Another Monday

The weather here in MO is beautiful.

This weekend was the first, in 2 or 3, that I wasn’t working on that darn kitchen of mine. I finished stripping the wallpaper, patching the holes, priming and texturizing and—painting the walls a lovely yellow, Thursday at 11:30 p.m. to be exact. I never ever like anything until I am exposed to it for at least 4-6 weeks. But…I love the new walls. Love the texture (although it’s not perfect) and love the paint color (even though I slopped some on the trim and floor and now have to clean it).

The only injuries I sustained from this undertaking were slicing my pointy finger almost to the bone with my utility knife and a huge bruise on the inside of one of my knees from falling off the fireplace bench. Have I ever mentioned I am the queen of clumsy? And I want to mention my incredibly sore muscles. Painting walls can give you muscular abs, however, for the record that did not happen to me. Just lots of pain where muscular abs would be if I had them.

So, it’s done. I’m glad. Now onward to the other part of the kitchen and building shelves on each side of the fireplace to display all that blue and white glassware I own.

And I think my brain blockage is nearly cured. I wrote this. I wrote  a little something for the rural blog (will be posted this week). And best of all, I wrote a few pages on a short titled, The Hotel.

The Office

…no not the TV show, but my new office. Last Thursday, I receive the keys to my new office and this weekend my daughter went with me to clean and move things in. When I get the word to move, I’ll be ready. Dr. Lovely Daughter forgot that she had agreed to help me clean and didn’t bring appropriate clothing. That sounds suspicious to me. She did help me..after all. But, I had to remind her of the constant combing of her “Crystal Gayle” hair when she was a child. I also brought up the fact that I spent 5 million dollars on raising her and her brother. And then I whipped out the big gun, I reminded her of the womb experience of 9 months and 2 weeks and the fact that she took her sweet time being born. (Just kidding...about the 5 million.)

I hope (and am praying) that I will do a good job as school social worker. Middle School kiddos are a different breed from High School kiddos. I will be serving both populations. One thing they have in common is they severely want to be accepted by their peers and would like to preserve their dignity during the course of their growing up years. Me too.


I’m not big on Halloween meaning… I don’t decorate, but I do open my doors to all the kids who want to show off their costumes and collect the treats. My treats are less about candy and more about trinkets and toys.

Last year, I had over 20 tricks or treaters. This year: Eight. Four of WITCH were relatives.

This madman is Techman’s (I work with him) little boy. I told the little guy, his costume is what my nightmares are made of. He thought that was funny. I wasn’t kidding.

I long for little pumpkins, cowboys, and princesses without blood dripping down their necks. Is that so wrong?

Now this is more like it, my brother and I with sacks over our heads. Hmm.

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?


Gail said…
I loved being a hobo, when hobos were a mysterious figure, not the unfortunate people I have learned about. I have a wonderful story about a hobo that visted our house one time, some day I will tell it.

My absolute favorite was being a cowboy...guess I can't escape that, no matter the age, not the boy part, but the horse loving part.
Gail, Hobos were more mysterious than today where I guess they are called the homeless? In this recession who wants to dress up as homeless?
Carol Kilgore said…
I love your new wall color, too. Middle schoolers - yikes. I'm sure you'll do well with them because you listen and care. Our subdivision is loaded with kids ... at least we prepared and didn't run out of candy this year.
Mason Canyon said…
All of your hard work paid off. The rooms look great. Hope you're healing well from your injuries. As for work, you'll be great.

Thoughts in Progress
Joanne said…
The blue and white glassware looks very pretty against the yellow, you did a great job. We're waiting on the wallpaper to come in for ours, then we'll be just about done.
Jules said…
First I loved the Kitchen and am envious of the old fireplace. My dream, an old country kitchen.

LOL, I loved the bag children. My favorite costume was being Siamese twins with a neighbor. We both fit in my dads coveralls. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Anonymous said…
LOL! The sacks look great! Things were different back in the day. Nothing like home improvement projects. Place looks great. Hope you're healing quickly. Maybe you should be receiving hazardous pay.coniste
Missouri Gal said…
The sacks are hysterical! My dad used to make the neatest costumes. A space ship with lights around it, an ant and even a two headed monster. Love the yellow kitchen!!
Glad you're finished injuring yourself - I mean, wallpapering and stuff! Looks good.
And we had zero trick-or-treaters this year. More candy for me!
Deb Shucka said…
OMG, I love that last picture of you and your brother. The cutest thing ever.

Love the yellow on your walls - it's the exact shade I want for mine.

You're going to be great at your new job. Sending love and light your way.
Arlee Bird said…
You are such a busy lady! But it looks like your efforts paid off.
No Halloween at our house this year. I never got around to buying candy. The house stayed dark and my wife and I hid in her office room. It looked like there were a ton of kids out--though I must say a lot of them looked pretty big--and I felt kind of sad when I would peek out the blinds and see them passing our dark house as though it didn't exist.
Have a great November!

Tossing It Out
I love the color of yellow you picked it's gonna look sooo pretty with the blue dishware!!!

My all time total for 'spooks' is eight but this year...when I was totally prepared baby...none, nada, zip, zero! More candy for ME! :o)

I'm so happy ya found your writing mojo again.

God bless ya and have a magnificent Monday sweetie!!!
Mary Aalgaard said…
Funny Sack head costumes!!!! I once cut holes in an old sheet and went as a ghost. I might have had 100 trick-or-treaters. It was a wild night. Great walls! Sorry about your finger and knee. Good luck in your new job!!
Hi Teresa .. well things are moving along .. good news about the office, though .. and the job - and then the kitchen ...

You have a wonderful week .. I'm laughing about your little guy - he looks as though he's enjoying giving you a little fright .. but the bags - were ? so much better .. but your chap .. I know he's not yours! .. but he's great ..

Have a good week .. Hilary
JeMA said…
Nice kitchen!
I remember going as Wonder Woman one year. I hear what you are saying about the costumes. It is difficult to pick them out now for my kids...either too gory for the boys or too sexy for my girls.
Hart Johnson said…
Yellow is a PERFECT color for a kitchen--it looks great! And I had to laugh when you sounded proud of only two injuries... teehee

You'll be great as a school social worker-I'm totally confident! Hope you really enjoy it!
I like the color of your walls.

Glad the writer’s block is disappearing.

For the life of me I can’t remember one halloween costume from my childhood. I don’t know if that’s because they were so non-descript or because the memory part of my brain is shrinking. I guess I need to go dig out the old photo albums.
CM said…
Good luck with the new job. You'll do great. Those kids just want your time and attention, someone to listen to them.

Ha! That pic of you and your brother is the best!

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