Ode to the White Shirt

Long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless,

Tailored, loose, in between,

You are knit, 100% cotton, silk,

Different shades, different shapes,

Buttoned, slipover, complicated, easy,

You are crisp or sometimes soft,

Delicate and yet sturdy,

I go to my closet to reach for something else to wear,

You fall into my hand,

Luring me—you devil you,

I’ve let you be the selfish child—

Where the world revolves around you,

You are the star of my closet,

Your brilliance captures me,

White Shirt, you have taken over my closet,

You show my spills, and,

My delicates if I’m not wiser,

Last count, ten white shirts maybe twelve,

You are out of control,

I think...some of you...must go.


Melbourne Girl said…
A classic white shirt is the staple of any girl's wardrobe Teresa, you know that!

Don't get rid of any of them unless they're unwearable.
Otherwise, relish their versatility
They're timeless!
Usually I'm more tempted by a black shirt, but lately I'm on the white shirt ode-writing course, myself! Thanks for the fun!
I think you have an obsession!
CM said…
Yay, you posted it! You devil you...;-)

So true, I tend to buy black, white, and grey. I know, totally boring!
I so understand, a girl just cannot have too much of somethin' she truly loves.

I adore your 'Ode to White Shirt'!

How's you week goin'??? I've been thinkin' of you. :o)

God bless ya and have a fabulous day sweetie!!!
Joanne said…
I'm more tempted by a black shirt, too. But a white shirt like this one, beneath a denim vest or a short blazer? Priceless!
Jules said…
LOL, that was great fun. I'd get rid of the complicated ones :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Mary Aalgaard said…
"The star of my closet," that's the best line. You seem to be in love with the white shirt. Why not? It's like a clean sheet of paper. You could add a bit of pizzazz now and then with a colorful shirt underneath, or a camisole, jewelry, a cute vest, or scarf. Best wishes in the new year, new job, and new white blouses!
Laura S. said…
I never wear white! White on me is a magnet for spills. I never get food on me unless I'm wearing white, so I just don't wear it anymore. :)

I did wear white on my wedding day, but I didn't eat or drink much that day from nerves and excitement so no spills, thank goodness!

Nice ode, Teresa! I liked the "star of my closet" line. Now I'm thinking about what the star of my closet is. :)
Hart Johnson said…
*giggles* Oh, very nice... I thought of the second reason though, I never choose white to buy... I am sort of a pig... or I must be... it isn't intentional... I mean I mind my manners, but somehow white shirts ALWAYS end up with food stains... whether it is grease, coffee, berry juice... SOMETHING jumps off my plate or out of my bowl every time I wear a white shirt...
Priya Shankar said…
yay! That was really cute, and a very well crafted poem. I just stumbled upon your blog and your 'addiction' to crisp white shirts made me laugh. Looking forward to more posts!
Mason Canyon said…
Love your ode. I think white shirts are classic, but I wear more black. Doesn't show those stains as bad. :)

Thoughts in Progress
Unknown said…
When I was a teen I absolutely loved my father's long sleeved white shirt. It worked so well with any and every thing!
Deb Shucka said…
One can never have too many white shirts. I'm crazy about color, but always choose a white shirt first. It's nice to know I'm in such good company. :-)

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