

The fourth day I thought, isn’t the Internet my friend? Isn’t it called the Information Highway? Aren’t there bloggers out there that have redone a footstool (and remember how they did it)? I searched. The only thing I could find was one blogger who had a footstool almost identical to mine. She had recovered the stool but showed only a before and after photo—no instructions on how she did it. But, she did say important words for me; she had seamed the sides to fit the stool and THEN stapled it to the frame. Bingo. So I did just that. It’s a good thing I have a stubborn Irish temperament or I would have given up on many of my struggles long ago.

People I Wouldn’t Want To Be Right Now

Miners in the Chile mines: I nearly gave up on life during a week of the ice storm in 2006 when I had no electricity in my home or in our town for a week. I would lose my mind being in a mine for months.

The cat dumper in England: Even if she hated cats (which her mother said she loved cats), this woman must have had a psychotic break.

The farms where the tainted eggs were processed: I also wouldn’t want to be the chickens. Why the chickens? How would you like to lay millions of eggs just to have them tossed out?

And--Any of the cheating celebrity husbands in the news: Beautiful wives. Beautiful lives. Ruined. Stupid.

Oh and The Ruralhood has a new post in case you are interested. I was inspired by the start of school.

That’s my rambling for today. What are your rambling thoughts this Monday?


  1. AWESOME! CONGRATS! and let the doting begin.

  2. Oh congrats on the grandbaby! So cool!

  3. Congratulations on the grandbaby! I'm so glad all turned out well. :D

    I would not want to be any of those people either.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Congrats on your new grandbaby!!! How exciting, Theresa! Hope you get the chance to snuggle a lot this week!

  5. That's great news about your grandson!

  6. Ooooh, new baby-- how wonderful! Congratulations, I know what mine mean to me, so I can just about feel your joy!

    I like the rest of the post, too. I'm glad to have found you, and glad you found me, too.


  7. Wow, that's so much news. Well, I want to say congradulations first on your new grandson. I'm so happy for you.
    Next, I do love what you've done with the stool.


  8. Congratulations on the new grandson. Definitely time to do the 'happy dance' and spoil him rotten. Glad you daughter-in-law is doing well after the difficult time. Also, congratulations on the award, well deserved.

    Love the rest of your post too. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to - chair and footstool (both lovely) are proof.

    Have a great Monday!

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. OMG, congratulations on the new grandbaby! I'm soo happy for you, Teresa!! :)
    How exciting!!!

    Big hugs,

    B xx

  10. A new, healthy Grandson. What could be better news than that? So glad all went well for mother and son!

    You are a stubborn cuss when it comes to fixing things and doing it yourself. Amazing!

    I wouldn't want to be those people or chickens either. I discoverd this weekend that I am happy being me!

  11. Congrats! on the perfect addition to your family. This is always good news. And I would not want to be the Cat Dumper either. I saw that on TV. I rarely think bad thoughts about people, but I would not mind if someone picked her up and tossed her into a dumpster.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. Oh I'm so glad everything went well! Congrats on the new grandson!

  13. Oh girl, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy everyone is healthy. God is good! I'm sure your bustin' your buttons right now.

    Love what you did with the footstool, I'm stubborn like that too. I do believe it's a good trait! Heeehehehe!

    Have a blast rockin' and rollin' with that baby!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  14. Wonderful ramblings!

    I wish I had known, I have covered many footstools in my life time...cause I can never afford a new one. Ieven made an old metal milk crate into a footstool and covered it.

    You almost made me cry with all the nice things you said...Thank you.

  15. First of all, congratulations! That's great news. May your new grandson have a life filled with joy and love.

    I think the chair is great, and the footsool, too. You did a lovely job with it.

  16. I never had scrolled all the way to the bottom. Cool PICS!

    Wednesday there is something for you on my blog. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  17. Hi Teresa - congratulations and am so happy to hear all is well with the family & you have a new grandson - beautiful! or handsome?! or both at this age?

    Fantastic news and you finished the stool .. I too hate being defeated ..

    Enjoy the week and new daily views of your grandson! Happy times ..Hilary

  18. Big congrats to all involved on the beautiful new life in the world. So glad everyone is safe and sound.

  19. The joy of a new child is so breathtaking. Even more so when they are the child of your child.

    Congratulations and may God Bless each of you!


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