Stepping out

Soon, I will be stepping out of my comfy box all lined with love and confidence and into a new world that I'm unsure of, and, I am a little worried that the people who think I can—might find out that:

1. I start out as a fake and morph into something real, eventually
    a. Because I’m shy and uncertain.
    b. Because I want to make good impressions.
    c. Because superheroes do it.

2. I’m nicer than I am
    a. This means I’m nice, but I’m even nicer later. And…
    b. My serious look may confuse you, but it could just be my colon acting up again and making me look too serious.

3. I’m not as calm and collected as everyone claims
    a. Have they seen me put together new dining room chairs?
    b. Did they see me when my son put his leg through the ceiling?
    c. Have they seen me when I get lost on U.S. highways?

4. I’m pretty darn intelligent (if I have to say so myself), but, I can also be as dense as a Missouri forest on humidity.
   a. This could mean I’m green, but I’m not.
   b. This could mean I’m complicated, and I am.
   c. This could mean eventually I'll catch on to the program.
5. I’m scared
    a. Of spiders
    b. The dark
    c. Of spiders in the dark
    d. Of change
    e. …in that order

Sometimes we have to change jobs, move, face disease, divorce--all the while stepping into unknown territory. Sometimes we make decisions that aren’t right. That’s ok. Sometimes we can make those decisions right again. .

If you have something new to do and feel inadequate keep in mind—you weren’t born prepared to live life, you had to learn.

More later.


Devon Ellington said…
And my learning curve has to be especially sharp right now. Thanks for wonderful advice -- as usual!
Mason Canyon said…
Whatever zone you are about to step into, I'm sure you'll make it your own in no time.


Thoughts in Progress
Mary Aalgaard said…
Think of it as stepping out of one comfort zone and into another. You'll be fabulous. Change is scary because of the unknown, but it's better than being stuck.
CM said…
You were not created with a spirit of fear...just rely on Him and he will guide your path. You are never alone, no matter what!

Can't wait to hear what you are up to. Change is good, my friend :-)
Unknown said…
Great advice, JW. I think it's true that we need to adapt to survive in this world.

Hart Johnson said…
I really like this. I feel like we have a fair bit in common. I am often taken for a calm, even-keeled professional, on the shy side... nice, but not effusive...

My zany, nutso self takes a certain comfort level to come out to play. It probably serves me well professionally--to not show those things until people know me well enough to know I am still competent, but in terms of making friends, it makes the going slower.
Hi Teresa .. I absolutely realise what you're going through - but all will be well .. the time is right to move on .. but your number 4:

.. rings so true with me .. "I'm pretty darn intelligent (if I have to say so myself), but I can also be as dense as a Missouri forest on humidity" - love it?! Wonderfully well put - boy oh boy .. do I have blank spots & I just cannot get it .. eventually yes!! Thick as two short planks for as long as it takes though ..

Enjoy the process .. it'll be fine!
Cheers - Hilary
You go girl, I truly believe if ya stay stuck in your comfort zone ya just get stale and moldy. I'm excited for you and I just have a feelin' this is gonna be good! :o)

God bless and enjoy this day and the excitement of a new adventure!
Jules said…
If we stay comfortable we stop moving and learning; stop learning and we just stop being.

He will guide through, he wanted you there.

I'm pulling for ya! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
And I am still learning!

You'll be fine.

And really dig the choices for 'calm & collected.'
Joanne said…
I have a sneaking suspicion you are "owning" this decision of change, and will thrive with it. P.S. I was sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law, and hope she is on the mend and doing better. And, beautiful dining room chairs ... I'm seeing some great future meals happening around that table :)
Angela C. said…
Woman we are a kindred spirit! I am not good on change either. Routine is my middle name...well actually it's Dawn but it should be the first! So I'm praying for you in whatever change you are facing, and realize it happens to all of us. Sometimes as my fingernails dig in to not let go...and then it's over so go with it. Better than fighting it!
Gail said…
Granny Pruett always said, "You are right where you are supposed to be."

Enjoy, you will be a great success.
I don't think we ever stop long as we keep moving forward no matter how terrifying it all seems :)

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey
Unknown said…
I saw a quote on a book cover the day "You can't walk on water if you don't get out of the boat." As far as I know YOU CAN walk on water. :-)
JudyH329 said…
Oh it is so true we have to learn, sometimes, it's the hard way too! I can relate so much to this post as you mentioned so many of my fears!

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