I have a few words for the following...uh…people or whatever.

Hi, Santa, How come my little brother got the same amount of gifts at Christmas time when…I’m sure if you looked at the naughty and nice list, his name would have been in big letters on the naughty side? I’m just wondering. (Sorry, Brother, I had to ask.)

Hey, Cinderella, Really? You couldn’t beat up those wicked stepsisters?  You couldn't lay 'em flat with a one-two punch? Or you couldn’t break a glass slipper and cut them? Too violent for a fairytale?

Dear, Driver of the car that almost hit me while riding my bike at 10 years of age, Thanks…for not killing me. Sorry, I scared you. Sorry, I thought that I knew it all at the time and pulled out in front of your car. Nothing much has changed except I’m taller, don’t live with my parents anymore, and I think my sister stole my bike. Oh, and I’m still a know-it-all.

Dear Suzy, my white rabbit who escaped her cage in the 70s, why did you do it? Where did you go? Did someone tell you might be dinner…because that was a lie. Did you meet a brown boy bunny and fall in love and reproduce like a rabbit, like I imagined?

Dear Teresa age 18, It’s best you didn’t know. But, all is well.

Anybody real or fiction you want to give a shout out to?


Jules said…
Dear Easter Bunny,
Why didn't you tell me those eggs weren't real and they smell bad when they die?

LOL, very funny post Ms Teresa, thanks. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mason Canyon said…
Love your list of 'people or whatever.' That would be a good way to release some tension and have some fun at the same time. I'll have to think about my list for a bit. Have a great day.

Thoughts in Progress
Mary Aalgaard said…
This would be a good therapy exercise. Great list! Thanks for sharing bits of you today.
Missouri Gal said…
Those are great!!! Thanks for posting them!
Hart Johnson said…
Oh, very cute post, Teresa! I will have to think about those letters I'd write...
Betty Manousos said…
Brilliant, Teresha!! what a lovely and sweet post!
You have a way with words.

Have a great day!
Big hugs!

B xx
Carol Kilgore said…
What a great idea and a fun post.
Dear Mom: I wish I hadn't caused you so much trouble. Thanks for loving me anyway.
Tammy said…
1. Your sister may have borrowed your bike for awhile, but now it hangs in the parent's barn. You may not recognize it. Just sayin' (think green)
2. I believe Suzy found a brown bunny boy, and I believe I saw one of her white ga-zillion great grand-kids a few years back.

This is from an anonymous person.
CM said…
Oh what a fun idea! Ok, here's mine...

Dear Bradley Birthing Instructor: You lied! Child birth hurts like heck, no matter what position I stood/squat/laid in!

Dear Verizon Wireless: why do your phones only last 1 year when you make us sign a TWO year contract???

Dear Baby Belly: weren't you supposed to go away once the baby was BORN!?!
Unknown said…
How about the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes? Didn't you feel the least bit drafty?
Woohoo, Pinky Lee who drew me a picture, kissed my little girl cheek and gave me a Pinky Lee hat! I felt most special that day of my four year old life.

God bless ya and have a most 'special' day sweetie!!! :o)
I love your Dear so and so's much more than mine. Sooo funny. Love them all.
Arlee Bird said…
A big shout out to you!

As for the violence in the fairy tales, Disney and others sanitized them up pretty much for the modern audiences. Some of the real ones are pretty violent and morbid. I would have loved hearing those when I was younger.

Tossing It Out
JeMA said…
Dear God, you are funny. Sometimes I am not laughing.

Dear Mouse, stop living in my RV or I shall find you and it won't be pretty.

Dear Self, be kind on your journey. You are a creative, your days will be up and down, sometimes within the same 1/2 hour.

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