Dear Dark,

Fear is scary. If I could choose my phobias, I would fear bubblegum or popsicles (but never dust bunnies who run rampant in my house).

Instead, I fear these four things:
1. Spiders (big and small)
2. The dark (that time of day without light)
3. Closed in spaces (elevators, closets, coffins)
4. Change (not coins, but things that happen to alter ones normal life)

I decided I would write a note to one of my phobias (I really need a pen pal).

Dear Dark (also known as: darkness, midnight without the moon, nighttime),

You have bullied me from a very young age. I imagine you entertaining those things that go bump in the night. I imagine your playmates are zombies, people who want to stab, oh and spiders. Your lack of light makes me shiver and distrust. Have you ever considered lightening up a bit?

You mock me with your noises. You trick me with the light of the moon then make it disappear behind a cloud. You are cruel with your howling and hooting from who knows where. You make my mind go crazy with images.

However, I must accommodate you in order to sleep. Without sleep, I cannot live. Therefore, Dark, I must learn to live with you. 

 Sincerely frightened,

Gotta phobia? Wanna talk about it?

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  1. spiders appear when you're getting a message from the universe and aren't listening. Never kill a spider. just release it from your house and figure out what the message is.

    I love the dark. I'm very comfortable in it. But then, I'm pretty comfortable with the darker side of my personality, as well.

    Phobias -- I can get claustrophobic, and I don't like heights very much. I can't swim, and I have such a block about it at this point that it's one of the few things I doubt I'll ever overcome.

    Usually, if I'm afraid of something, I get aggressive towards it. In a fight or flight situation, I usually turn and fight.

  2. I am like you in that darkness makes me on edge. Shadows or movements that are most likely in my head, and not real keep me paranoid if I have to be out and about when it's dark.

    I don't know if anyone shares this huge phobia of mine. I am afraid of getting "lost". I'm talking about taking off in your vehicle to somewhere you've never been. I rarely do that because I have a fear of getting turned around, or lost. I've actually had panic attacks. I can't think with reason, and have to call someone to talk me through it until I'm back on track.
    This phobia is so debilitating at times, and my sister thinks it's because I was rarely allowed to drive after getting my license growing up, then I married a controlling man that never let me drive. I have no confidence and would like to conquer it! Willing to take any suggestions!

  3. My phobia is rats (no matter what size, shape or color). Not sure why. I've never watched BEN or WILLARD so that's not it. The strange thing is in high school part of my freshman science lab project was I had two small white mice that I observed and recorded their activities for an entire semester. I even weighed the things in little glass jars every so often. Their names were Pete and Tilly. Now just the thoughts of one makes me shiver.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Our house was once hit by lightning and the noise alone was like a bomb going off, so I'd definitely rate lightning a fear.

  5. The dark doesn't bother me, but change throws me for a loop.

  6. I like how you tell Dark to "lighten up." That's great.
    Heights. I have a problem with being too far off the ground, like five feet is too far. And, yet, I long to ride in a hot air balloon. Don't think that will ever happen!

  7. The top of my list would be bad storms. I went through a tornado when I was five.

    I remember playin' on the floor while mom wrote a letter to my grandmother. It was so dark she had to turn on the light to see. Daddy ran in scooped us up to drive to my Granny Walden's nearby farm who had a storm shelter.

    I sat in the backseat of the rockin' car as we hurried down our private lane. When we reached Granny's big oak trees fell before daddy who held me tightly in his arms. My parents jumped over the white picket fence instead of takin' the time to open the gate.

    Mama was so drenched that she borrowed a dress from Granny. That seemed to be the funniest thing I'd ever seen, I still remember laughing my scared little five year old heart out to this day.

    Great post girl....fears!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day void of things that go bump in the night! :o)

  8. I am very claustrophobic as well. Even watching tight spaces on TV freaks me out. I can't watch submarine movies...that's just torture. Blah... that felt good to get out there.

    Great blog.

  9. Bugs, well cock roaches to be exact. Don't mind small places but I won't get in a tanning bed. They remind me of a coffin with lights :)

    This was a beautifully written letter.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. I'm no fan of closed-in spaces. Thanks for the idea of writing a letter to my phobia! :)

  11. I slept with a nightlight until I was relatively old, but no longer mind the dark. much. There is a haunted house at Niagara Falls though, that uses total darkness BRILLIANTLY and I've never BEEN so terrified.

    I have a fear of multiple legs (centipeded and the like)--BIG spiders (but not the small). But yeah... the one that causes actual panic is the claustrophobia thing. Especially if I am MOVING through a small space (a tunnel)--I think what I really fear is getting stuck or trapped.

  12. I hate spiders, but don't fear them. They are just creepy. I am terrified of water bugs. We had them in NY. Yuk!

    I'm afraid of growling, snarling dogs. I love the friendly kind. :-)

    I'm afraid of being out alone at night in deserted areas, say the car gets stuck... I must have a cell phone, while my husband thinks they are unnecessary. :-) Is it imagination working overtime?

  13. Hi Theresa .. no worries re the things mentioned .. I don't like being in narrow closed spaces underground - eg caves ..ok if they're large, but creeping through crevices .. no thanks; lifts I'm ok as long as the elevator (to clarify!) isn't full - then I'll remove myself; cramped tubes/metros - again I'll wait for an emptier train.

    Very tall heights I'm not too happy about .. I walked across the Humber Bridge .. it was ok as long as my mind didn't wander too much

    & I guess it's mostly the mind playing tricks on us .. except for things like the tornado - that I agree I wouldn't like ..& be frightened of ..

    Fear is logical, but also mind playing .. like groups of kids/men/women (now) I'm not sure about .. not happy with those sometimes & take avoiding action if I can.

    Thanks - rather long .. sorry! Hilary

  14. I have several-lol. Spiders, small places and storms. I know, I got problems. :)

  15. Dark fears me!

    I, however, am terrified of scorpions.

  16. Dark fears me, too. I also hate dusk. It makes me feel so lonely and deserted...with no reason.

    B xx

  17. I'm afraid of the dark too i just don't tell be because then they laugh at me and i get annoyed. and if you still want a penpal i'd be it i love writing to people :)


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