Randomly Speak I

I watch too much PBS, just so you are not surprised when I share with you the following random thoughts:

#1 Horses

Wild horses have a complicated and yet endearing life. I was quite impressed with their family connections--apparent love for each other and loyalty. Watching a wild horse's life from birth is both fascinating and nerve racking, and oh so PBS interesting.

#2 Wolverines

Have you ever asked yourself, why are wolverines so distant and grumpy? They seem to have an easy life where nothing good is expected of them. They eat, sleep, go where they want, hide out, bite, and growl. What is there not to like about a life like that? And, why does their lifestyle appeal to me? Don't answer that question.

I suspect wolverines are related to werewolves, but I have no proof. It's a feeling. A PBS feeling.

And is there something wrong with me thinking that wolverines are darn cute or that I understand their grumpiness?

I want one for a pet. Like the wayward man, I think I could change the wolverine's temperament. It's a thought.

#3 White Shirts- Not PBS related unless I do a documentary.

I have a little  problem. My problem is called crisp white shirts (or blouses--call them what you want). When I shop, I'm drawn to the white shirts first. In a sea of color, I pull the lonely white shirt to my face for the love of it.  It’s like they are the steel and I am the magnet. It’s like they are the birdseed and I am the bird. It’s like they are the rotting meat and I’m the buzzard. Get it?

I am drawn to white shirts. I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks I have too many. I’m pretty sure I do...have too many.

I think it was last year (2010) my mother offered one to me--one that she had purchased but didn't wear. She doesn’t know I have this weakness, this problem. So when she asked me if I wanted a white blouse that she had purchased but didn’t want, I took a calm deep breath to appear like I was pondering the thought and then quickly said, “Sure, I could use a white shirt.”

My daughter gave me for Christmas a lovely Brooks Brothers blue striped shirt. One of the stripes is white. HA! I don't think she noticed--the white stripe.

I admit it, I have a white shirt problem. I'm even writing a poem about my white shirts. Stay tuned for that one.

#4 First Day

Did you know that today is the first day of the rest of my life? That's what I've heard.  On this first day back to work, I begin a new journey, in a new world--a new job.  I want to enjoy it.  I want to be good at it. Just like you (unless you're dead inside or self-centered), I want to make a positive difference in the life of someone else.  (Funny... our message at worship service yesterday was about that...making a difference. I wrote "First Day" Saturday. Hmm.)

That's been a lifetime goal of mine to make someone's day better every day, if I have the opportunity. Big ways. Small ways. It doesn't matter to me the WAY size. Friend. Co-workers. Family. Strangers. It doesn't matter who. It only matters that I do.

 Pray for me! Have a Happy Monday!


  1. Good luck with your first day at your new job! I love your positive goal. :)

    I have a lot of PBS feelings, too, but mine are mostly on the mysterious side (PBS'"Masterpiece Mystery.") I've never thought about wolverines, but I will now!

  2. I'll pray for you!
    And I'm drawn to black shirts first...

  3. From a fellow PBS addict; love the wild horses, understand wolverines too, have to have many white shirts (spill prone) and yes size does NOT matter when it comes to WAY :) I'll be praying.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. I love it! I am a horse in the Chinese Zodiac, so I am relieved we are not as selfish as one might guess. And I happen to live in Ann Arbor of the University of Michigan Wolverines... so maybe PBS is channeling me...

    As for white... I don't buy it. It looks bad on me... but the couple white shirts I OWN get worn all the time... they go with everything. it's a conundrum...

  5. I can understand the appeal of being a wolverines...you can be cranky, live in a hole, and no one messes with you! You can snap at anyone and they call you a wolverine and not other names.

    I like white but I am one of those slobs that can never WEAR white. White is my enemy and records the tracks of my days...I must avoid white at all costs.

    You will do wonderfully in your new job and I look forward to hearing how you are making a difference...you already make a difference with me. Thanks.

  6. I like your reportings on the wolverines and horses...and the white shirts...okay,two thoughts; one, I have the same fascination but with pink. Do you know how many shades of pink there are? My eyes go directly to the pink in any given huge store and my husband says the same thing each time...'don't you have enough pink shirts?' to which I reply, 'yes, honey, but not THIS shade of pink!'
    two, I like and have a few white shirts just because when I was growing up my mother wouldn't buy me any becuase she told me I'd just get them dirty. So now, I buy them and dare myself to spill something on them! hah!

  7. Funny, I have always believed that those angry wolverines were related to werewolves too!

    Good luck at your new position...your gonna be GREAT!!!! Trust me...I know these things.

    God bless and have a wonderful week makin' a difference!!!

  8. You'll do wonderful in your new job and I know you make a difference in people's lives already. As for white shirts, I love them but I'm so accident-prone I can't wear them.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. Hi Teresa .. hope the week is going well and the new newness of the job is as brisk as one of your new white shirts .. or perhaps a bit of blue stripe for the old days - but no ... new, new ways ahead .. you'll be so good at it - enjoy ..

    Cheers and have a lovely 2011 - Hilary

  10. All best wishes in your new job. I bet you'll be fabulous!

    I never wear white -- too hard to keep clean with pets. I think it looks great on other people --but it doesn't fit my life. I've a blue/green person.

  11. I really love this post. I hope your first day was awesome.

    Horses fascinate me. I've never owned one, only ridden a few times, and don't know anyone who has a horse. I think they're much smarter than most people give them credit for.

    Sad to say, but I don't know much about wolverines.

    I'm smiling about your white shirt problem. I'm definitely staying tuned.

  12. The best of luck at your new job, Teresa. You'll do great in your new position.

    Nice thoughts, I love horses especially the wild ones.

    Wonderful post, as usual!!!

    B xx

  13. Just reading your blog post today makes my day better! :-)

    So excited for you in your new job! You'll do great.

    Poem...I want to read your poem! Hey, have you seen the "One Shot Wednesday" that I've linked to a few times? You should join in! The blog is listed in my blog roll. Just a thought, my friend!

  14. I hope you had a great first day at your new job, Teresa!

    Haha! I think Wolverines are cute, but I would strongly advise you to not try and tame them. Just a thought. ;-)

  15. That was indeed a dose of randomness. I usually avoid white shirts for myself but I'll bet they suit you fine. I'm not sure that wolverines would particularly like white shirts.


  16. Teresa....may this very new year be all that you hope! God bless x


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