Last week, I was called a dinosaur. Not because I’m 29 ½, not because I have a long neck, and not because I’ve been known to eat people alive after a burst of temper…no none of those.

I was called a dinosaur by another dinosaur because I've been with the district for a long time. In fact, the four of us talking (two teachers, one nurse and me-- one IT person/soon to be school social worker) have been a part of the school district for years.

We talked about a teacher friend who had lost her mother to cancer. We talked about grandkids and favorite nieces. We talked about my newest grandson’s red hair…and Irish tempers—not his—mine.  

It was about then that my sweet nurse friend said something like, “Jesse will be gone a year this Saturday.” Jesse was (is) her middle child who died of cancer in 2009.

A year? We were all silent. Then she said something like, "It’s funny the things we measure."

That got me to thinking.

I measure:

My happiness in relationship to Fridays,

My life pre and post divorce,

My success by others,

My possessions by what I don’t have,

My talent by others' talents,

My “ mature” beauty by teeny bopper beauty,

My blessings by my desires.

We measure all sorts of things. How long someone has been out of our life. How long someone has been in. How tall we are, how much we weigh, how much money we make.

Then I wondered...what would my life be without the pressure of measurement? How about yours?

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  1. Ahhh, we would be content if we did not measure...maybe you have found the secret.

  2. I think to some degree we need that measurement to keep us striving, but we REALLY need to use markers we create, rather than comparing ourselves to others. My daughter is a swimmer--not a GREAT swimmer, but pretty decent. Every season I need to refocus her on dropping time FROM HER OWN time--not comparing herself to the dolphins in the next lane. I think the same is true of our writing talent--I will never capture literary beauty, but I can keep improving my fun tales...

  3. Sounds like Heaven to me!

    I was in the school system for 32 years. I felt like a dinosaur when I started havin' students of students in my classroom. I just couldn't believe I was that old! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have an excellent day in the tar pits! :o)

  4. Wow! That is something to really think about! What is sad is I see my shildren doing it too. I had a conversation with my son last night and ended it; someday you will wake up and be just like me. And that wasn't a good comparison either! As in how old I am and where I work and how long.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be care free?

  5. Ooh, great topic. I think it's so true that we measure ourselves against others. Dress size, height, etc. are one way we measure. Our incomes, etc. is another.

    There are so many ways to measure, and most of them aren't good. I really don't like comparing myself to others, and try not to do it if I don't have to.

  6. I can't image not measuring different aspects of my life. I guess in a way it does keep us focused.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. I'm guilty of measuring my body image in terms of before having babies and after having babies. I feel like my body will never be the same and I'll never look in shape again.

    But you make a good point...I should instead be thankful for my health.

    BTW, do we get to see pics of the new grandson, red hair and all?!? :-)

  8. It's good to channel bad energy into something good!

  9. Life would be so much better - peaceful - without all those ridiculous comparison measurements. Maybe we could use Mary Poppins measuring tape - hers said, "Practically perfect in every way." Your measurements are spit-spot in my book!

  10. Hi Teresa .. perhaps if we didn't measure we wouldn't remember ..those things & people would fade .. there'd be no 'board to pin them to' .. if we have one day in a year, one period .. it directs us to that event.

    As time goes .. we all forget - but come together and we remember the joint things and then the similarities of remembrances between us .. grandchildren etc - 2nd generation school kids for the teacher ..

    Interesting .. we measure inadvertently .. the clock goes round, the sun comes up .. the day, months and years pass ..

    We record our birth and our death - all measured!

    So interesting to think about .. enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  11. It seems to be rooted in our childhood, wondering if we "measure up". Are we loveable, desirable, heard for who we are? I still wrestle with these same questions.

  12. Hi Teresa .. I've just come across this TED talk by Dr Brene Brown - perhaps you know her? She's been researching social work for 10 years .. but this TED 20 min talk is AMAZING .. if you haven't seen it - please do! & anyone else who comes .. here ..

    It came via Amy at Soul Dipper: where Amy describes the TED talk as building a window into her life.

    You will enjoy it .. I know .. especially with your new job .. cheers Hilary

  13. My waist was 25 through high school, but now I've hid the tape measure.


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