Dear Journal,

My granddaughter, born to be a star, had her dance recital Saturday night. I must say it didn’t last for hours and hours like my daughter's recitals use to. I mean let's be honest, what most of us want is to watch our own children be the one up to bat (or whatever it is) because they are the stars, not the other people’s children.

My granddaughter is very talented. She’s a bright and beautiful star.

My entire family is one shining star. That’s how I feel.

Anyway, Dear Journal, I was sound asleep when my cell phone rang at 1:46 a.m.Sunday morning.  I could hear it ringing from the other end of house. The ringtone was my daughter or so I thought. Panic filled my sleepy head as I rushed through the darkness to get to it. Somewhere around my dining room, I thought, what if it’s not MY phone and someone’s in my house. I realized in my hurry that I carried no weapon, no can of long range bug spray, no gun, no way to defend myself.

Journal, I looked down at my hands and thought, I need to use my claws. I then made my hand (right only) look like a claw. What? It truly seemed like a good idea at the time. It's all I had with me.

Luckily, I didn’t need to defend myself because it was my cell phone and it had stopped ringing. Through blurry vision, I verified it was my daughter’s number and immediately called her. But when she didn’t answer, I left a message for her to call back.

I had thoughts. Where could she be at 1:46 am on a Sunday morning? Why was she not at home? Was she in a car trunk somewhere trying to get help?

Then I called her home phone and she answered. I asked why she had called, was there something wrong?

She mumbled in sleepy talk that she was sorry. “My phone dialed you.”

Our call ended and I made a mental note to remember to ask her more tomorrow…or today.

I climbed back into bed wanting to sleep, but my mind was not giving up. Was she being held hostage and trying to tell me something in code?

I snuggled deeper under the covers and went over her words again. Myphonedialedyou. Was it code? I couldn’t think. I needed to sleep. Hopefully, she would still be alive in morning and could tell me.

Journal, after church she held to her story, but added that when she got up at that hour (probably to remove her contacts) and plugged in her phone, she laid it down on the touch screen and it dialed... me.

Why me? Why not one of her many friends who might be awake at 1:46 a.m.


You gotta love ‘em. No really you do, it’s a law or something.

~ Yours, Journaling Woman


  1. Hi Teresa .. easily done I guess .. fumbling in the dark - remembering the phone needs charging; but I loved the way you dramatised it .. and created what could be a story line .. and then went childlike yourself and coloured it .. hey ho ..

    Fun - cheers and sleep tight for the rest of the week .. Hilary

  2. The middle of the night phone calls are terrifying! Glad this one was a false alarm. I accidentally call people all the time with my phone (usually while the phone is still in my pocket!) I only call at the worst possible times... :)

  3. Be thankful you are the one her phone dials! Even for false alarms.

  4. Wow, woman, your brain works hard even in the middle of the night! Although, it might be a wonderful story idea about the code on the phone. Hmmm...

  5. Uh,,, I dread late night phone calls and they scare the beejeebies out of me!
    photos of the dance recital?

  6. My purse or pocket is forever calling someone, so I can relate. I am a mother too, so again I can relate.

  7. I hate middle-of-the-night calls. However, I have to confess my phone has made and received calls all on its own.

  8. Fortunately my parents never reeceived any late night calls about me, although I had plenty of opportunity. I hope my kids do not put me though what I did for my parents.

  9. It's so jolting, being awaken like that and thinking the worst. You must've been so relieved that everyone was fine. Okay, and that it was your phone that automatically got called. Mom's always #1 :)

  10. LOL! I love your sense of humor. Claw, really? My friend, you need some self defense classes :-)

    BTW, you were probably the last person she had called, so when she hit the phone button, it automatically dialed you.

    Yes, it's a law, even when they are being stinkers!

  11. Great story. I hope your heart has calmed down - those late night phone calls, especially weird ones, can take come time to recover from.

  12. Ha ha, sorry again!!! ;) And my friends are all too old to be up at 2am nowadays. ;) Love you.


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