When my daughter was three or four years old, she came to me one day and said her tummy was hurting. I pulled her on my lap, held her close, and with my hand rubbed her tummy. The next day, she complained of her stomach hurting. Again, I rubbed her tummy (and probably gave her Seven-Up). When her stomach hurt the third day, I became alarmed, called the doctor, and took her in.

At the doctor’s office, he examined my daughter and asked if she had eaten anything new or too much of something? I said no. He said she had no fever. There was no pain in her abdomen only giggles when he pressed on her stomach.

He asked a final question, “What do you do after she tells you her stomach hurts.” I told him, "I rub her tummy." He said, “Stop doing that and she’ll be fine.”

Hands can comfort...

and injure.

Hands communicate (sign language).

Hands save lives.

Hands give and receive.

Hands make quilts for friends who have cancer.

Hands rebuild cities and towns devastated by disaster.

Hands destroy.

Hands create.

Hands are controlled by love…

and hate.

Where are your hands today?


Mason Canyon said…
Love your post. As for my hands, they're trying to type the words my brain thinks but somewhere along the way....well you get the picture.

Thoughts in Progress
Jules said…
I am just in total awe of your thought process. Powerful insight to "Hands."

My hands are finishing this comment and then heading to the pool. :D

Have a blessed day.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mason, It's early here and I'm having a hard time getting my brain to talk to my hands.

Jules, Ahh! Me too in awe of your thought process. I have problems keeping up with my thoughts. What? heading to the pool? What?
Unknown said…
Lovely post. Currently, my hands are commenting but today, they will pat my son on the back and create! And, do some dishes, and pick up dog poo, and dust, and mop, and....

Great post, Teresa!

Children can really be so unconsciously manipulating, can't they? Even when it's innocent and they just want mama!

My hands need to be doing a lot of typing today. :)
Laura S. said…
Awww! Well, I'm glad your daughter was okay at least!

Have you seen this amazing story? It's a powerful story about a mother's healing touch: http://bit.ly/aGWwcG
CM said…
This is so beautiful and touching. I love how you wrote this. It made me think about how much I love cuddling and loving up my boys.
My hands have been busy serving breakfast, doin' laundry, callin' the pharmacy, cleaning the house and washin' the clothes but now I'm usin' my hands to reach out and connect with my beautiful blogsisters!

God bless you and have an extraordinary day!!!
Mary Aalgaard said…
Excellent post. When I was student teaching, I learned that abused children watch your hands. They are uncomfortable if they can't see them, like if you put them in our pockets.

My boys have said that they like my hand on them, comforting, soothing, when they're hurting. What makes you feel better? "It's your hand, mom," they say.
Your daughter had it figured out, didn't she?
Erin MacPherson said…
Your daughter definitely had that figured out!! My kids say their stomach hurts and I pull them onto my lap and rub their backs. Kinda makes me wonder...
Hi Teresa .. children! They're quick .. and a Seven Up?!

Touch though .. is so comforting and hands do do so much ..

Thanks - good thoughts .. kind thoughts .. loving thoughts - Hilary
Naqvee said…
very powerful thought Teresa. Hands, have their own language..

a slap, a pat, a hand shake, a prayer in folded hands and a prayer with palms exposed, to catch and to fetch, to cuddle and to punch, to point and to heal, to ask and to give..

hands do it all.

i love it
Anonymous said…
A truly beautiful post. I had a knot in my throat after finishing this piece. The line, "Hands make quilts for friends who have cancer," really got to me for some reason.

Our hands can do anything really. Good or bad.

Today, my hands are around my friends as I hug them and wish them a wonderful first day of school and an amazing future school year.

Write on!
Gail, Yes!

Clarissa, oh my--the poo!

Elizabeth, I would never have guessed- you typing?

Laura, I'll go check it out.

CM, Nothing wrong with cuddling and loving. Time goes fast.

Nez, your hands are very busy.

Mary, I like that--a lot.

Alex, Indeed.

Erin, Never trust those little daughters. They tend to grow up when you're not looking.

Hilary, You're welcome. Thanks!

Naqvee, I love your additions. as I watched my hands last night typing, I became inspired.

Vatche, The quilt is a true story. For my friend who has been diagnosed with cancer, the gals she works with each contributed a quilt block and it was put together for her.
Indie said…
My hands today?

my hands made breakfast. Delicately cracking eggs.

Measured up 15 cc's of penicillian for a sick cow and cradled a newly born hours old calf balanced on my lap.

You are so right about hands.

Thank you for making me pause and think about mine today.

Carol Kilgore said…
Very nice. I'm hoping my hands will produce positive words today, cook nourishing food, and show love to those around me.
Unknown said…
My hands are trying to find the right keys to type a comment to compliment your post. I try to keep my hands busy doing God's work because we know what happens to idle hands...

Take care & God bless.
Betty Manousos said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this post!
Brilliant! Quirky!
I'm glad your daughter was okay at least.

Hope you have a good Friday, Teresa dear. :)

Big hug,
B xx
Ashley Ashbee said…
Aw haha what a cute story! Doctors seem to have great insight, eh? Yes, hands are great. I love to be pet and cuddled.
Jemi Fraser said…
Nice story :)

My hands are off to prepare my classroom today - lots of planning and research.
JudyH329 said…
So she loved having her mommy rub her tummy and hold her. That's sweet, don't you wish you could, on occasion, still do that with your daughter?
Deb Shucka said…
What a great story. I love hands and what they can do - think of my mother's work-worn and beautiful hands often.

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