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When you’re finished here, head over to Alex Cavanaugh’s music blogfest. Last I looked; he had over a hundred people sign up.

I didn’t sign up because it was too difficult deciding on ten. Instead, I will tell you what song was not my favorite and why. When my son was around three years old, Rod Stewart had a new song out. I like listening to Rod sing, but one day my little son came boogying in the room and started singing “If You Think I sexy and you like my body, come on baby….” It took me a while to get that song out of his new song lineup.

But it was funny. Later. After I untaught him the song.

Technology Training
Remember last Wednesday’s post of feeling little again in my new field? I was scheduled to train our staff on technology that day and it was probably my best presentation…EVER. I.T. meant more than information technology, it mean Information TERESA. Information poured out of me like a tears from a jilted lover. It was G.R.E.A.T.

There was more, but I’ll stop bragging.

Two things I learned from writing this weekend

Aye. I wanted to use the word aye like “Aye, come on in.” I Googled it to see if I had the spelling right and if I should use it and got this.

Heading for near extinction in 1980s on Madagascar because of forest reduction and the superstitious beliefs of the some natives, the Aye-aye is on the endangered species list. It’s a lemur that bores for bugs in trees—well kind of. You can read more about it here.
What can I say, JW loves ugly animals.

The other thing I learned is that I cannot write about bugs in the morning. You may or may not remember that if I see a dead bug in the floor before I have my coffee or eat I am literally sick all day—queasy. True story.

Apparently, it’s no different if I’m writing about bugs. If I write in detail about bugs, I have the “flu” the rest of the day. 

What would you do without my random wordage? Live a better life?



  1. I've never heard of an Aye-aye! It IS kind of cute in an ugly way.

    Oh, kids pick up on the darnedest things. Ha!

    Glad your presentation went so well! I bet you were smiling all day from that!

  2. Aye! I have learned something new today and that makes it a good day, indeed.

    I knew you would get your new job legs under you. Atta girl!

  3. Hey'll always be an IT's in your blood! xx

  4. I like the music blogfest going on, I've seen a few already. It's always fascinating to know what makes a song connect with someone. But I'm glad you disconnected your son from his catchy tune.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the fest! People are still signing up...
    And that Stewart song annoyed me.

  6. I think I made the same comment about Rod on my entry. Love "Aye," so ugly he is cute :)

    And I love your randomness :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. I can just see your little guy singing about being sexy. One of my boys was playing Rock Band, video game, and belting out the words to "Wanted Dead or Alive." Cute lemur guys. That's where they got that look in the movie "Madagascar."

  8. Aye~aye...who knew??? I just thought it was Pirate talk! Heeehehehe!!!

    I adore your randomness and prayers answered. Woohoo on the presentation I knew it would be great!!!

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary week sweetie!!!

  9. *cackling* Oh that story about your son is too cute!

    Glad you got to pass off your wisdom to someone else! And I LOVE aye-ayes. They're so strange--I love the big eyes. Your bug-phobia cracks me up, too... probably a good thing you don't live at our house.

  10. I love the story about your son.

    Congratulations on the best presentation EVER! That has to feel really good.

    Thanks for introducing me to an aye-aye. I always thought it was something that sailors said!

    Bugs are something I try to avoid and that includes writing about them.

  11. Hahaha! My boys like to "shake their booty!" Ok, I have to admit, they totally got that from me :-)

  12. Without your random wordage, I would not laugh nearly as much. Love the aye aye, ugly and all. So glad to hear your presentation went well -but not at all surprised.

  13. My goodness that little aye creature is ugly! Looks like a very bad hair day on a possum! Happy Monday!

  14. Grats on the presentation AND on unteaching your son that song. *snicker* I laugh because I'm not going to share with you the most embarrassing thing my son is doing right now. ;-)

    That animal is... um... well, it's not REALLY ugly. Mostly because it's kinda cute, too. A veeeery ugly kind of cute? Heh. Best I can do.

    Ew on the bugs. :P Love your random wordage. Always.

  15. That aye-aye is adorable! Very odd looking little guy!

    Congrats on your presentation :)

  16. Hi Teresa .. so delighted to hear IT has a different meaning now - I shall remember that Information Teresa - has a much better ring to it ..

    Ah ah .. Aye Aye Teresa .. now you know why I write the sort of posts I write - you're copy catting?! It's fun finding out new things - isn't and look how everyone else is amused ..

    Your son's story is hilarious .. they do learn so quickly .. can't hide a thing.

    Alex's music festive sounds like great fun .. but for a lagging blogger (comment-wise, work-wise etc) .. and being practically totally non-musical .. I slipped quietly by .. good resource to find out some good playlists though!

    Cheers .. Hilary

  17. So glad you gave such a good seminar. They're lucky to have you!

  18. Well, Teresa, I almost ruined my keyboard reading about your son's new song. What a great story. I knew you'd do well in your new I.T. adventure. Kudos. I never heard of the aye-aye either, but I think he's a cutie. Kinda.


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