Rambling Monday

What's on the top shelf of your bookcase? I have photos of my babies (yes I need new frames). Of course, they have grown a bit. My son on the left (whose hair looked like a girls, but I liked it that way) will be 34 on July 4.  My daughter on the right (who got very upset with me because I kept throwing a blanket over her head to get a natural shot)  turned 29 on June 4.

They were perfect children. They still are.

Other Ramblings
Running through the Sprinklers
It was like running through the lawn sprinklers only not. First there’s water, then there's slip/sliding, and then splashing to stay upright. That’s what it’s like when you snake the drain to the washer (I guess I need a plumber) and forget to put the washer's hose back in the drain and walk away after starting the washer. And…you don’t notice until gallons of water are flooding your utility room.

It’s like running through the sprinklers…without the running and without the fun.

Driving in the Rain

When you put your money in the car wash money thingy (what’s that called?) you should remember to roll up your window because you will think you are driving in the rain with your window down when you feel water spraying on your shoulder.

It’s like driving in the rain with your window down…except scarier.

“Grandma, when I go to bed every night I think about you and ask my mommy if I can come stay all night.”  Ahh!

What little 7 year old girl cleans up the playroom at her grandmother’s house without being asked and all by herself--after she and her brothers played with it seemed like all the toys? Ahh!

May your week be wonderful and without mishap, because I'm not cleaning up any more water.


  1. May this week be the best!

  2. Hope things are drying out over here, sheesh, you're waterlogged!

    I have framed photos of my daughters on the top shelf, paired with framed prints of their names written out in Chinese. Friends travelled to China for an adoption, and brought the name prints back for us.

  3. I have art on the top of my shelves -kid art and friend art. Sounds like you had a drippy weekend and a sweet girl visit.

  4. Too much water! Ack! Good luck with it. :)

    I have board games on top of my bookshelves! I need to fix that...

  5. You've had issues with water lately!

  6. I have three photos on the top of my office bookshelf--my wife and my daughters. You have a good week and try to stay dry.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I have three photos on the dining table - my ancestors, my offspring, and my pets. You have a great week and try to avoid water at all.

  8. Hey there my blogland loves, Thanks for stopping by. A friend of mine (a boss) said that I must have been distracted at the car wash.

    I wish.

  9. You are too funny!

    Oh and on top of my bookcase...more books!

  10. Love your cartoons and that is funny and sweet.


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