21 things learned in 21 days from...

...redoing my kitchen walls:

1. Stripping, patching, and priming are three important words when preparing walls for painting. Shortcuts may result in starting over.

2. Utility knives are sharp.

3. Roughing wall surfaces is much more fun than making them smooth.

4. Tools, like socks, disappear even if you are the only one using them.

5. If you accidently shove your hair against an oil-based primed wall, you cannot get the primer out of your hair with shampoo.

6. Even though I’m square, my walls are not.

7. It IS about the result and NOT the journey when others praise your finished work. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

8. There are 29 million shades of yellow, and yet, you pick the one you used last time.

9. Yellow is the new black.

10. Your old appliances suddenly look even older.

11. It IS about the praise.

12. You fixate on two prayers during the redoing process. “Please, God, don’t let me die before this mess is cleaned up and be only remembered for how my house looks at this moment.” And “Please, God, let this project end…soon…before I lose my mind and fingers (utility knife) or break a hip (falling from fireplace bench or stools)…or run away to a foreign country where I’m sure life would NOT be easier. Please?”

13. You find nine crickets who have died under your large floor radio and you don’t know why. But maybe it’s because of…

14. One dead shriveled spider that creeps you out more than nine dead crickets.

15. You have a lot of blue and white dishes that are friends with dust bunnies.

16. Dusty bunnies DO die alone behind furniture from what appears to be a horrible death. Who knew?

17. You CAN do anything you dream and you vow to stop dreaming.

18. Painting a room is a good cleaning time. Another good reason to not paint.

19. Conversations with friends and family revolve around your project. “How’s it going?” “Great.”, “How’s it going?” “Ok.”, “How’s it going?” Silence and dirty looks.

20. You swear that you will never ever do another project again and yet you know you are lying.

21. Finally, you know with all your heart that a finished project is not a good reason to begin another and yet you search for money and hurry to Lowes.

Photo source: http://barrierfc.wet-paint.com/


  1. I've been missing you! Now I know where you've been. :)

    My sister and I have recently been learning these same things at my mom's house. I would really rather do anything--anything--over prep and paint walls. You have my sympathies, JW.

  2. Oh, I love all the things you learned. I definitely agree with #21. No matter what, we tend to start another even knowing what we know.

    BTW, you did do a great job on it.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Janna, It's good to hear from you again. Happy Birthday!

    Mason, Thanks for the compliment. It's even better in person if I might say that. It looks so clean and fresh even if I did suffer a few injuries.

  4. Thanks for the laugh this morning! Can't explain the crickets except maybe death by stereo?

  5. LOL, brought back so many project memories for me. Sounds like we have the same learning experiences :)

    Maybe someday we can compare home improvement scars :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Alex, If we don't laugh at ourselves, then we cry. :)

    Jules, I bet mine are bigger! hee hee.

  7. #10 is so true. We started out replacing the floor, which made the walls look old. Walls are prepped and waiting for new wallpaper, but you just know what that'll make the table look like. And with a new table, what about that refrigerator. Hm, wouldn't it be easier to just move ;)

  8. I love Lowes!!! :o)

    Every great decorator chick need a few battle scars to show how well the project went! (I had a 600lb steer run into me yesterday morn' and plowed it's head right into my chest...Men!) I'm so glad your nearing completion of this one. On to the next on!!! Heeehehehe!

    Great list sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

  9. You're taking on a new job AND doing a remodel all at the same time!!! Well, good luck and get some rest somewhere in there too :-)

  10. teehee-great list! My bathroom needs some work and you've just given me my needed reminder NOT to take it on.

  11. Celebrating the completion of your project. I also do not enjoy finding those creepy spiders lurking around!

  12. Yikes! Those are many discoveries I wish to avoid.

  13. Now I know the reasons why painting isn't an option. LOL!

    Seriously, great list! I'm impressed. :)

    Great job!

    B xx

  14. I couldn't chose between funny, inspiring and interesting because it is all three. Thanks for a lovely post. Will you post pics?

  15. I hear you Teresa....boy do I hear you!!


  16. Sounds like a lot of work that you made fun--well kind of fun, or maybe mostly funny. Would you like to come and paint my house next time it needs painting?

    Tossing It Out

  17. Hi Teresa .. delighted to hear it's finished .. with - for how long?! Yellow is a glorious colour .. and yes projects are hard, painful, irritating etc etc .. but what pleasure at the end .. and perhaps we've learnt a little for next time?! Dust bunnies .. oh oh .. we all have them ..

    Happy week ahead .. with a new clean bright cheerful kitchen ..

    Enjoy it all .. Hilary


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